Bisend Joomla Hosting Review

Whether Bisend is good for Joomla hosting is a question for some of our readers. Having received their requests, we decide to review Bisend for Joomla Hosting on the compatibility, affordability, reliability, security, professionalism, etc. And then there is no need to look around for much related information on their own. Trusted in our rich reviewing experience, much time and energy can be saved.

The years from 2011 to 2008 have witnessed the rapid growth of Bisend. This multiple hosting provider can meet the need for shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, domain service, SSL certificates, and more. To deliver a clearer idea, we are in order to show what we have collected from the official website, online forums, our monitoring, personal tests, etc. As a whole, Bisend offers users a great way to get up and running with Joomla.

100% Compatibility with Joomla

The first thing is to have a common sense of the technical requirements for Joomla hosting. Housing PHP, MySQL, and Apache, any server is suitable for the creation of a Joomla website. But what you need to do is to check whether the version compatibility is an issue for the desired Joomla hosting. Here is a list if the recommended versions for the latest released version of Joomla.

  • Joomla 3.x: PHP 5.6, 7.0+, MySQL 5.5.3+, Apache 2.4+ with with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib.
  • Joomla 1.6, 1.7, & 2.5: PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.0.4+, Apache 2.2+ with with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib.
  • Joomla 1.5: PHP 5.3, MySQL 4.1.x+, Apache 2.0+ with with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib.

With the search into Bisend, we come to a conclusion that Bisend is 100% compatible with Joomla. In detail, multiple PHP versions (4-7.2), MySQL 5.5+, and more are on the Bisend feature list. At the same time, Bisend uses suPHP to execut PHP scripts with the permissions of users.

Easy Installation of Joomla

Through the manual code is quite a time-consuming process to use Joomla. Moreover, most webmasters will have trouble dealing with code. Under this circumstance, Bisend integrates a 1-click Joomla installer into the Plesk control panel. So Joomla, one of the most popular software, can be installed with the click of your mouse.

In fact, Plesk can bring great benefits to manage domains, emails, databases, files, accounts. The management can be made in the intuitive interface and through the graphical icons. With the passage of time, Plesk can work well on both Linux and Windows platform.

Affordable Joomla Hosting Fees

A Joomla website can be hosted on shared server, virtual physical server, or more. With the purchase of a Linux-based hosting solution from Bisend, users can pay as low as $2.95/mo when subscribing to the 3-year Standard plan. Up to 64% discounts can be accessible through the exclusive promotional link. The server resources are enough for you to have a good start, including 1 website, 10 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, and 50 email accounts.

Bisend Linux Shared Hosting

Ultra-Reliable Hosting Environment

Having a great influence on uptime, their servers and data centers are under our research. On the other hand, the detailed statistics are accessible to us with the use of a monitoring tool. Based on the two methods, we are close to the real uptime which is crucial for a Joomla website. After all, visitors shall have zero tolerance towards the inaccessibility of web content.

The websites hosted on Bisend are almost always online. The 99.99% hosting uptime in the past month is a great achievement when compared to many other Joomla hosting providers. Bisend makes it possible with the use of 2N UPS, N+1 Central Chilled Water Plant, 2N Utility, BMS control system, and more.

Bisend Uptime

Short Server Response Time

A responsive website will leave a good impression on visitors. The good user experience will be a benefit to the popularity of your website or the growth of your business. The average server response time remains less than 400ms in the past months. Follow the below chart to learn more detailed statistics.

Bisend Speed

To deliver the best possible speed, Bisend uses Dell servers, SSD drives, CloudFlare CDN, etc. In addition, it also partners with bandwidth carriers to build up the network infrastructure. What deserves the attention is the availability of data center location for Bisend users.

Joomla Related Support Service

To win the trust from webmasters, Bisend has made a public commitment to provide 24/7 technical support. Those who want to raise questions can start a live chat, make a phone call, or send an email. The experienced support members can have Joomla related questions answered. This is quite different from a majority of web hosts who ONLY show professionalism on the common issues.

Wrap Up

The main downside for Bisend users is the limited allocation for server resources in less advanced plans. However, the high uptime, good performance, and quality support make Bisend stand out in the fierce competition. Thus it is a good thing to host a Joomla website with Bisend, which is a conclusion based on this Bisend Joomla hosting review. To know all about Bisend Joomla hosting, please visit

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Bisend Joomla Hosting
Average rating:  
 28 reviews
by Lonny on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Bisend is a great and best-optimized web hosting service for the Joomla website and I am glad to choose their service. They have mainly three plans which include Standard, Pro and Business. Pro is the most popular among all and I am using that one only. This plan comes with features like free SSL certificate, 2X faster speed, unlimited bandwidth, Disk Space, 100 email accounts and more.

by Annu on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Bisend is one of the best web hosting services I have ever used to host my personal blogging site. The reason I chose this service over others are fast speed, free SSH access, suPHP security, 24/7 hours support and easy Joomla installation. I will always recommend this service to everyone.

by Rajesh on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Bisend is a great option to check out for the Joomla website hosting. I am using this service for almost a year and I am highly satisfied with their service. They have different plans to suits different business needs and I am using the standard one. It’s amazing. Features like free SSL certificate, excellent support 24/7 really blow my mind.

by Enzo on Bisend Joomla Hosting

They offered to return my money if I was not satisfied with their services, but I must say that they do stand out in their services. My website is fast and their service quality is excellent. Their prices fit my budget precisely and I doubt any other hosting services provide such good services at an affordable rate as theirs.

by Steven on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Bisend is a very trustable hosting service that promises to take your business to a great level. I have three websites running under this service and I can proudly say that all are running extremely well. The technical team is highly helpful. Without their help, I could not reach to this place today.

