Best 10 Joomla SEO Plugin to Better Optimize Joomla Site for Higher Rank

Joomla is a popular content management system commonly used by people. This is because it gives the freedom to website creators to do whatever they want when using it. Besides, this is a SEO-friendly tool allowing websites to be preferred by the main search engines. However, you still need to optimize your site so as to rank highly in Google pages. We have already come out a lot of SEO techniques, and optimization is also highly facilitated by a Joomla SEO plugin.

There are many Joomla SEO plugins available, and people might not know which one is the best to use. Below is a list of the best plugins.


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SEOSimpleThis plugin is very simple to use. It takes the starting part of a sentence from any content in a page and uses it as the quantity of a meta description tag for the heading to that page. Most search engines can use the meta description to rank a webpage in SERPs. Therefore, it is very important for the meta description to contain relevant information text to that page’s content.

Tag Meta

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Tag MetaThis plugin allows the user to manage the website’s meta information. With Tag Meta, it is possible to set the meta tags to be part of the URL or simply the whole of the URL. It provides the best option in improving the site’s rank for SEO optimization. This tool also supports the common expressions in matching rules thus allowing you to match certain URLs in a single rule, making it easier to manage the metadata from a central point.


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SEO-GeneratorIt is a native plugin coming with the function to generate keywords and descriptions automatically at random for very single article. The plugin achieves this by extracting a certain text from the page title, content, or both which can hugely help with the SEO. This plugin also provides the ability to organize different configurations to the title and also the verification keywords for Google webmaster. In case you want to edit the article, it also provides an option to edit the description and keywords.

Easy Fronted SEO

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Easy Fronted SEOThis SEO plugin allows you to control all the vital metadata both automatically and manually. It eases the job of handling the metadata by far. If you use this plugin, you can change and add meta information with ease from either end, be it the front or the back. It does not matter the component you set to use. This plugin is actively used in almost all the pages in the Joomla website.


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JV-ContentLinksThis Joomla SEO plugin can dynamically convert the keywords to be links that you can use in the articles and blogs. It allows the user automatically to configure links from keywords at the Joomla backend. These keywords get changed into links, and the articles get viewed at the frontend.

It also has the function of allowing the user to market on keywords and to earn some money on the side. Note that this tool provides smooth payment transactions with PayPal for the adverts and closely monitor the links posted on keywords in order to replace them after expiring.


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ByeByeGeneratorMany tools allow you to can change generator tags, but with the help of the ByeByeGenerator, you are also allowed to completely remove the generator tag, even from the Atom and RSS feeds. This plugin permits the administrator of the site to either customize the generator tags or to completely remove them. It is good that only use this plugin when you feel that you are not comfortable with editing personal template index files. By adding this plugin, Joomla can help you with the rest.

TJ Set Generator Tag

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TJ Set Generator TagThis plugin permits you to modify any default Joomla meta tags to what you see fit. With the help of this plugin, there is no need to change the template or Joomla’s core files. After the installation, everything else is going to be done by Joomla. Currently, the common way to modify a generator meta tag is by changing the ‘index.php.’ file. Whenever you want to change the template, you are required to change that file again but with this plugin, all this is not necessary. This is because the generator meta tag remains the same.

Link with Article Images on Facebook

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Link with Article Images on FacebookWhenever you share a link on Facebook with Joomla articles, there might be a small hitch to find the correct image. Now there is a solution to this. With the help of this plugin, your image can be displayed. It adds Open Graph tags, not visible, in HTML with the image from the article. Google+ also accepts open Graph tagged images.

RSSeo Suite

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RSSeo SuiteIt is said to be the absolutely complete SEO plugin. It monitors and compares the SEO performances of other sites against yours with the help of It shows the page rank on most search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


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XmapThere are plenty of people who would like to use site maps to increase their chances of visitors using their sites. This plugin helps Joomla users to create a map for site visitors. Site owners use this map often on the site’s menus.
With the help of the above mentioned information and introduction, it is easier to choose which plugin to use for a certain activity.