1and1 vs InMotion Hosting – Which Offers Better Service

Joomla is a popular CMS that is open source and free to use. Being downloaded for more than 50 million times all over the world and offering over 7,700 useful extensions, Joomla now occupies a large market share when it comes to the website creation and web content management.

Due to the popularity of this tool, at present, there are a large number of Joomla hosting providers available. Among them, 1and1 and InMotion Hosting can be viewed as the outstanding options. As the Joomla works much better in the rich and reliable hosting environment, most webmasters are looking for the truly better web host between these two choices. Here, to eliminate your confusion, we have made a 1and1 vs InMotion Hosting comparison as below, which mainly discusses their common points, differences and exclusive highlights based on the aspects of affordability, performance, reliability, support and many more.

Rating 1and1 InMotion
Prices 3 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Features 3.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Speed 3.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Uptime 4 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Customer Support 3 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
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1and1 vs InMotion Hosting – Web Hosting Similarity

When it comes to their similar aspects, the first one that is worth mentioning is the Joomla compatibility achieved by them. According to the technical requirements listed on Joomla.org, the web host must meet the below criteria so as to ensure the proper running of this script.

  • The PHP version should start from 5.3.1 and the most recommended version is 5.6 or 7.
  • The supported databases include SMySQL, SQL and PostgreSQL, among which the MySQL is the recommended one. As for the supported version, the version 5.5.3 is highly suggested.
  • The supported servers include Apache, Microsoft IIS and Nginx, among which the Apache server coming with the 2.x version is the best option.
  • For the Apache web server, the mod_zlib, mod_rewrite, mod_xml and mod_mysql extensions should be installed.

After checking their official websites, we can conclude that both 1and1 and InMotion Hosting have fully met all the criteria. Even, they all use the suPHP to better secure the Joomla based website and offer the 1-click installer for the easy and quick installation of this tool.

1and1 vs InMotion Hosting – Web Hosting Differences

After comparing the Joomla hosting of 1and1 and InMotion Hosting, we have found a lot of different aspects between them. In the following, we’d like to list some typical and crucial aspects.

Package Prices – InMotion Hosting Is More Affordable

Actually, both of these two hosting companies offer three packages so as to give you enough freedom to choose one that is really suitable for your needs. However, when comparing these plans one by one, we have found that those offered by InMotion Hosting are much cheaper that those offered by 1and1.

With InMotion Hosting, you are regularly charged starting at $6.99 for each month. Actually, the initial charge is within the industry standard, but now, this web host provides a 50% discount for those visiting through this exclusive promotion link. With it, the charge is down to $3.49/mo effectively.

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As for 1and1, it seems that this web host is the cheaper one for they charge you starting at $0.99/mo only. However, there is a secret that this cheap price is only applied to the 12-month billing. After that valid period, you will be charged at the regular rate that is starting at $6.99/mo.

Technical Support Service – InMotion Hosing Is More Professional

InMotion Hosting is famous for their high-quality, excellent and premier technical support service. All the staffs in their support team are the professional ones who have the rich experiences and knowledge about Joomla and the hosting service. To contact them, you have various options that include the Q&A based forum, live chat box, hotline calling, ticket system and email. In addition, based on our personal experience, the support service of InMotion Hosting is available 24/7 and can give you a response quickly.

As for 1and1, they also claim to offer the 24/7 technical support via different manners. However, as compared with InMotion Hosting, their contact methods are limited, which only include the phone and the email option. In addition, after trying their support service personally, we have found that this web host fails to achieve the same level of response efficiency as that of InMotion Hosting.

In addition, it is true that both of them have set up a knowledge base that contains a lot of useful tutorials. However, when talking about the Joomla related contents, InMotion Hosting offers more and ensures the better professionalism.

Hosting Speed & Uptime – InMotion Hosting Achieves the Better Record

To compare this part, we choose to start the real monitoring to test which of them is more reliable and offers the faster service. According to the result got from Uptime Robot, InMotion Hosting is surely the better option that achieves the 100% uptime and has your website loaded much faster than 1and1. Check the following two charts to learn the hosting reliability of InMotion Hosting and how they perform faster than 1and1.

In addition to the online testing, we also have searched the information for their server machines and data centers, which are crucial for the hosting performance. Here, we have to mention that InMotion Hosting really has done a lot for these two points.

  • Their servers are all ensured to have the best components, great specifications, SSD drives, branded processors and fault-free RAID 10 arrays.
  • There are two data centers used by them. Both of these two centers are well-equipped for the high level of redundancy of power and network. Also, all the necessary cool system, security system and 24/7 monitoring are available.
  • This web host offers the free CDN service that is a great service for speeding up the page loading.

Package Features – InMotion Hosting Offers More

When it comes to the features available for each Joomla hosting package, InMotion Hosting still does a better job than 1and1.

Here, we admit that both of them ensure the most basic features, including the sufficient server resources, multiple domain name hosting, programming languages, advanced security technologies, multiple email addresses and FTP accounts, daily backup service and many more.

However, when comparing in a deeper way and considering some add-on features, InMotion Hosting is surely more generous.

  • Free domain – Both of them offer the free extra of domain name registration, but InMotion Hosting allows more domain extensions than 1and1.
  • Website promotion – InMotion Hosting offers the $250 advertising credits for you to better promote your website on all the major search engines. 1and1 also offers this kind of add-on feature that is named as SEO Spotlight. However, this service costs you additional $9.99.
  • Website management – In order to help you control your website effortlessly, InMotion Hosting offers the enhanced cPanel, which is much more user-friendly than the custom option offered by 1and1.
  • Money back – The valid period of InMotion Hosting is pretty long that is up to 90 days. 1and1, however, only allows 30 days.
  • Secure email – InMotion Hosting does better than 1and1 for the email security. They are one of the few web hosts that safeguard your emails using IMAP.


Surely, both 1and1 and InMotion Hosting can ensure the smooth running of the Joomla script. However, if you are looking for the cheaper service along with more features, faster performance, higher uptime record and better technical support, InMotion Hosting is exactly the option that you can have a try.