GreenGeeks vs A Small Orange – Green Web Hosting Comparison

At present, more and more webmasters care about the eco-friendliness when choosing the hosting solution. Thus, the green web hosting appears. These web hosts will try their best to alleviate the carbon footprint that leads to the bad effects to the overall environment. At present, GreenGeeks and A Small Orange are the widely known green hosting providers. Thus, we will compare their hosting solution in the following.

Note that this GreenGeeks vs A Small Orange comparison mainly discusses their hosting security, usability, affordability, features, performance and technical support. As tried personally, our editors love GreenGeeks more.

Rating GreenGeeks A Small Orange
Reputation 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Prices 5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star
Features 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Speed 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Technical Support 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
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GreenGeeks Highlights on Green Web Hosting

GreenGeeks has tens of years of experiences on the green hosting solution. By the year of 2020, the hosting industry may surpass the airline industry in the aspect of environmental pollution. In this case, GreenGeeks purchases the wind power credits, plants the trees, uses the green data centers and requires the recycling in the offices.

Besides, they also focus on the quality of their web hosting so as to ensure you the perfect hosting experience.

Affordable Hosting Price

GreenGeeks does not charge you at the high rate. Their regular price starts at $9.95/mo. However, with the release of this promotional link, you can get a 60% discount that cuts the price down to $3.95/mo only.

GreenGeeks Promotion Link Activation

When talking about A Small Orange, you’d like to ignore their Tiny plan, for this plan is too basic to host a personal blog site. As for the rest three plans, you need to pay starting at $5/mo, which is a little more than GreenGeeks.

Rich Server Resources

GreenGeeks is the unlimited hosting provider. This means you can get the unlimited allocation of email storage, monthly bandwidth and disk storage. Besides, there are a lot of useful features that can ensure you the perfect hosting experience.

  • Free domain name, website transfer service, website builders and templates
  • Free tools for marketing and search engine optimization
  • cPanel control panel & 1-click script installer
  • The elastic platform that makes things easy for resource upgrades

A Small Orange will restrict your usage on the server resources. Even if you choose the most costly Large plan, you can get the 30 GB of storage and 500 GB of bandwidth only. In addition, besides the free domain name, this web host does not provide any extra add-ons for free.

Features GreenGeeks A Small Orange
Plans Green Large
Bandwidth Unlimited 500 GB
Disk Space Unlimited 30 GB
Advertising Credits Yes No
cPanel Yes Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes
SEO & Marketing Tools Yes No
Elastic Platform Yes No
Promo Link Not Recommended

Secure Hosting Environment

Both of these two web hosts actually try their best to ensure the safe and secure hosting environment. For instance, they all include the shared SSL certificate and the SSH access into the packages. Also, the backup service is available on the daily basis.

Besides these, GreenGeeks also ensures the advanced security. Thus, your website can be secured against the potential or the current threats effectively. After all, this web host has the strict security rules and the 24/7/365 security monitoring.

Faster Hosting Performance

The web hosting offered by GreenGeeks is based on several advanced features, such as the built-in caching system, the CDN service, PHP 7, RAID 10 storage arrays and the solid state drives.

As tested, GreenGeeks can ensure the response time of each server request at around 375 ms.

Stable Website Online Running

GreenGeeks takes the cutting-edge technologies to power all your hosting need – the stable and smooth website running.

  • The data centers are coming with the 24/7 security system, file & water detection, automatic cooling, raised floors and the UPS power supply.
  • The network is routed using the Juniper and Cisco switches and the Juniper edge routers.
  • The servers are developed with the rock-solid parts, the SSD drives, the BGP4 connectivity and the Intel processors.

As monitored, their uptime record is around 99.98%.

Convenient Technical Support

GreenGeeks does a good job when concerning their live chat support. Most web hosts require you to provide your name and email or even require you to login before chatting with their support teams. GreenGeeks, however, showcases the chat box directly. From it, you can start the immediate online conversation with nothing required.

In addition, GreenGeeks also allows you to contact them by sending the emails, calling their phone number or opening the ticket. Note that their technical support is available 24/7.

A Small Orange is not that great. Their support service is not available when it comes to the phone support. Also, their live chat support requires the customer login.

A Small Orange Highlights on Green Web Hosting

Actually, we do not find any essential highlight of A Small Orange. If we have to say something, we have to admit that this web host achieves a great sense of worry free by ensuring the 90 days full refund and the anytime pro-rated money back.

GreenGeeks, however, only allows the 30 days refund.


Now, we can conclude that GreenGeeks ensures the better web hosting quality than A Small Orange when it comes to their green hosting. This web host provides you with the large discount to cut the hosting price down, and in the meanwhile, they ensure you the great hosting performance with the effective support service.