BlueHost vs A2Hosting – What Are Their Common Points and Differences?

This BlueHost vs A2Hosting comparison is made with the purpose of helping readers choose the host that best suits their needs and preferences in the real world.

Founded in 2002 and 2001 in respective, the two companies have since grown to become two leading providers of a wide range of high-quality web hosting solutions for users throughout the globe. In the following, we will focus on the two companies’ shared hosting packages to reveal their common points and differences.

BlueHost A2Hosting
Reputation rating 5 rating 4.5
Feature rating 4.5 rating 4.5
Speed rating 5 rating 4.5
Uptime rating 5 rating 4.5
Support rating 5 rating 5
Price rating 5 rating 4.5
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Common Points Between BlueHost and A2Hosting

With more than a decade of development, BlueHost and A2Hosting have been favored by a tremendous number of users in the community. Their successes, according to our research, depend on multiple highlights as below.

Anytime money back guarantee

As two experienced web hosts, BlueHost and A2Hosting understand that the expectations for a web hosting solution may vary greatly from individual to individual. That’s why they are offering an ANYTIME money back guarantee to help users try their services with the minimum amount of risks and worries.

To be more specific, with BlueHost and A2Hosting, users who are not completely satisfied can cancel their accounts and receive a full refund within the initial 30 days or a pro-rated refund after this period.

Frankly speaking, the money back guarantees of BlueHost and A2Hosting are much more competitive than that of many fellow hosts, making users’ hosting journeys really hassle-free.

cPanel control panel & 1-click installer

Managing a website or hosting account is usually not an easy job for most users over the web, especially those inexperienced beginners. In this case, A2Hosting includes an award-winning cPanel control panel within each of its hosting plans to make users’ lives easier.

Easy-to-use Control PanelBlueHost, on the other side, offers an enhanced cPanel that comes with some additional features, such as a billing account system, CPU throtting, and more. With this control panel, users can mange their domains, files, emails, and many more in a simplified manner.

In addition, both companies add a 1-click installer to their control panels, with which users can easily set up their websites with a variety of popular applications, such as WordPress, phpBB, Magento, and so on.

24x7x365 professional technical support

BlueHost and A2Hosting provide 100% US-based technical supports that are available 24x7x365 through various channels. Whenever you have come across some unexpected problems, you can submit a ticket, send an email, launch a live chat, or give a phone call to get connected with the responsive and professional support agents of the two companies.

Moreover, if you prefer to troubleshoot some simple issues on your own or share ideas with other customers, then, you can visit BlueHost and A2Hosting knowledge bases, blogs, and multiple social media platforms to get what you want with ease.

Terrific industry reputation

If a web host provides almost all the essential things at an affordable price and guarantees excellent server performance and responsive technical support, how could it not be welcomed by users worldwide?

As two popular web hosts, BlueHost and A2Hosting not only provide cost-effective hosting solutions but also keep pace with the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies to ensure users with an optimum hosting experience.

In this case, it is no wonder that they can maintain a terrific reputation in the whole community and enjoy a customer satisfaction rate that is up to 99%. You can check the following BlueHost customer review chart for evidence.

Differences Between BlueHost and A2Hosting

No two leaves are exactly the same in the world. This principle is valid here. Despite the common points analyzed above, BlueHost and A2Hosting differ in the aspects like hosting performance, allocation of server resources, and more. You can scroll down to check for more careful explanations as below.

BlueHost is slightly cheaper

Up to now, BlueHost has released three plans in total for shared hosting that are priced from $7.99/mo to $14.99/mo in regular cases. For new users around the world, the company offers an up to 63% one-time discount, cutting the plans’ starting prices to $2.95/mo only.

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When it comes to A2Hosting, the company also provides three hosting plans starting at $7.99/mo normally. it is now offering an up to 51% discount via an exclusive promotional link to hep users start building their online presence with a minimum budget of $3.92/mo.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

From the illustrations above, it is true that both BlueHost and A2Hosting shared hosting packages are more budget-friendly than that of many other competitors. However, the former company is slightly cheaper than the latter one, making it possible for users to save a pin a day and a grout a year.

BlueHost guarantees better uptime & faster speed

To grant users with an extremely reliable and blazing-fast hosting environment, both BlueHost and A2Hosting utilize three state-of-the-art data centers and adopt high-performance servers, a minimum of 300kVA UPS uninterrupted power, 24×7 network monitoring, and many other advanced facilities, measures, and technologies.

Under this circumstance, both of the two companies can achieve an extraordinary performance in hosting reliability, delivering an average of 99.99% and 100% uptime respectively in the last month. You can check the following BlueHost uptime chart for more detailed statistics.

Besides maintaining a slightly better uptime record, BlueHost also loads web pages faster than its opponent. As the following chart shows, it takes only 320ms on average for responding to a server request, up to 24% faster than A2Hosting 397ms.

A2Hosting provides richer server resources & freebies

As we’ve mentioned before, the two companies offer all the basic features that you may need to start a personal blog or build an extensive business site. A2Hosting, however, allocates relatively richer server resources than BlueHost.

To illustrate this point more explicitly, we have made a comparison between the most primary plans of BlueHost and A2Hosting, namely, Basic and Lite. Now, read the comparison table below to check their server resources in detail.

Server Resources BlueHost A2Hosting
Plan Selected Basic Lite
Website 1 1
Disk Space 50GB Unlimited
Monthly Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomain 25 5
Parked Domain 5 25
Email Address 5 25
Marketing Offers $50
Effective Price $2.95/mo $3.92/mo
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From the perspective of freebies, A2Hosting offers free marketing credits, site building tools, shared SSL certificate, CDN, and site migration services that are also available with BlueHost. However, it has gone a step further than the other company for providing users with the following exclusive free extras.

  • Free solid state drives (SSDs) for boosting your site’s performance
  • Free HackScan protection & Patchman enhanced security tool
  • Free iContact email marketing trial

Final Thought – Which One to Choose?

On the basis of this comprehensive BlueHost vs A2Hosting comparison, it is clear that both companies deserve the name of leading web hosting providers. Besides pricing their feature-rich hosting plans at less than $4/mo, they have also made constant efforts to support users’ online roads to success.

Therefore, we sincerely recommend both companies instead a third option for all-level users. If you put price and server performance as the first consideration, you can choose BlueHost, the one that ensures better uptime and faster loading speed. And if you desire to get more server resources and freebies, then, it’s better to sign up A2Hosting, the one that is right in the line with the requirements .