How to Add a Slideshow to the Joomla Home Page

Putting a slideshow on the home page of your Joomla site is a great way to showcase your products, services, works, and to make the design more attractive and interesting. Coding a slider is a good option that allows you to create everything in the way you want, but we know it’s not the solution for most people.

Fortunately, due to the extensibility of Joomla, you can select a well-coded and simple-to-use extension to get all jobs done easily. According to our research, Slideshow CK is one of the best in its kind. So in below, we will tell you how to use this extension to create a slideshow and showcase it on the home page of you site step by step.

About Slideshow CK

Slideshow CK is a popular slideshow extension that is free to download. It enables you to create unlimited slides and add a link on each slide. The extension comes with a simple drag and drop admin interface with which you can configure all settings without any confusion. Another big highlight is that you can use videos in the slideshow.

Install Slideshow CK

Installing extensions are easy with the latest Joomla versions. The following steps have covered the whole process.

  1. Go to this site and download the compressed Slideshow CK file for Joomla 3.x.
  2. Download Slideshow CK

  3. Log into the Joomla administrative panel.
  4. Navigate to Extensions > Extension Manager.
  5. Open the “Upload Package File” tab. Upload the file downloaded before to install the extension.

Upload and Install Slideshow CK

Create a Slideshow with Slideshow CK

Now that you have installed Slideshow CK successfully, go to Extensions > Module Manager, and click on the green button saying “New” to create a new module.

Create a New Module

In the list of module types, select “Slideshow CK”.

Select a Module Type

General settings

For the new module, you have to accomplish the following tasks under the “Module” tab to get it well configured.

  • Enter a title. For our example, we use “Home Page Slideshow”.
  • Choose to show or hide the module title.
  • Select a module position for the slideshow to display. You can quickly view all the available module positions in your template by adding “?tp=1” at the end of your website URL.
  • Confirm that the status is “Published”.

Module Settings

As sample data is included in the module, you now can save the module and visit the frontend of your site to see whether there is a need to change the module position. Your own slides can be added later. The settings shown in the screenshot above work fine on our test site.

Test Slideshow

Add your slides

Once making sure that there is no problem with the module settings, you should go back to the module created before to replace the sample data with your slides. All slides can be managed under the “Slides manager” tab.

Slides Manager

To add a slide, click on the “Add a slide” button which is located above all the available slides. When a new data box is shown, do the following things.

  1. Select your image by uploading it using the “Select an image” link.
  2. Give a title to the slide.
  3. Enter a short description for the new slide.
  4. Expand the link options and add a link to the image if you want to.
  5. The alignment of images can be changed in the image options, and you can also link the image with an article by selecting an article in the article options.
  6. Repeat the steps above to get all images added.

Add New Slides

As the extension resizes images automatically to guarantee a good display, you do not need to worry much about the image sizes.

New Slideshow

Show the slideshow on home page only

You may have found that the new slideshow is now showing on all the pages. To get it displayed on the home page only, you should open the “Menu Assignment” tab, select “Only the pages selected” in the drop-down, and get all other menus unchecked except for “Home”.

Display Slideshow on Home Page Only

Besides the options discussed above, there are many other options included in Slideshow CK which you can use to customize slides as you want. Just experiment more to make the most out of the extension.