How to Change the Default Joomla Header Image

There are many people who want to change the default Joomla header image of their websites, but have no idea how to do this. In the following, we have come out a tutorial introducing three methods to achieve the modification, including the use of FTP, coding stuff and Joomla admin.

There might be many reasons as to why you want to replace the original header image. No matter what the reason is, you should firstly know the exact height and width of that picture, and modify your preferred one featuring the same size. Next, you can start the change using any of the following methods.

Change Header Image using FTP

This can be the most time-saving way. You only need to connect your website with a FTP client you are current using, and then, enter the directory of your default template. Generally, the path is “/templates/templatename/images/personal”.

Now, you can upload your new header image, and replace the old image with the new one.

Change Header Image using CSS Coding

The second method requires you to enter the CSS file of your current template. To do this, you can login to your Joomla administration and find the Template Manager button from the Extension tab. Then, choose your default template and click its name.

In the next page, you can find a lot of folders in the left-hand column. Click the “css” one and then choose the “personal.css” file.

Personal CSS File

From the lines of coding, you can find the “logoheader” part just as the image showed in the above. In the “background” line, you can find the URL of the old header image. Now, simply press the Control and Q letter in your keyboard to start the full-screen code editing. Here, you can replace the old image with the new one by entering the image URL.

Below the “css” folders, you can also find the “images” folder. Click it and go to the “personal” file. From the drop down, you can see a long list of images. Simply hit your header image name. Then, in the right hand of the screen, you can preview this image to get the exact size information.

Header Image Name

Change Header Image from Joomla Dashboard

The last method is best suitable for newbies who only bear the most basic computer knowledge. To start with, you need to enter your Module Manger from the Extension tab. Among all the modules installed on your current template, you can find one that is named as Image.

Image Module

In the next page, you can find a Custom Output. Click it from the navigation menu.

Custom Output

Now, in the same page, you can have your default header image displayed. Simply click it in the editor, and hit the Image button in below.

Image Button

Next, you are in the Media Manager of Joomla. If you have already uploaded your new header image, you only need to choose it and click the Insert button. If not, you have to scroll down to the bottom of this page for image uploading.

Insert Header Image

That’s it! Now, you can be brought to the editing page automatically, from where you can preview your new header image. If nothing is wrong, click the Save button to finish the modification.