Arvixe VS Site5 – Joomla Hosting Comparison

Arvixe, established in 2003, is a famous US-based web hosting provider. This company offers a lot of hosting services, including Joomla hosting, WordPress hosting, Drupal hosting and some other based on Windows and Linux platforms. Launched in 1999, Site5 is a web host with over 15 years’ experience.

Focusing on Joomla hosting, we make this Arvixe vs Site5 comparison on the basis of their reliability, affordability, features, speed and customer satisfaction. The purpose of this comparison is to make clear the disadvantages and advantages of them, helping webmasters make the better choice.

Arvixe Site5
Reputation rating 5 rating 3
Features rating 4.5 rating 2
Page Loading rating 4.5 rating 2.5
Reliability rating 5 rating 3
Support rating 5 rating 3
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In terms of Joomla hosting package, Arvixe offers Personal Class and Personal Class Pro with regular $4/mo and $7/mo. But now, this web host releases a generous 30% discount as long as you use the exclusive coupon code BWH360, with which the prices of the two plans are reduced to $2.8/mo and $4.9/mo.

In addition to budget-friendly pricing level, Arvixe includes a 60-day full money back guarantee as a part of its shared web hosting package. During this specified period, users who are not completely satisfied with Arvixe services can cancel their hosting accounts and ask for a refund that usually covers the hosting plan fees only.

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As for Site5, three plans are involved, involving hostBasic, hostPro and hostPro+Turbo. They are rated at $4.95/mo, $8.95/mo and $11.95/mo if you purchase them biennially while $5.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $12.95/mo are allowed for annually purchasing. Except for the hostBasic plan, you can also pay for other two packages monthly. In addition, 45 days money back is promised by this company.

Free Extras

As many reputable web hosts do, Arvixe includes each of its hosting plans with a variety of free extras to help users cut their budgets. For example, it offers a free domain name that is valid for the lifetime.

Besides, Arvixe provides free site transfer services, a drag-and-drop site builder, an online store, $100 Google Adwords vouchers, and $100 Yahoo! Bing vouchers for users to set up as well as promote their websites with ease.

Site5, on the other hand, lacks most of the freebies mentioned above. The company only provides a free migration for its three hosting plans and offers a free dedicated IP address only for the hostPro+Turbo plan.

Basic Features

Because the Personal Class plan of Arvixe and hostBasic of Site5 have the closest prices, we choose them to make this side-by-side comparison table about their features.

Although the two companies share unlimited web storage and monthly bandwidth, Arvixe is still superior to Site5. Firstly, the former company includes more websites on one account. Besides, the database engine which might influence webmasters’ experience of hosting Joomla – PostgreSQL is involved by Arvixe. Last but not the least, this web host utilizes SSDs to deliver fast speed while Site5 not.

Feature Arvixe Site5
Plans in Comparison Personal Class hostBasic
Web Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Domains 6 1
SSH Access Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes No
cPanel Yes Yes
Perl & Python Yes Yes
SSDs Yes No
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Original Price $4/mo $4.95/mo
Discount 30% No
Sale Price $2.8/mo $4.95/mo
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The two companies adopt cPanel to provide hosting services. As is known, cPanel is regarded as the most popular and user-friendly control panel, with which webmasters can easily manage their Joomla sites.

On the basis of these illustrations above, Arvixe is definitely much more cost-effective than its opponent, enabling users to get richer server sources and almost all the necessary features to build their online presence.


Arvixe houses their state-of-the-art data centers at New Jersey, Dallas and Chicago. This company puts all the data of their customers on RAID 10 drives to keep them safe. Moreover, with the support of DDoS attack response, secured entrance and exit, redundant carriers, firewall and network monitoring, this company is absolutely reliable and trust-deserving.

Displayed as below, it has made sure that users’ websites are up 99.96% of the time in the last thirty days. Honestly speaking, Arvixe uptime is fairly outstanding in the entire industry.

In comparison, Site5 locates their data centers in US, Europe and other districts. This company tries their best to live up to their promises of providing 99.9% uptime and fast speed. Powered by a team of engineers who monitor the network 7 days a week and 24 hour a day, Site5 can fix the problems caused by some accidents and events.

However, Site5 uptime in the real world is not as satisfying as we have expected. In detail, it has only achieved an average of 99.9% uptime in the previous month, which is certainly inferior to that of Arvixe.

When it comes to the aspect of page loading speed, Arvixe also performs better than Site5. As you can check from the following chart, Arvixe responds to a server request within 445ms, which is up to 51% faster than Site5 670ms.

To sum up, Arvixe not only grants users with a more reliable hosting environment but also delivers the contents of their websites in a faster manner than Site5.

Customer Service

Both Arvixe and Site5 offer reliable technical support through 24×7 email, live chat and phone call. They are willing to help customers who are troubled by technical issues or some problems else. Apart from the real human help, many other resources and tutorials in their support centers are useful for you to get some understanding and knowledge.

But there is a problem with Site5. This company has so many branches in different countries and districts, so you may find that the support representative on the other side is not a native English speaker.


Based on the thorough Arvixe vs Site5 comparison, no one will deny that Arvixe is a better Joomla hosting provider for this web host includes more affordable price, richer features and faster speed.

In this case, we sincerely both personal and enterprise-level users sign up Arvixe to get quality web hosting services at a small budget.