FatCow VS InMotion Hosting – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

FatCow and InMotion Hosting are two sophisticated hosting companies. Both of them have rich experience in hosting and related products and services. InMotion Hosting is one of the most popular and reputable hosting providers in US especially for small and medium-sized business owners and e-commerce websites managers. While FatCow pays special attention to the environment protection, so it is the preferential decision of environmentalists.

In view of the fact that FatCow and InMotion Hosting have Joomla hosting, we decide to make this FatCow VS InMotion Hosting based on our comprehensive analysis about their shared hosting. For justice, we evaluate the two companies in many aspects including price, features, reliability and customer service.



InMotion Hosting releases many options for different customers. Among them, the Business Hosting includes three shared hosting plans – Launch, Power and Pro. The three hosting plans are rated at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $15.99/mo respectively. For now, the company offers discounted prices for all plans so customers can purchase them at relatively low prices: $3.49/mo for Launch, $4.49/mo for Power and $13.99/mo for Pro.

Frankly speaking, InMotion Hosting does provide quite affordable hosting solutions. With discounts, customers can save 56% of the budget at most. Another good news is that people have a 90-days full refund guarantee in hand.

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Compared with InMotion Hosting, FatCow has limited options. It only has one hosting plan on sale. The company claims that it cuts the original price to $49/yr. But when we dig into the billing terms, we find that this Original FatCow Plan charges for $10.99/mo if customers choose the monthly payment. Besides, if customers want to cancel monthly account, they have to pay extra $15 to keep the so-called “free” domain name.

Apparently, InMotion Hosting is more affordable. More importantly, InMotion Hosting has more options, which enables customers to upgrade their websites freely. Plus, it also has many relevant services like web design and SEO tools which can facilitate the smooth management of websites.



InMotion Hosting enhances all of its business hosting plans with many favorable features like free SSD drives, free domain, free data backups, free 1-click installer, Max Speed Zone, SSH access, Google apps integration and more. Besides, these optimal plans have many unlimited features, such as unlimited disk space, monthly transfer and SPAM safe email with IMAP. Other features customers may concern are listed as below:

  • Programming languages: PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python;
  • Databases: MySQL databases and PostgreSQL databases.

Although FatCow hosting also includes some basic and common features like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, POP mailboxes and FTP users. we still think it is limited because of the absence of some essential features like Ruby on Rails, Cron Jobs, Perl and SSH. In term of cost-effectiveness, FatCow is clearly not a qualified one. Besides, it has only $50 credits and a standard 30 days money-back guarantee, which is not attractive when compared with the 90 days money back guarantee and $275 credits of InMotion Hosting.



InMostion Hosting utilizes world-class data centers that are enhanced with robust facilities and excellent infrastructure. Also, with the support of the most advanced technologies, InMotion Hosting always exceed users’ expectation. The company attaches great importance to environmental protection, so it has invested a lot to build green data centers so as to reduce carbon footprint.

Like InMotion Hosting, FatCow also takes environment protection seriously, which to some degree helps it to create a favourable image and reputation. However, speaking of performance, FatCow is disappointing. Many customers reflect that it is slow and unstable.

Our monitoring group hosted several websites on the two companies and collected related statistics to make a comparison chart. As the speed chart below shows, FatCow is much slower than InMotion Hosting.

Hosting Reliability

As no one wants to visit a website that is always or frequently not available on the web, most of you may pay much attention to the reliability achieved by your hosting provider. For this aspect, InMotion Hosting really has done a great job.

We have hosted a sample site with them and have monitored the website running for a few months uninterruptedly. With the monitoring tool of Uptime Robot, we have found that InMotion Hosting succeeds in ensuring the 100% uptime in the past months.

Actually, in order to achieve this level of uptime record, InMotion Hosting has made the below efforts.

  • Their web servers are the DELL branded ones, which have been adjusted properly for the most efficient working. In addition, these server machines are all pre-configured with the SSD drives so as to better improve the hosting reliability and performance.
  • InMotion Hosting has two data centers in total, both of which ensure the effective and uninterrupted working of the server machines by utilizing the redundant power supply, 24/7 monitoring and the automatic climate control.
  • This web host provides you with the CDN service that is offered by CloudFlare. This advanced service will store your website files in multiple web servers. In this case, even if your server machine goes wrong, others can still work to respond the server requests made by your visitors. This can greatly ensure the satisfactory hosting reliability for you.

As for FatCow, this web host surely is a reliable hosting provider that has made some efforts to ensure the smooth website working for you. However, when comparing with InMotion Hosting, this web host is not that excellent for this aspect. According to the final statistics reported by Uptime Robot that concerns about the uptime achieved by them, we have found that this web host only achieves a 99.95% uptime during the past months.

Customer Service

customer service

Both FatCow and InMotion Hosting provide professional technical support. Customers can reach their help center via email/ticket, live chat and phone call. As experienced companies, they employ knowledgeable staffs to help clients to solve general and technical issues.

The only difference is that InMotion Hosting offers an extensive knowledge base, which includes a lot of website tutorials, email tutorials, domain name setup info and FAQs. While the knowledge base of FatCow only covers some general questions.

Conclusion – InMotion Hosting Is Better!

As a general view, InMotion Hosting has more advantages over FatCow, such as low price, rich features, high speed and stability, which are precisely the most important and influential factors when people choose suitable hosting solutions. Therefore, there are abundant reasons to believe that choosing InMotion Hosting is a wise decision.