How to Fix Joomla Error – Error Displaying the Error Page: Application Instantiation Error

“Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error” is a commonly seen Joomla database connection error which has troubled many webmasters. After conducting in-depth investigations on the problem, we are now here offering the best solutions.

There are many causes of the error. First of all, you have to make sure that a database has been set up properly for your Joomla site, and you have got the credentials for the database. Then, try the following solutions.

Check Joomla configuration.php File

The most possible reason for database connection errors is that there is something wrong with the configuration.php file. If the information included in the file does not match the database used for the Joomla site, Joomla is unable to establish a successfully connection to the database, which will finally result in an error message in the web browser.

The problems of the configuration.php file usually include:

  • Incorrect database name, username or password.
  • Incorrect database hostname.
  • Incorrect database type.
  • Incorrect database prefix.

To resolve the issue, you can refer to the following requirements and suggestions.

  • The database name, username and password must match the database that is configured to serve your Joomla site.
  • The hostname is usually “localhost”. If you are not very sure about this, you can ask your hosting provider for the correct answer. Some Joomla users have also fixed the problem by changing the db host to “”.
  • You may try changing the db type from “mysqli” to “mysql” if you find no other information is wrong. When you are actually using a MySQL database but the type in the configuration file is set to MySQLi, the error occurs.
  • If you have modified the database prefix for security reason, you will need to check whether the db prefix matches the new one.

Check Joomla configuration.php File

Fix Your Joomla Database

If there is no mistake in the configuration.php file, you may need to try to figure out whether the error is caused by the database corruption. In this case, you can do the following things.

Fix the database file from the backend. If you still have access to the Joomla control panel, log into your site and go to Extensions > Extension Manager. In the sidebar menu, click on “Database”, and then hit the “Fix” button on the upper left.

Fix Database File from Backend

Repair the database tables with PHPMyAdmin. If you cannot gain access to the backend of your Joomla site, you will need to make use of database management tools like PHPMyAdmin to fix the database. When you have entered the Joomla database and see a list of all available tables, scroll down and check the box before “Check All”, and then select “Repair table” from the drop-down options.

Repair Database with PHPMyAdmin

Contact the Hosting Provider

If now the issue persists, you will need to contact the support team of your hosting provider through either phone or live chat because the error may be the fault of the database server instead of yours. The server-side problem is out of your control especially when you are using shared hosting.

You can ask the support representative to do the following things for you.

  • Check the database server status. Sometimes the database server is down, which results in the Application Instantiation Error, but you have not noticed that. So you can ask the support representative to check whether the server is running normally. If the server is proved to be down, the support team will fix it.
  • Optimize the server configurations. It is not necessary, but you can request the support team to optimize and update the database server configurations, which may reduce the possibility of future database connection errors.