BlueHost vs 000WebHost – Which Is Better for Blogging

There is a great possibility that you are looking for a cheap hosting solution. Having reviewed the two web hosts, you are glad to find the budget-friendliness of BlueHost and 000WebHost. What’s better is the 000WebHost release of free web hosting. For the sake of your website traffic, however, it is unwise to make a decision simply judging from their prices. The BlueHost vs 000WebHost comparison will help you tell which is better for blogging.

To be as comprehensive as possible, we also take their feature, uptime, speed, and support into consideration. During the process, we have taken the below measures to reveal the fact.

  • Read their official website carefully to get the basic information.
  • Use a monitoring tool to monitor their hosting environment.
  • Check their support quality through our personal tests.
  • Gather the feedbacks from real users on BestHostingSearch, our another website.
Rating BlueHost 000WebHost
Plan in Review Basic Single Hosting
Price 5 5
Feature 4.5 3
Uptime 5 3
Speed 5 2.5
Support 5 3
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BlueHost vs 000WebHost – Common Points

To start with, we would like to say the common points between the two web hosts, though it makes little sense to tell them apart.

Cheap web hosting

To attract new comers, both web hosts release affordable hosting solutions. Take their shared web hosting as example. The starting price of BlueHost is $2.95/mo and that of 000WebHost is $2.15/mo. Also, there is a free domain inside all the BlueHost Plans and two 000WebHost plans (Premium Hosting and Business Web Hosting).

Price Information BlueHost 000WebHost
Plan in Review Basic Single Hosting
Regular Price $7.99/mo $4.05/mo
3-Month $3.99/mo
3-Month $3.55/mo
12-Month $4.95/mo $3.25/mo
24-Month $3.95/mo $2.85/mo
36-Month $2.95/mo $2.15/mo
48-Month $2.15/mo

Only with the exclusive promotional link can you claim BlueHost discounts. For your convenience, we display the link as below.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

30-day refund policy

After the purchase, you will learn whether your choice is right or not. However, you should have the courage to take the first step. Given that, both web hosts support you to terminate the partnership, giving you a full refund within 30 days.

Highlight of 000WebHost – Free Web Hosting

What highlights 000WebHost is the provision of free web hosting. It is advisable to have a try if you want to improve your hosting skills. In other words, free web hosting is perfect for beginners who don’t have a high requirement on feature, support, and more.

Highlights of BlueHost

Richer features

The feature offerings are up to the plan you choose. As a whole, both web hosts seem to provide everything you need for your blog, such as, website builder, cPanel, PHP, and more. Take a close at their basis plan and then we are more impressive with BlueHost who includes more server resources and more advanced features.

Feature Information BlueHost 000WebHost
Plan in Review Basic Single Hosting
Hosted Domains 1 1
Free Domain 1 1
Monthly Visits Unlimited 100 GB
Disk Space 50 GB 10 GB
Databases 10 1
Mailboxes 5 1
cPanel Yes Yes
Ad Credits Yes No
PostgreSQL Yes No
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Yes No
SSH Yes No
PHP Yes Yes
Regular Price $7.99/mo $4.05/mo
Current Price $2.95/mo $2.15/mo
Conclusion Promo Link Not Recommended

Higher uptime

Their uptime ability is known to us with the help of a monitoring tool. There is a 99% uptime guarantee on the 000WebHost. In the real world, 000WebHost does not eat the words. However, it means nothing because constant downtimes still happen to their hosted websites. With a view to the BlueHost uptime records, you will clearly learn the excellent job this web host has done on hosting reliability.

BlueHost can better protect your website security using CPU segregation technology. In addition, it does not rely on third parties, owning dedicated data centers. This means that they can better take care of the servers, system, and other facilities.

Faster Speed

The same situation goes to their page load speed which will affect SEO rankings. BlueHost is a fast hosting provider, takes 0.32s on average to load each webpage. Even at peak time, BlueHost has the ability to deliver less than 400ms server response time. However, 000WebHost will disappoint those who want to gain a good using experience.

Better Support

What’s more, BlueHost surpasses 000WebHost on technical support. For a free web hosting, it proves to be impractical to hold high expectation for the support quality. For paid services, a dedicated team is provided for you to ask for help.

It seems that 000WebHost enables chat support, but the essence is still ticket support. And we have not found how to contact 000WebHost through phone calls. So you are unable to get real-time support from 000WebHost. In addition, the knowledge base contains limited online resources.

In contrast, BlueHost is truly available at any time via live chat, ticket, and phone. In addition to the US-based number, an International one is at your service. And the technical support is classified into three types: general support questions, VPS and dedicated hosting, and WordPress assistance.

Wrap Up

At the end of the comparison, we want to show a positive attitude towards BlueHost. This is a good option if you want to achieve the more advanced goals instead of practicing your hosting skills.