How to Add an RSS News Feed to a Joomla 3 Site

Joomla 3 comes with a component that allows you to display RSS feeds on your website – the News Feeds component. Depending on where you want the news feeds to show, Joomla also offers a special Feed Display module which is completely independent of the News Feeds component.

There are several tasks that need to be accomplished before you can show RSS feeds successfully. Note that we are not discussing how to create an RSS feed for your own website here because you can do that easily by using an extension or some free services like FeedBurner. Instead, we assume that you have already got your own RSS feeds prepared if you want to display them on your website.

Add a New News Feed

Adding a news feed is more than easy. But before you start, we suggest you to create a category first. There is a default category named “Uncategorized” to which you can certainly assign all news feeds, but if you want better organization and easier management of multiple news feeds, different categories are important.

To create a new category, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Joomla administration board.
  2. In the main menu, click on Components > News Feeds > Categories.
  3. In the menu under “Category Manager”, click on the green “New” button.
  4. Provide the details about the new category and then click on the “Save” button on the upper left of the page. To make things simple, we only entered the Title and Description. As we plan to share blogging related RSS feeds in the new category, The Title we use is “Blogging”, and the Description is “All RSS feeds about writing and blogging.”

Create a New Category

Now you can start adding new news feeds with the following steps. To make an example, we will add the new feed to the newly-created “Blogging” category.

  1. In the sidebar menu of Category Manager, convert from “Categories” to “News Feeds”. Or you can also access the News Feed Manager by clicking on Components > News Feeds > Feeds.
  2. Hit the “New” button.
  3. Now you have to enter the details about the new RSS feed and make the proper settings you want. Besides giving the basic information, you are also allowed to add images, configure the publishing time and customize the display. Here we only gave the necessary information, including:
    • Title: The title for the news feed. It can be anything you like, but we’d suggest making it clear and straightforward.
    • Link: The link of a site’s feed. It can also be your own site’s if you have made one.
    • Description: A short or detailed description about the new feed.
    • Category: Open the drop-down list and choose the one that the new feed belongs to. For this example, we use “Blogging”.

Create a New RSS Feed

After creating the news feeds you need, you now have to think about how to display them on your website. There are altogether two choices. If you want to show them on a page, create a menu item; while if you want to display a single important feed in the sidebar, you can create a module. Detailed tutorials are offered in below.

Display a News Feed with a Menu Item

You can do this by using the Menus component. Firstly, you need to decide which menu you want to add a menu item to, and then click on the “Add New Menu Item” option of that menu.

Add a New Menu Item

The most important thing you have to pay attention when creating a new menu item for RSS feeds is to select the proper menu item type. After clicking on the “Select” button, choose “News Feeds” from the list. Now you have the following three options among which you have to make a choice.

  • List All News Feed Categories: This will create a page to list all the available RSS feed categories on your site. Only the category names are showed on the page, each with a link to details.
  • List News Feeds in a Category: This allows you to choose a category and display all the individual news feeds in it on a page.
  • Single News Feed: This allows you to select a specific RSS feed to show. It generates a page which lists the latest entries of the feed.

Choose Menu Item Type

The rest tasks are quite simple. Just enter the Menu Title, and then fill in other required information. For example, if you choose to show a single feed, you have to select a specific feed. Below is an example.

Show a Single Feed

Display a News Feed with a Module

Now you need to make use of the Feed Display module. For each module, you can only show one news feed in the sidebar of your site. Creating a module is quite easy-to-do. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Extensions > Module Manager.
  2. Click on the green “New” button to create a new module.
  3. For the module type, scroll down the screen and choose “Feed Display” from the list.
  4. Enter the module title, and fill in the Feed URL.
  5. Select a module position. If you are not sure which position to use, you can view all the module positions of your current template first.
  6. Save the module, and then refresh the frontend of your Joomla site to review the news feed.

Display a News Feed with Feed Display Module