Best SEO Books For Boosting Joomla SEO Easily

In the list, we come out seven best SEO books that are valuable and practical for readers on all education levels. Whether you are a beginner or experienced marketer, these SEO books can be of great benefit to you to understand search engine indexing principles, grasp SEO skills and then improve the nature ranking of your websites.

However, as there are so many SEO books claiming that they can make you a proficient man in SEO, you may want to know which one is your best choice. Here are seven professional books deserve to be recommended, with which you can save time, energy and money.

The Art of SEO

Price: $40.36
Author: Eric Enge, Stephen Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola and Rand Fishkin
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the art of seoWritten by four famous and prominent experts in SEO field, this book is undoubtedly satisfactory. It introduces a lot of SEO expertise and innovative techniques from leading practitioners, which are practical for readers to grasp the methods of building an SEO team and analysis industry trends in the near future.

Targeted readers: it is the best choice for those with basic understanding and desire to dig more in SEO industry.

Google Semantic Search

Price: $15.91
Author: David Amerland
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google semantic searchThis is a book telling about site optimization from Google’s case and what Google’s internal working involves. It gives SEO workers a range of inspirations because no one has gone deeper than David Amerland into this topic so far. It also reveals the new secret of marketing, so readers can adjust their strategies when optimizing sites.

Apart from all above mentioned, the author also provides practical steps for readers to implement the preparation of the outstanding performance of semantic search at the end of each chapter.

Targeted readers: it is tailored for advanced readers who are looking for more than just an introduction and concepts to SEO.

SEO Fitness Workbook

Price: $41.84
Author: Jason Mcdonald Ph.D
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seo fitness workbookThis is not a “how-to” book that is full of formulas and strategies, but a big picture of how-to-be-an-expert in SEO along with guides to facilitating website marketing. The author uses the metaphor of “the seven steps to SEO fitness” to explain the current art of SEO step by step. So readers can easily get useful information and lots of great real-world suggestions from this book.

Targeted readers: if you think that a step-by -step way is an effective way and want to keep up with SEO development trends, this will be a great help to you.

Ultimate Guide to Link Building

Price: $14.54
Author: Eric Ward
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ultimate guide to link buildingThis book answers nearly all questions about link-building on the web, and it gives some excellent mind-set for building links in this book. Furthermore, it simplifies the art and science of link-building and gives many free and fantastic sources about SEO.

Targeted readers: this book is a good choice for those interested in SEO, especially link-building and can effectively shorten SEO learning cycle.

Search Engine Optimization Secrets

Price: $25.36
Author: Danny Dover
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search engine optimizationThis book explains many little-known tips, tricks, and other skills that can help you form a specific understanding of SEO and another thinking way when facing with thorny problems. Moreover, it reveals many practical and useful techniques used by SEO leaders which help readers more competitive in the field of SEO.

Targeted readers: if you want to gain a thorough understanding and get enough expertise of SEO, this is the book for you to overcome barriers when optimizing your websites. Also, you can find relevant solutions from a professional SEO consultant.

SEO 2014 & Beyond

Price: $8.09
Author: Dr. Andy William
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seo 2014 beyondSEO is ever changing along with changes in policies, techniques, clients’ needs and other related issues about SEO. This book tells readers how these changes happened, and how to deal with them. More importantly, the author describes what the new shift in the future looks like. It is worth mentioning that this book is short enough for readers to finish the whole course so as to apply in real work timely, which at the same time maybe the disadvantage of it for those need detailed explanation.

Targeted readers: if you are an amateur SEO enthusiast and find it is hard to grasp some new techniques and get first-hand experience and knowledge, this book is your choice.

SEO Fundamentals

Price: $17.06
Author: R.L. Adams
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SEO FundamentalsThis book is well versed in developing the foundational framework of SEO for both beginners and SEO professional learners. The way it imparts knowledge and skills is similar to that in university. Besides, it contains useful and practical information that makes you invincible in the never-ending SEO road.

Some readers comment this book excellent because it gives information in details and teaches how to optimize sites step by step.

Targeted readers: this book is the best one for readers of all level.