Arvixe VS InMotion Hosting – How to Choose the Right Web Host for Your Online Presence

Arvixe, appeared in the year of 2003, is a well-known web hosting company with over millions of domains. As a fast-growing web host, InMotion enjoys high reputation in the industry with rich experiences in hosting related service.

At this place, we will make a fair and thorough comparison between Arvixe and InMotion to figure out which one is the better option for Joomla hosting. In details, we would like to focus on several important points, including pricing, features, ease-of-use and performance. Further down and have a look at some ratings on the two hosting solutions.

Arvixe InMotion
Price rating 4 rating 5
Features rating 5 rating 4.5
Page Loading rating 3.5 rating 5
Reliability rating 3 rating 5
Support rating 3 rating 5

Pricing & Products – InMotion Wins

arvixe vs inmotionArvixe has released two selectable Joomla hosting packages which are built on both Linux and Windows platforms. For the cheap Linux solution, this web host fixes the mentioned plans at $4/mo and $7/mo. If you are the common webmasters, these two plans will not leave you the huge financial burden.

On the other hand, InMotion includes up to three optional plans, which suit small to large-sized businesses. As for pricing, this company starts the plans from $6.99/mo, but it offers a generous 50% discount for buyers claiming through this promotional link. In this way, this web host cuts the regular prices to $3.49/mo with a minimum of $275 value ads credits.

It is true that they all offer the affordable packages, but InMotion Hosting allows the cheaper one.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

Compatibility & Usability – Both Are Great

Both of Arvixe and InMotion are one hundred percent compatible with Joomla and far beyond the basic technical requirements by using newest version of PHP, MySQL databases and Apache. More than that, the two companies take advantage of the easy-to-control cPanel which comes with intuitive user interface and management functions. What sets the two solutions from other average ones is that they both support one-click script installer, with which you are empowered to have a quick and easy installation of Joomla.

Hosting Features & Customer Service – InMotion Wins

Generally speaking, Arvixe and InMotion are very much alike in terms of hosting features. Here, we make out a graph to clarify and compare the core features of the two companies by choosing the entry-level plans – Personal Class and Launch. Now, move towards and get more details.

Features Arvixe InMotion
Plan in Review Personal Class Launch
Disk Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Websites 6 2
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Sub-Domains Unlimited 25
Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP Yes Yes
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 90 Days
Advertising Credits $200 $250
24×7 Phone Call Support Yes Yes
24×7 Live Chat Support Yes Yes

As is shown above, Arvixe and InMotion supply the most efficient support ways – phone call and live chat. In the further, to make clients completely concentrate on what’s important for business, they hire a team of competent and seasoned technical staffs who are ready to reach out helpful hands at any time. In addition to real people support, the two web hosts prepare independent registrants with a set of how-tos and FAQs in the self-help section.

Of course, people are allowed to ask for email support if their problems are not emergent. But the difference is that you can always get the email reply from InMotion Hosting in 15 minutes. With Arvixe, however, the waiting time might be hours.

Data Centers & Networks – InMotion Wins

Being aware the fact that uptime is essential for business success, Arvixe makes use of the world-leading data centers located at New Jersey, Dallas and Chicago. On top of that, this web host utilizes a series of advanced technologies, including N+1 generator architecture and uninterrupted power suppliers. It seems great, but based on our online testing, this web host only achieves a 99.75% uptime on average.

On the other hand, InMotion stresses server performance and takes pride in delivering alomst no downtime and the lightning-fast loading speed. In terms of network infrastructures, this company uses incomparable hardware and 24×7 server monitoring system. According to our test during the past months, we’re delighted to find that InMotion beats its competitor with a good record of 100% uptime.

Even, InMotion Hosting performs much faster with the 237ms loading time.

Final Judgement – InMotion Is Worthwhile

From our in-depth comparison above, it is evident that InMotion is the more worthwhile Joomla hosting solutions that is feature-rich and helpful. Especially, if you are looking for a reliable and low-cost web host, along with the fast speed and great support, InMotion Hosting will not disappoint you.