How to Add Joomla Read More Button for Your Websites

On the homepage of your Joomla site, you may want to showcase multiple lasted updated posts along with the titles and content. It is great for short posts as people can know about your information directly from the front end. But for some long posts, you’d better use a Read More button. With it, people can only check the titles and the summary of your articles. If they want to read the full content, they need to click on the Read More link to enter that specific blog post. This can make your homepage look much better and cleaner.

In this tutorial, we’d like to illustrate the procedure to enable and add a Read More button in your Joomla 3 blog.

Enable the Read More Function

The first thing you need to do for offering a Joomla Read More button on your site is to enable the corresponding function. For this, you should dig into the admin panel of your site. Here, you have to locate the Article Manager on the right section of the screen.

Article Manager

On the Article Manager page, you should choose the Options button, with which you can open the Article Manager Options screen. The following screen contains several tabs, with which you need to select the Articles tab.

Here, you can find various options in respect to display properties of articles. For example, you can notice the Show Title, Show Category, Show Intro Text and Show Parent options. You should focus on the Show Intro Text area and ensure that the field is set to “Show” mode.

Show Intro Text

When the option is set to “Hide”, your readers can only read a portion of the article on the Category page. Alternatively, changing it to Show mode can grant readers the opportunity to read the full article by clicking the Read More button.

Upon completion, you should focus on the Show “Read More” option. This field is the actual configuration for enabling the Read More button. Hence, you must make sure that this field is set to “Show” mode. The Read More button cannot be added if you switch it to Hide mode. Apart from this, you’d better allow the Show Title with Read More field. Showing this field displays the title of the article along with the Read More link.

Show Read More

Once done, you must save the changes for your Joomla 3 blog.

Add a Joomla Read More Button to Articles

As the back end of your Joomla 3 site now supports the Read More option, you can add a Read More button to your articles individually. For this, you need to open an article in which you want to add the Read More link, and ascertain where you want to add this link.

You should place your cursor in the desired area. Now, you can add a Read More link by clicking on the corresponding option at the bottom of the screen.

Add Read More Button

Alternatively, you may locate the Read More button in the JCE Editor of your Joomla page for inserting the link. As both the functions work in a similar manner, you can choose any of the two buttons for adding a Read More link.

Apart from this, Joomla allows you to modify the Read More text in your individual articles. In simpler words, you can replace the “Read More” text with a custom text. For this, you should navigate to the Article Options page and locate the Read More text field. Here, you can enter a custom message or text that you want to display in place of Read More text. Once done, you must hit the Save button for completing the procedure.

Now you can refresh the front end of your site to find the Read More button.