Arvixe Joomla Hosting Review & Discount

Arvixe Joomla Hosting Review & Discount

Joomla is a free open source content management system. It is estimated to be the second most used CMS on the Internet after WordPress. As of July 2013, this CMS has been downloaded over 35 million times. There are several Joomla hosting providers on Joomla official site, among which Arvixe is a popular one. This time, we’d like to start an Arvixe review to figure out whether it is worth signing up or not.

About Arvixe

Arvixe has been bringing affordable Linux web hosting services to personal and professional clients since 2003. In the earlier years, this company has received many awards from industry authorities such as HostReview and the Inc Magazine for being one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the world. But in recent years, this web host seems to be in the downhill, receiving a lot of complaints from their new and old customers.

Arvixe Bad Reviews

Depending on our editors’ personal experience with Arvixe Joomla hosting, we have worked out a review on its affordability, features, reliability, performance and technical support to figure out whether Arvixe could support Joomla well.

Affordability – Not Expensive

Arvixe has released 2 hosting packages named as PersonalClass and PersonalClass Pro, both of which are at very affordable price. The cheaper PersonalClass is priced at $4/mo. Frankly speaking, their hosting charges are not costly.

Besides, Arvixe guarantees all customers 60 days refund, which enables them to ask for refunds in the case of canceling their accounts within the initial 60 days. With such a guarantee, the purchase is risk-free and worry-free.

However, once you request for the refund after the 60 days, you cannot get the pro-rated money back that is offered by most top-level web hosts.

Joomla Hosting Extras – Have Pros and Cons

Arvixe offers a large number of add-ons and free extras to help users gain an easier experience in starting and managing a Joomla website. The extras, including the following ones, value over $400 USD when calculated in total.

  • A free domain for life which can save you over $100 if you stay with Arvixe for a long time.
  • $100 advertising credits for Google AdWords & $100 voucher for Yahoo/Bing marketing.
  • Free automated R1Soft backups performed daily.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN which accelerates the website performance in the world scale.
  • Free brute force detection, firewalls, security updates and DDoS responses.

However, there are some secrets behind these free extras.

  • This web host claims not to restrict your usage of disk space and bandwidth. However, the truth is that Arvixe sets some rules on the usage of server resources in the Terms of Service pages.
  • The $200 advertising credits for Google, Bing and Yahoo are valid for US and CA residents only.

Features – Enough Already

There are plenty of things to concern when choosing an appropriate Joomla web hosting. Fortunately, Arvixe hosting package contains all the features that customers need to run their Joomla websites stably and smoothly.

  • Unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer enable customers to get a lot of space and bandwidth to manage their websites.
  • With the latest versions of MySQL and PHP, customers are able to get the right server configuration needed to run Joomla.
  • Owing to the script installer named Softaculous included in the cPanel, users are able to not only set up Joomla within seconds, but also update the application easily.
  • PHP runs as suPHP in Arvixe servers to increase the website security.
  • Apache mod_rewrite is installed by default to make URLs search engine friendly.

Performance – Not Good

Arvixe claims to guarantee the 99.9% uptime. However, according to our testing, their hosting performance is not as amazing as some popular web hosts. It is true that this company owns more than 10,000 dual quad high performance Dell servers with RAID-10 storage in the advanced data centers. But as tested, their uptime record is 99.75% only.

As for performance, the result is also not satisfactory. In the past months, the sample Joomla site needs around 697 ms to respond the server requests.

Security – No Big Issues

The Joomla hosting solutions offered by Arvixe have been secure. This web host equips all servers with advanced firewalls to filter traffic, and utilizes a DDoS response mechanism. As the servers feature RAID 10 disk arrays, even if the data on one disk is damaged due to security or other unexpected reasons, your website can still stay safe.

In terms of individual websites, Arvixe provides SSH, SSL, SFTP and more to help keep them secure. You can also install a private SSL certificate on your Joomla site. Note that the SSL certificate is the shared one. If you are looking for the private one, you should pay extra $25 per year.

Technical Support – Really Disappointing

Arvixe has been offering 24×7 US based technical support via phone, live chat and email since it was established. In addition, there are some useful articles with much information about Joomla hosting in Arvixe knowledge base.

It seems great, but based on customer reviews and our real experiences, their support service is really disappointing.