by Arman on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Bisend came to my rescue when I was running through a very tough time. I was using a different hosting service in the beginning to run my website and it was not successful. But suddenly I planned to change the hosting service and moved to this one. It turned out to be the luck for me. And this is the reason I am still stuck with their service.

by Diego on Bisend Joomla Hosting

If you are looking for the blazing fast web hosting service, I will suggest checking out the Bisend hosting service which has three plans for different business needs. The plans are mainly Standard, Pro and Business. All the plans are designed so wisely to help run the website successfully. Also, you can check their other features as well which ensures a very active and running website always.

by David on Bisend Joomla Hosting

I am glad I picked Bisend as my hosting company. I am registered for the Pro plan and have been with them for the past one year. There were just a couple of occasions where I was stuck with small issues, but they were instantly taken care of by their customer care. Luckily they serve us round the clock which gives me the freedom to resolve my queries any time of the day.

by Sanjay on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Incredible is the word that can be said for the services provided by Bisend to make my website running. I have been using the services of the hosting provider for last one year, and haven’t find any issue in their working. I am extremely delighted to have their services. Bravo, and thumbs up to your team of supporters for providing top-notch hosting services.

by John on Bisend Joomla Hosting

I have been using Bisend for more than a two years now and it’s extremely worth to give this hosting provider a try. I was quite offended by the services provided by other providers, but now I am completely satisfied with the working of my WordPress Site. My website now runs flawlessly and hassle-free.

by Alan on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Delighted I am to have found this extremely estimable Hosting provider. I heavily recommend website owners to boast hosting services of Bisend. When comes their customer support, the team is on the qui vive to rescue and solve all problems in a matter of minutes. I feel the solution to all my all hosting related problems is merely a click away.

by Samrat on Bisend Joomla Hosting

I am using Bisend for my Joomla website for the last two years and I must say that their service is mindblowing. They have lived up to the expectation. Even it will be better to say that they have exceeded my expectation. This service comes with a wide range of plans such as Standard, Pro and Business plan. And all the plans are designed so greatly to fit different business needs.

by Toby on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Bisend is not that popular but is very reliable and one the best website hosting providers. They help me create a great website without any efforts. They take really good care of my website even in my absence. The servers are great and make the website loading pretty fast. So I recommend it to all.

by Alister on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Bisend is definitely one of the very popular names in the web hosting industry that is customized for the customer’s need. I am glad to choose this service over other web hosting services. They have a wide range of plans, and all of them are designed greatly. I am using the Pro plan and it offers unlimited SSD disk space, free site transfer, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, etc.

by Harry on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Joomla is all that I wanted for making my site attractive. It is something I could not deny for. They helped me with the right hosting platform suiting my needs and I couldn’t stop appreciating for their services. Overall, it was a great experience to be in touch with their support team. Anything you ask, you get it right there.

by Lucas on Bisend Joomla Hosting

I run a Joomla website, and this was my favorite web hosting service since the beginning. Actually, it was recommended to me by a friend of mine, and I am highly grateful to him. When it comes to the security, reliability, Joomla compatibility, and affordability, Bisend is the name that comes to mind first. In one word, I love their service.

by Charlie on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Bisend is known to provide impeccable customer service round the clock. You will also get good marketing credit from Google and Twitter. You can avail genuine services of Bisend at a very economical cost, just for $ 2.95 on a monthly basis. Whether you are a beginner or an expert it is the best service for you since here you don’t have to edit any codes to start a website.

by Anfim on Bisend Joomla Hosting

I really like the facilities of Bisend because of the great quality firewall service thus you don’t have to fret about the data security. You can also choose from a wide range of extensions for your sites which will help you get a unique look. One of the best features of Bisend is that it comes with in-build SEO program. Thus you don’t have to spend your time on site optimization.

by Javed on Bisend Joomla Hosting

I totally agree with you Albin. Bisend has been an amazing hosting. Their customer care guided me with my travel website properly

by Albin on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Their 64% discount offer and 30 day full refund trial period was what attracted me towards them. Since then, it has been just Bisend. They have provided me with 10 GB disk space and free SSD drive. They also provide daily drive backup, unlike other hosting services. Things can’t really get much better.

by Egor on Bisend Joomla Hosting

The Bisend hosting has a discount rate of 64% which attracts the customers, and my bill was $2.95/mo, and they provide a full refund of 30 days which helps you build trust. The account activation is also instant, so I would recommend this to everyone I know.

by Paul on Bisend Joomla Hosting

With the discounts they keep offering, the Plesk control panel is the most efficient, effective and well-priced platform available in the market. They offer a wide range of offers. They also provide top notch customer service and user manuals that ensure you will sail through the process.

by Kurt on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Right Helmut. This one is much needed by all businesses. It made a world of a difference to my business and highly recommend it to all entrepreneurs.

by Adam on Bisend Joomla Hosting

I wanted to buy a cheap monthly subscription and found Bisend. One thing I have noticed is that they don't have almost any downtime or maintenance issues. The functions offered by the website cater to my needs and are more than required! They even helped me migrate my website from the previous provider without any cost.

by Emin on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Right Deniz, they are one of the best hosting service providers in the market. I have been using their services for over 3 years now and never once did they disappoint me.

by Deniz on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Their Plesk control panel is one of the best in the market. Not only do they provide amazing packages but they are always ready to help customer service guides you properly and solves your queries as well. They provide free SSD and daily site backup which was really needed for my business.

by Toby on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Bisend web hosting services are compatible with multiple PHP versions (4-7.2) and MySQL 5.5+ because that’s what my site demanded. They provide amazing customer service and great uptime as well. Highly recommended!

by Jassi on Bisend Joomla Hosting

Their services are priced at a very reasonable level. On top of that, they provide free SSL certificates along with other web host services. They also have a good customer support team to follow up. Kudos to them!