Arvixe VS JustHost – Shared Hosting Comparison for Joomla

Having stepped in hosting market for over ten years, Arvixe now is a well-known and reliable web hosting provider who gets increasing popularity with each passing day. Since its appearance, this web host has been hosting business and personal websites around the globe.

JustHost, founded in 2008, is a well-established web hosting provider who has launched a variety of services, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. This company highlights customer satisfaction and puts much effort to offer user-oriented service.

The two companies are great shared Joomla hosting providers. However, many webmasters cannot figure out their distinctions especially for those who never purchase them before. This Arvixe vs JustHost comparison aims at helping webmaster make a better option based on price, feature, performance and customer service.

Price – JustHost Charges Less

Arvixe offers Personal Class and Personal Class Pro at the price of $4/mo and $7/mo. But you have to notice that such low prices are valid for the 24 month billing.

JustHost releases Basic, Plus ad Business Pro with $9.49/mo, $12.49/mo and $25.49/mo in regular. The special promotional link enables you to get the 64% discounts, with which the prices of these packages are lowered to $3.49/mo.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

Both companies are ok with the popularly-used payment methods such as PayPal and credit card. Besides, Arvixe promises 60 days money back while justhost gives customers anytime money back guarantee.

Feature – Both Are Great

Arvixe and JustHost offer rich features which are necessary and important for a hosting package. The two companies provide the latest version of PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python and Perl. And they both utilize cPanel to meet their customers’ various demands.

In the following, we choose the Personal Class and Basic plan from Arvixe and JustHost individually to make a side-by-side comparison because they share the closest price.

Feature Arvixe JustHost
Plans in Comparison Personal Class Basic
Disk Space Unlimited 100GB
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Domains 6 1
Email Accounts Unlimited 100
PHP5 Yes Yes
cPanel Yes Yes
Perl & Python Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Price $4/mo $3.49/mo
Money Back Guarantee 60 days Anytime

Performance – JustHost Is Much Better

Arvixe stores all their customers’ data on the latest 15k RPM SCSI drives in raid 10. In addition, they claim to make sure a good environment for your website. However, as monitored, their uptime record is 99.75% only.

JustHost utilizes dual quad processor performance servers and Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connection to make sure their powerful performance. The diesel generator backup power and 24×7 network monitoring make the servers run smoothly and stably. Now, this company realizes their goal of 99.9% uptime.

Surely, JustHost ensures the much better uptime record than Arvixe. Even, their hosting performance is excellent with the fast speed.

Customer Service – JustHost Is Better

Tech Support

With a great technical support team supported by experienced and well-trained engineers and technicians, JustHost has been offering 24×7 US-based customer service via efficient online chat, telephone call and email. When any problems with your Joomla site arise, you can get a responsive and instant solution. Usually, a lot of Joomla tutorials and guides are also prepared for customers to have a basic understanding about the common issues.

As for the technical support offered by Arvixe, we fail to get the great support based on our own experience. Even, according to the customer reviews, we have found that most people hold the negative opinion for their support service, especially for their response efficiency and the quality of email answers.


Now, if you need to choose between Arvixe and JustHost, we highly recommend you to choose JustHost. This web host is a reliable and cost-effective shard Joomla hosting provider because of their affordability and responsive technical support. In addition, their uptime, features and speed will not disappoint you as well.