  • During the midnight, their support team is hard to reach.
  • When encountering some complicated issues, the phone support and the live chat support are always useless.
  • The email support always requires hours to reply.


Arvixe contains all the important features for Joomla users to start and run their websites well. However, when it comes to the most core aspects of technical support, hosting speed and uptime guarantee, Arvixe is not the good option.

If you are looking for a web host that ensures the same level of feature offerings and charges as Arvixe, we recommend you to try the following options.

Rank Company Highlights Price
1 BlueHost
  • Free domain name & unlimited site hosting
  • PHP, MySQL 5, Python, Perl, SSH, suPHP, SSL
  • Enhanced cPanel, SimpleScripts, Shell Access
  • Serving for over 3 million of sites since 1996
Learn more at
2 InMotion
  • Business-class web hosting service
  • Automated daily backup & Max Speed Zone
  • 90 days refund & 100% customer satisfaction
  • 24×7 US support with holding time <= 30 seconds
3 WebHostingHub
  • Free domain name & unlimited Joomla hosting
  • 90 days refund & 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24×7 technical support via phone, live chat & email
  • Special sale of $1.95/mo for the first 3 months

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Arvixe Joomla Hosting
Average rating:  
 26 reviews
by Sonu on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

I’m completely blown away with the customer and security managing services of Arvixe. Through MySQL as well as PHP, I was able to configure the server according to my needs and it ran effectively on Joomla. Arvixe also provides several types of hosting plans and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

by Helmut on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

At first, I was unable to believe myself, Arvixe is offering so many marketing and security features at unparallel pricing of $2.80 on a monthly basis. Arvixe has provided me a lot of optimization tools which has helped me to manage my business web portal as well as a blog website in an efficient manner.

by Harry on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Arvixe supports Joomla hosting thus I was able to choose from a huge number of plugins as well as extensions and was able to create a unique website. With the help of Arvixe, I was even able to undertake proper content management as my site was connected to MySQL. Arvixe also offered me the service of Zend Optimizer and .htaccess.

by Jute on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Back in 2017 I was advised by my friend to use their service and to tell you the truth till present date I do not find anything unusual with Arvixe. I was able to create great blogs with the help of customized control panel services. Arvixe also provides a wide range of marketing tools which helped me to reach wide range of audience.

by Daniel on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

To tell you the truth, Arvixe is well known for its overall security services. I was able to get firewall services and DDoS protection against the cyber attacks. Arvixe has also offered me a wide range of marketing tools which has helped me to market my web portal to a huge audience. I was also been able to list my website on yellow pages.

by Prince on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

I am a great fan of Arvixe as it has given me a chance to build great looking blogs through which I was able to reach a wide range of audience over the internet. Arvixe also supports Joomla. Thus it offers a wide range of supports viz. a wide range of advertising tools, R1 supported daily backup and impeccable protection against DDoS attacks.

by Arvind on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Simply hats off to you guys for providing a wide range of management services viz. enhanced cPanel, cron jobs, etc. Arvixe offered me genuine protection against DDoS attacks. Thus it helped me to keep my website safe and secure. I was also offered unlimited monthly transfer, hosting sites and web space.

by Duster on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Wow, Arvixe gave me an opportunity to build a Joomla supported website which is so easy to maintain. I was also offered genuine security from DDoS attacks and R1 backups on a daily basis. Through their RAID 10 service, I was able to secure my data over more than one disk which helped me get complete peace of mind.

by Adisa on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

With the help of Arvixe, I was able to get genuine SSL security for my website. Their genuine round the clock customer support service helped me to get my web portal back on track in no time. Seriously, the uptime speed of Arvixe is simply mind-blowing; it is very helpful in loading your website in a fast and efficient manner.

by Darshil on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Arvixe provides a wide range of services that too at a very cost economic price range along with great bandwidth speed. I’m so happy that I chose their services as they provide a genuine solution for various DDoS attacks. With the help of their services, I was able to enhance my online business which has given me more customers.

by Diego on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Agree with you Henry. Arvixe is known for excellent control panel management features which will help you design unique websites that to at a very cost-effective price range just $2.80 per month. You will also get impeccable services of Zend optimizer, CDN, suPHP, and .htaccess. Arvixe will also offer you unlimited web space and hosting sites.

