A2Hosting vs DreamHost – Which Is the Better Web Host

A2Hosting and DreamHost are two of the widely recommended web hosts in this industry. The former one focuses on the hosting performance while the latter one ensures the quality unlimited hosting. This time, we’d like to make an A2Hosting vs DreamHost comparison to make a deep analysis between these two hosting providers.

A2Hosting was founded in March 2003 while DreamHost was founded in the year of 1997. Clearly, both of them are the experienced web hosts that have the large customer base and a wide business area. Here, after comparing their web hosting, we have found that they work differently in a lot of aspects.

Rating A2Hosting DreamHost
Reputation 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Prices 5 of 5 Star 2 of 5 Star
Features 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Speed 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Technical Support 5 of 5 Star 2 of 5 Star
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Hosting Plans & Charges – A2Hosting Offers More and Charges Lower

A2Hosting releases three hosting plans. Coming with the different allocation of hosting features and charging you at the different levels, you can choose a perfect plan based on your real situation. Initially, you need to pay the hosting prices ranging from $7.99/mo to $18.99/mo. However, A2Hosting now offers the 50% discount via this exclusive promotional link. This way, the hosting charge of A2Hosting web hosting is cut down to $3.92/mo effectively.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

DreamHost, however, is totally different. This web host only offers a single hosting package with the monthly and year billing cycle. They rarely offer some attractive discounts. In this case, you need to pay for the regular hosting rate that is up to $10.95/mo for the month-to-month billing, which is much more costly than the A2Hosting charging.

Hosting Features & Free Extras – Both Have Their Highlights

As compared, we have to admit that both of these two web hosts have done great when it comes to the hosting features. With both of them, you can get sufficient or even unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, domain hosting and email storage. As for the necessary tools such as the user-friendly control panel, website builders, script installer and some others, you can also get from their rich-featured hosting packages.

In addition, both of them ensure the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl and some other widely used programming languages.

When considering the beneficial extras, these two web hosts all offer the advertising credits. A2Hosting also provides the free SSD drives and CloudFlare CDN. And DreamHost also offers the free domain name for the first year, SSL and the domain privacy protection.

Hosting Reliability – A2Hosting Keeps the Better Record

We have started the online monitoring to check how reliable these two web hosts are. According to the results, we have found that A2Hosting achieves the 99.99% uptime, which is nearly no downtime at all.

The uptime record of DreamHost is not that amazing, which is 99.92% only.

In fact, both of these two web hosts adopt the industry-level servers and data centers. A2Hosting, in particular, ensures the ultra-reliable hosting solution by using the DELL servers, US-based server spaces, fully redundant network and 24/7 facility monitoring.

Hosting Security – A2Hosting Uses More Technologies

In fact, both A2Hosting and DreamHost ensure the safe and secure hosting solution. A2Hosting, especially, ensures the proactive protection against the online threats. Here, after checking their feature lists, we have found more security related features offered by A2Hosting.

  • The KernelCare ensures the rebootless and automatic update that works day by day.
  • The brute force defense is ensured, along with the server hardening and virus scanning.
  • The dual firewall is configured in advance.
  • The server rewind backup service is offered to ensure the freedom from some accidental mistakes and hack issues.
  • The Patchman enhanced tool is also offered for the outdated detection, infected files and script update.

Server Response Speed – A2Hosting Performs Faster

In fact, when monitoring the hosting uptime of these two web hosts, we also have tested their server response speed. Based on the result, A2Hosting is much faster than DreamHost. You can check the detailed reports from the following chart.

Actually, this is not a surprising result. After all, A2Hosting aims at the super-blazing hosting since the inception. They utilize the SSD drives for the speed enhancement of your files, OS and database, adopt the Turbo server to achieve the up to 20 times of faster page loading, use the Performance Plus to handle the traffic spikes and many more.

Technical Support – A2Hosting Ensures the Better Quality

The 24/7 availability is the common point for both of their technical support. In this case, you can ask for their help at any time you need instantly. However, the difference is that A2Hosting allows you to contact their support team via the live chat, phone, forum and email.

DreamHost, however, only allows the ticket system, which cannot ensure the instant support reply.


According to this comparison, we can conclude that A2Hosting offers the better hosting quality than DreamHost. Especially, if you care about the hosting charges, hosting performance, uptime and support convenience, A2Hosting won’t disappoint you.