How to Choose Hong Kong Web Hosting for Joomla Website?

Hong Kong web hosting has become the mainstream for people who want to start their business in Asian. To satisfy the needs of more customers, many Hong Kong web hosting providers launch multiple hosting solutions simultaneously. Among the large quantity of options, we find that Joomla hosting is increasingly popular with customers.

As one of the most popular content management systems in the industry, Joomla is commonly used by webmasters to create their websites. To make sure that Joomla site can be developed smoothly, you need to consider whether the web host is qualified to offer high performance service.

Here, we list the things to consider when choosing a Hong Kong web hosting for your Joomla website. This post mainly discusses the Joomla compatibility, pricing, access speed, reliability and customer support.

100% Joomla Compatibility

zhuji91 joomla web hostingA qualified Joomla web hosting should be 100% compatible with Joomla. Only in this case, the website can be run smoothly and stably. To judge whether a hosting provider is able to achieve 100% compatibility, you need to check the following features. Take the latest version Joomla 3.x as an example.

  • PHP (Magic Quotes GPC off) 5.3.10 +
  • MySQL 5.1 +, MSSQL 10 +, PostgreSQL 8.3+
  • Apache (with mod_musql, mod_zlib, and mod_xml) 2.x +
  • Hiawatha (with UrlToolkit support) 8.0+
  • Ngnix 1.0 +
  • Microsoft IIS 7 +

Based the minimal standards mentioned above, you can make a decision that whether the hosting company is able to meet those requirements. For some web hosts are not up to the notch, they cannot be brought into your scope.

Cost-effective Service

Compared with most American web hosting, Hong Kong Joomla hosting service is much cheaper because its target customers are mainly in Asia and the consumption level in Hong Kong is lower than most American regions. In general, Hong Kong hosting providers price their Joomla hosting around $4/mo with a long-term money back guarantee.

You can evaluate a hosting provider in the light of this pricing standard. However, some web hosts offer extremely low price to catch your eyes. Frankly, this kind of hosting package always includes various hidden fees. You may pay much more that the original price.

In addition to the affordable price, the hosting solutions should include as many features as you want, like the abundant disk space & bandwidth, multiple programming languages, user-friendly control panel, and some other needed functions.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee & Fast Loading Speed

zhuji91 uptimeThe local data centers have the extraordinary geographic advantage for Hong Kong is adjacent to many Asian areas, like China mainland, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. The websites hosted in those regions can get fast access speed. Visitors don’t need to take too much time to load your web pages. Thus, you’d better choose the hosting company that locates its data center in Hong Kong.

Besides, the data cater should be equipped with robust web servers and top-level configurations, making sure that the hosted websites are able to enjoy stunning speed and uptime.

Support Service

Most Hong Kong hosting providers only offer technical support in Chinese. For many people are coming from different countries out of Asia, they may not get the point that the support staffs mean. If you lack knowledge of Chinese, you need to choose a company that also provides English support.

In addition, the communication channel should be convenient enough to help you access to the support team smoothly. And also, you need to make sure that all the channels are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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