A2Hosting vs Arvixe – Objective Comparison

After researching online and collecting the opinions of the Joomla users, we have found that A2Hosting and Arvixe are the widely adopted Joomla hosting providers. Both of them have been in the hosting field for more than 10 years and support for the massive Joomla based websites all around the world. As researched and reviewed, they all can achieve the Joomla compatible hosting environment, reliable hosting solution and the super-blazing performance. In this case, most of you might ask which of them can ensure the better Joomla hosting.

In the following, we have made an A2Hosting vs Arvixe comparison to erase this confusion. To come out the objective result, we not only try their Joomla hosting personally, but also check the real customer reviews. Here, you can have a look at the editorial rating chart of these two hosting providers firstly.

Rating A2Hosting Arvixe
Reputation 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Prices 4 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Features 5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star
Speed 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 2 of 5 Star
Technical Support 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
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A2Hosting vs Arvixe – Similarity for Hosting Service

Actually, we only have found one similarity between the Joomla hosting solutions offered by A2Hosting and Arvixe – the full Joomla compatibility.

We have checked Joomla.org for learning the technical requirements a web host should ensure, which are the bases of the smooth running for a Joomla powered website.

  • The PHP programming language needs to be offered with the version of 5.3 at the minimum.
  • The MySQL database needs to be provided with the version of 5.1 at the minimum. The databases of SQL server and PostgreSQL are also supported, but both of them require the latest updated versions.
  • The Apache web server is the most recommended server option, which should be ensured with at least the version 2, along with the necessary modules of mod_mysql, mod_xml and the mod_zlib.

Luckily, both A2Hosting and Arvixe not only have fully met all of these requirements, but also have far exceeded the basic criteria. This means you can be worry-free to run the Joomla sites with both of them.

A2Hosting Edges Over Arvixe

A2Hosting does the better job than Arvixe mainly on the aspects of the hosting performance, the quality of technical support, uptime, features and prices.

A2Hosting Is Cheaper

Arvixe focuses on the cheap hosting all the times. With this web host, you will be charged at the prices of $4 and $7 only per month for their two packages. Frankly speaking, the cost is already within the industry standard and can be afforded easily.

As for A2Hosting, their Joomla hosting solution is even cheaper than Arvixe. This web host charges you ranging from $7.99 to $18.99 per month for three plans regularly. But now, if you sign up via this exclusive promotion link, you can get a 51% discount that cuts the hosting charge down to $3.92/mo effectively.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

A2Hosting is Faster than Arvixe

Since the inception of A2Hosting, this web host aims at offering the fast hosting solution. In this case, they have adopted a lot of related services and technologies for the super-blazing hosting performance, such as the solid state drives and CDN service.

In addition, they also offer their exclusive Turbo servers that can have your webpages loaded more than 20 times faster than ever before with the less usage of server RAM and CPU. If you have enough budgets, you can also enjoy their exclusive Performance Plus service, advanced cache and the Railgun Optimizer.

As compared with Arvixe, A2Hosting performs around 76% faster according to our online monitoring.

A2Hosting Offers the Better Technical Support

Actually, both A2Hosting and Arvixe ensure the 24/7 technical support that can be got via the email, live chat and the hotline. However, based on our personal experiences, we think the support staffs of A2Hosting can give the faster reply than those of Arvixe, especially the live chat support.

In addition, after browsing their knowledge base, we have found more Joomla related articles with A2Hosting than with Arvixe.

In fact, in recent years, Arvixe has been complained for their bad support service. Here, we have listed some typical complaints in the following.

Bad Reviews for Arvixe Technical Support

A2Hosting Ensures the Better Uptime

We have tested their hosting reliability with two identical Joomla sites. After monitoring the website running for around 3 months, we have found that A2Hosting succeeds in achieving the 99.99% uptime.

Arvixe fails to achieve the great record as A2Hosting, which is 99.75% only.

Actually, A2Hosting has done a lot to ensure the reliable Joomla hosting.

  • They use the fine-tuned and rock-solid server machines to host your website, each of which contains the high-quality processors, SSD drives, great specifications, RAID 10 arrays and many more.
  • Their data centers are all of the industry standards, coming with the advanced cooling system, automatic detection for water and fire, uninterrupted power supply, all-time-available facility monitoring and many more.
  • The great isolation technology is offered to make sure that your site will not down from the web due to the sudden traffic spikes of some other server users.

A2Hosting Offers the Better Hosting Features

Both A2Hosting and Arvixe offer multiple Joomla hosting packages, each of which is of the rich features that are surely necessary and competitive.

  • Basic hosting features – Both of these two web hosts offer unlimited monthly bandwidth and disk storage, along with multiple domains allowed on a single hosting account, multiple email accounts, unlimited databases and many more.
  • Programming language – In addition to the updated PHP and MySQL, they also include the programming languages of Perl, Ruby on Rails and Python into the hosting plans.
  • Security – To better protect your website, both of them use suPHP, offer the backup service, provide SSH and SSL, optimize their server machines and many more.
  • Ease of use – In order to help you start and manage your Joomla site easily, the 1-click Joomla installer and the cPanel control panel are also available.

Here, we need to mention that both of them offer the advertising credits. However, the credits provided by Arvixe are only available for CA and US users while A2Hosting does not have this restriction. In addition, A2Hosting also offer some great features that Arvixe lacks, such as the free SSD drives, both the physical and the virtual memory,
the Railgun Optimizer and many more. Even, compared with the Arvixe 60 days money back guarantee, A2Hosting ensures the ANYTIME money back policy.

Arvixe Edges Over A2Hosting

Arvixe actually adopts more security technologies than A2Hosting. Here, we do not mean that the Joomla hosting of A2Hosting is not safe. Instead, A2Hosting ensures all the common security features to protect your site well. However, when comparing these two web hosts, we have found that Arvixe ensures the more comprehensive hosting security by offering the below features.

  • The RISoft backup service is offered on a daily basis, covering every aspect of your Joomla site and allowing you to recover your site using the latest backup files.
  • The Password Protection service allows you to prevent some users from entering your important and sensitive files and folders.
  • The advanced firewall and brute force detection are set up with the server machines in advance.


Frankly speaking, as both of these two web hosts offer the rich features and do not charge you to much, we still recommend you to try A2Hosting instead of Arvixe. This is because this web host can support you better, ensure you the faster hosting speed, promise the better uptime and give you the ANYTIME refund policy.