FatCow VS BlueHost for Hosting Joomla Sites

Born in 1998, FatCow is pursuing more simpler and customer-friendly web hosting service. While BlueHost was found in 2003 with one single goal – to make a better hosting company. So far, BlueHost has grown into one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based online solutions.


FatCow only has one plan for shared web hosting with the yearly price of $49, based on which you can have its monthly price at $4.08. But the regular price is $10.99/mo. FatCow is really giving a huge discount recently although the original rate is not affordable.

BlueHost provides three types of plans for your differentiated requirements: Basic, Plus and Prime. Following is a table about the company’s price.

Price Basic Plus Prime
Monthly $2.95 $3.95 $13.95

It needs to emphasize that that BlueHost normally provides those three plans at $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $14.99/mo respectively. Only through the promotional link below, you can purchase any solution at the discounted price.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Consider payment methods, both companies afford PayPal, credit card and checks. They also share some other similarities, for example, both companies don’t charge for any setup fees. FatCow provides 30 days money back guarantee while BlueHost can ensure customers anytime money back, by which you can take a glimpse of their company strength.

Comparing to FatCow, BlueHost is rather affordable because both their regular price and discount price (except for Prime which is much better than FatCow plan in feature and performance so that we will exclude it when comparing the two companies) are lower than FatCow plan. But still, we need to do more dig-ups before finally drawing a right conclusion. Because Plus solution is much close to FatCow plan by price, this review will focus on comparison between Plus solution and FatCow plan.



BlueHost shares a lot of information with FatCow. For example, they both support unlimited domains and sub domains and one free domain for the first year. Besides, they also support free Drag and Drop Site Builder, Joomla, WordPress and more. But there are still some differences between them. And we have listed those differences and some major features in the following table for your references.

Feature FatCow Plan BlueHost Plus
Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Override .htaccess No Yes
cPanel Yes Yes
MySQL Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Databases No Yes
Javascript Support No Yes
SSH Access No Yes
1-Click Script Installsl Yes Yes
SpamExperts No 1
CDN No Yes
Conclusion Not Recommended Recommended

Generally, BlueHost owns many shining points which FatCow cannot catch up with, for example they provide users more functions and latest programming languages to meet all kinds of need.


BlueHost promises 99.9% uptime while FatCow doesn’t give any uptime guarantee. In this case, customers cannot get any compensation from FatCow if their business is caught in trouble due to website downtime or the alike. According to statistics, BlueHost and FatCow have an overall uptime of 99.99% and 99.98% respectively in fact.

Although two companies have close uptime, when we compare their outages from Sept, 2005 to Jan, 2015, they have huge differences. FatCow had 24 outages in total with the longest duration time of 152 minutes. BlueHost had 16 outages with the longest duration time of 37 minutes. If we consider an outage with the duration time over 30 minutes serious, then FatCow had 6 serious outages while BlueHost only had serious outage once.

The chart below reflects the server response speed of the 2 companies in the past 30 days.

Customer Service

Both companies provide 24×7 technical support via hotline, live chat and email. Besides, you can also go to their knowledgebase or fill a support ticket if you need any help.

Recently, FatCow users are experiencing slow response via live chat. You may need to keep in queue waiting for a support person. In spite of their announcement about the waiting on the live chat page, it won’t solve any problems actually. They’d better add some personnel.

Besides, there are lots of complaints from real users claim that FatCow technical support seems nonexistent and it is a waste of time to reach those support staffs because they can barely solve any practical problem. Also, some users claim that Fatcow has outsourced its customer service, which has lowered its service quality.

On the contrary, generally speaking, customers think highly of BlueHost for its customer service being prompt and useful. BlueHost has a US-based support team with well-trained staffs, and they also perform faster response with useful solutions for customers’ tickets.


All in all, BlueHost has less outages, better features and more professional support team. Therefore, we can draw the conclusion that BlueHost has higher performance against cost. Obviously, BlueHost is worthy of recommendation.