1and1 VS HostGator – Joomla Hosting Comparison

1and1 and HostGator are two well-known hosting providers with many years’ experience in the market. The former company focuses on offering domain name registration service while the latter company pays attention to hosting solutions.

The 1and1 vs HostGator comparison intends to figure out which is the better provider for Joomla hosting and help webmasters make an appropriate option. On the basis of our real hosting experience and comments from their customers, this comparison is reliable from the perspectives of hosting solutions, performance, features and customer service.

Price and Plans

1and1 launches three Joomla hosing packages – Unlimited, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Pro at the price of $6.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $14.99/mo. But now this company offers some discounts, with which the prices of them are reduced to $0.99/mo, $4.99/mo and $9.99/mo. Such sale prices are available only in the first term and then renew to original prices.

HostGator, in comparison, offers Hatchling, Baby and Business Joomla hosting plans with $6.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $14.95/mo. Luckily, the exclusive coupon code HG45PERCENT can be got with this promotional link for a 45% discount allows you to get these plans with $3.82/mo, $5.47/mo and $8.22/mo. There are five billing cycles you can select, including 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.

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Money Back Guarantee

Besides pricing the hosting plans at a lower level than 1and1, HostGator also wins over its rival in terms the refund policy. While 1and1 and many other peer web hosts are providing a 30-day money back guarantee, HostGator allows users to ask for a refund within the initial 45 days.

In this case, users can feel free to sign up HostGator, trying out whether its Joomla web hosting services can fully meet their expectations or not. If for any reasons they are not satisfied, they can contact HostGator support agents to terminate the contracts and get their money back in a safe manner during the specified period.


It is acknowledged that feature is of importance for a hosting solution. By selecting the primary packages of 1and1 and HostGator, we make the side-by-side feature comparison in below. As is noticed, both the two companies offer unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth.

Features 1and1 HostGator
Plan in Comparison Unlimited Plan Hatchling
Website Space Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel Custom cPanel
Email Accounts 100 Unlimited
MySQL Database 20 Unlimited
Sub Domains 100 Unlimited
Money Back Guarantee 30-Day 45-Day
Price $0.99/mo (First year only) $3.82/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Visit HostGator

But as a whole, HostGator provides much richer resources than 1and1. The former web host includes unlimited email accounts, sub domains and MySQL databases while only 20 MySQL databases and 100 email accounts and sub domains are offered by 1and1. More importantly, HostGator provides cPanel which is far better than 1and1 control panel.

Freebie Offerings

In today’s industry, most hosting providers are offering a variety of freebies as a part of their hosting packages to help users further narrow their hosting budgets. However, this is not the case of 1and1 who includes a free domain name only.

HostGator, by contrast, offers most of the commonly-seen free extras, including a free drop-and-drag site builder, 4,500+ website templates, free site transfer services, $100 Google AdWords credits, and $100 Yahoo!/Bing credits.

From the illustrations above, it is clear that HostGator performs better than 1and1 both in the aspect of hosting reliability and page loading speed. Therefore, users with this company can be rest assured that their website will be available to the targets in a reliable and swift manner.


1and1 houses their data centers at Europe and the US. Such data centers are interruption-free due to plumb gel batteries and emergency diesel generators. By using multiple redundant 65 GBit/s connectivity, this company hopes to provide fast page loading speed.

With top tier data centers located in Provo, UT and Houston, TX, HostGator makes a commitment to provide users with powerful hosting performance. The data centers of this web host cover more than 300,000 square feet, and all of them are featured by highly redundant system, including Detroit Diesel generators, power distribution units, UPS battery backup units and diesel fuel tanks holding thousands of gallons each.

Besides, HostGator has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are staffed to make sure constant infrastructure monitoring. As for the security of their facilities, this company offers hurricane shutters, VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus), and so on. Another attractive point is that they offer more than 99.9% uptime, as the following chart shows.

As for the hosting speed of 1and1 and HostGator, we have to confess that HostGator is faster than the other one. Check the chart in below to know the server response time of the two companies in the past 30 days.

Customer Support

1and1 and HostGator provide user-friendly 24×7 technical support by email and phone call. Through the two contacting methods, users can get responsive and timely customer service. However, HostGator supports live chat while 1and1 not.

Because the phone call support of 1and1 is available only from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, the users of 1and1 sometimes can not get instant help if they have problems during other time.

To test whether HostGator is as responsive as what they claim, we have contacted their support staffs via both live chat and email. The feedbacks indicate that this company makes response within 30s for online chat and 24 hours for email.

Industry Reputation

Since its inception in 2002, HostGator has been dedicated to helping users achieve their goals with a variety of cost-effective hosting solutions. With years of development, it has grown from a startup to an industry-acknowledged leader and reached a large number of users throughout the globe.

According to the total of 273 reviews that we have received so far on a popular hosting review site – BestHostingSearch, the company has achieved a customer satisfaction rate that is up to 99.93%. You can visit this page to check these reviews in detail.

Conclusion – HostGator Is Recommended

From the comparison above, we can conclude that HostGator is more reliable than 1and1 because of its rich features, fast speed and professional technical support. If you are seeking for a quality Joomla hosting provider, we sincerely suggest you sign up HostGator to get your needs covered.