The Best Tips to Increase Joomla Security

With the increasing popularity of Joomla, many users start to pay attention to the security issues of this CMS. It is precisely because they choose Joomla to establish websites so this platform gets more opportunities to become the target of hackers. Thus, how to increase Joomla security and prevent hacking are big issues needed to be consider to make sure the best performance of the websites.

To help you better manage your websites and ensure the security of the statistics in Joomla, we have some useful tips on the basis of my web security experience more than 10-year experience.

Update Joomla Versions and Backup

You have to update the Joomla version to be latest, which can ensure your websites away from the newest vulnerabilities and enjoy richer features.

In order to keep the security of your files and statistics and protect them from the latest hacking, you have to promptly update your Joomla version as soon as a fix is released and a defense is developed. What’s more, a regular backup is also an important method to ensure that you have a comfortable mood when your machine is out of control.

Select Complicated and Safe Password

PasswordWhen you log in a website in Joomla, account and password are the most important evidences to confirm your identity. However, with the development of hacking technology, it’s easy for hackers to steal your information through your username and password, especially when they are simple and easy to be guessed.

Are there any effective methods to reduce the risk of letting out important information? Of course, the answer has got to be. By setting more complicated password including upper-cased, lower-cased, number and special characters. You can get the much better security compared with those who select admin as their account name and use admin123 as password. Another useful tip is that don’t choose frequently-used password like your birthday or a dictionary word.

Install Joomla Security Plugins

Joomla PluginsIn most cases, the users complain that their Joomla websites have been hacked and they can do nothing with this. As a matter of fact, such problems can be solved by installing Joomla security plugins which are often used to keep the site away from the attacks.

We have some suggestions when you choose reliable Joomla security plugins.

  1. JSecure is a great option. JSecure allows you to change the log in URL for the administration site of Joomla by using a secret key.
  2. Centrora Security is another alternative when you select Joomla security plugins. This security plugin is a new one modified from OSE Firewall Security and can help you identify any security risks, malicious codes , spam and other security issues.
  3. Captcha plugin adopts the Securimage PHP Captcha script for forming complex images to protect your websites from spam and abuse.

All of these Joomla plugins can stop bad users and enhance the security of passwords and other important information to protect your sites.

Choose a High-Quality Host

HostsAs is known, a great web host can not only provide cost-effective hosting solutions, but also can offer some security tools to protect your websites from some unexpected damages. By choosing a reliable web hosting companies who provide shared SSL, you can guarantee security of communication over network.

Moreover, if you have higher requirement for websites security, you can spend extra money on private SSL certificate or select web hosts who can provide such tool. In addition, a reputed host helps you maintain the shared server security.

On condition that you don’t have any clue about a reliable host, we have some recommendations for you because of their affordable price, high level of security and rich facilities, such as InMotion Hosting, BlueHost and HostGator. We make a ranking table about them at the end of this article.

Rank Company Highlights Price
1 InMotion
  • Business-class web hosting service
  • Automated daily backup & Max Speed Zone
  • 90 days refund & 100% customer satisfaction
  • 24×7 US support with holding time <= 30 seconds
2 BlueHost
  • Free domain name & unlimited site hosting
  • PHP, MySQL 5, Python, Perl, SSH, suPHP, SSL
  • Enhanced cPanel, SimpleScripts, Shell Access
  • Serving for over 3 million of sites since 1996
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3 HostGator
  • 1,000+ employees & 1,000,000+ customers
  • 24×7 US support via phone, live chat & email
  • 99.9% uptime & 45 days money back guarantee
  • Free $100 Google AdWords & $50 Yahoo credits


From above, it’s noticed that there are many tips to ensure Joomla security and prevent hacking. However, the hacking technology is always growing faster than the security technology. So, keep the site backup is a MUST-protection item for your site.