by Henry on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Arvixe will help you get SSH security which will help you get mirror images of your data. Thus you will stay secure on the web. You will get PHP support for your website which will help you create the best feature site for your user. Arvixe will help you get impeccable SSL security which will help you get secure over the internet.

by Alan on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

I was looking for a good hosting service for my Joomla pages. I get Linux web hosting at an affordable price. They offer a whole range of add-on and extra services. For someone who is using it for personal sites, it’s a decent deal. Apart from that they also provide free backup on a daily basis. What I like the most about their service is that they don’t limit your disk space usage and the bandwidth. But be careful to read the terms and conditions regarding the usage of server resources.

by Finley on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Arvixe provides you MySQL and PHP services which will help you in configuring server effectively to run on Joomla. You will also get access to unlimited web space and hosting site. You will also be able to deal securely in monetary terms with the help of SSL and can even pay your affiliates in a secure manner.

by Adam on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Arvixe has been receiving great appreciation over the years. It definitely deserves all of the appraisals. Arvixe is a feature-rich hosting which is absolutely great for all types of businesses.

by Adao on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Yes Saran. As a website builder, I have always looked for a hosting that offers great services at nominal prices. There were majorly 3-4 types of hosting provided by Arvixe, and I was able to find the one that suits me

by Saran on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Arvixe deserves all the reputation it has gained over the years. One major reason for the reputation is its great price range. Arvixe Hosting offers a wide range of services. It becomes easy for customers to choose their desired hosting.

by Elias on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

I chose Arvixe as the host for my small business. Since Arvixe holds a good reputation, I wanted to give this a shot. My overall experience was great. The SSL certificate helps me in saving my site from hackers. Apart from that, Arvixe is one of the most affordable hosts available in the market.

by Ailbert on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

I opted for their service and received an excellent customer service. Their price is a bit high however the benefits offered are worth the price. Their team is trustworthy and understood my requirements and catered to my needs accordingly. I would definitely recommend Arvixe to anyone looking for a packaged Joomla service.

by Alban on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Right Ailbert. They helped me bring my website back to the very top. Thanks to them, I have no issues related to website hosting anymore.

by Karl on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Right Helmut. Here you can try and take the most amazing web hosting full of discounts.

by Helmut on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Basically, I’m new in the field of SEO but as much as I have learned that, if we compare the other web hosting then Arvixe is very amazing from every point of its view. It's my personal experience. I have created a lot of websites and still, I’m working on them and every time I’ve purchased the web hosting from Arvixe.

by Sonu on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Afram, I completely agree. I have been using them for quite a few years myself, and they have just amazed me at every turn.

by Afram on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

I had never heard about them before one of my friends suggested. Since then I have been using them as my primary hosting service provider, and I have been satisfied at every turn. Their customer service is really great and helpful as well.

by Nazar on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

I agree with you Max. I just started using their services, and I was really satisfied.

by Max on Arvixe Joomla Hosting

Even though I had never heard about them before, Arvixe is one of the new and upcoming hosting services. They are slowly building a large market, and I am definitely of their most satisfied customers. They have catered to my minimal needs really well and showcased how to handle clients properly. Their services are really cheap as well.

Arvixe Review

Plan Name Personal Plan
Regular Price $4.00/mo
Discount N/A
Claim Discount N/A
Effective Price $2.80/mo
Feature 3.5 3.5 of 5
Performance 2 2 of 5
Reliability 2 2 of 5
Control Panel 5 5 of 5
Tech Support 2 2 of 5
Conclusion Not Recommended
Purchase Safety
Full Refund Trial 60 Days
Pro-Rated Refund N/A
Accept CC Yes
Accept PayPal Yes
Accept Check Yes
Basic Features
Free Domain Yes
Addon Domains 6
Hosting Sites Unlimited
Web Space Ulimited
Monthly Transfer Ulimited
PHP 5.3.x
Memory limits 256MB
suPHP Yes
Zend Optimizer Yes
.htaccess Yes
Custom PHP.ini Yes
Control Panel Enhanced cPanel
AppInstaller Softaculous
Cron Jobs Yes
Adv. Credits
Google AdWords $100
Bing/Yahoo Search $75
Facebook Advertising N/A
Twitter Advertising N/A
Amazon AD N/A
Yellow Page Listing Yes
Totally $200+
Visit Online
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