GreenGeeks VS BlueHost – Joomla Hosting Comparison

Having stayed in the industry for years, both GreenGeeks and BlueHost are reputable web hosting providers who are working on a variety of products like shared hosting, VPS, reseller, dedicated servers and specialized hosting.

As for Joomla hosting, both companies are doing well and have served a large number of customers so far. With the intention to help those who are weighing between them make a decision, we made the GreenGeeks vs BlueHost comparison to analyze the similarities and differences between the two web hosts.

Rating GreenGeeks BlueHost
Plan in Comparison Ecosite Starter Plus
Reputation 4.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Price 4.5 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Feature 4 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Performance 4 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Support 4.5 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
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Aspects That Both of Them Do Well

When it comes to affordability, features, reliability and technical support, both companies have done a good job. The detailed information is shown as follows.

Affordable Hosting Services

Both GreenGeeks and BlueHost offer affordable Joomla hosting packages. GreenGeeks hosting plans include Ecosite Starter, Ecosite Pro and Ecosite Premium, originally pricing at $4.65/mo, $6.95/mo and $16.95/mo. However, due to the exclusive promotional link below, the service effectively starts at $3.96/mo.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

BlueHost also has three choices for Joomla hosting, which are Basic, Plus and Prime. The regular price for each plan is $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $14.99/mo. Promotion is also available. By using the following special promotional link, you are able to get discounts which make the prices down to $2.95/mo effectively.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

In addition, both of them offer a 30-day money back guarantee, with which you are allowed to get all your money refunded if you cancel the account due to dissatisfaction with the service. Furthermore, they also support pro-rated refund after the guaranteed 30 days. All these make your purchase risk-free and worry-free to some extent.

Rich Hosting Features

GreenGeeks and BlueHost have many features in common. They are generous to allocate their hosting packages with rich resources, like unlimited disk space, bandwidth and hosted websites, a number of programming features like PHP and Perl, and many other specific features including web-based file manager, log file access and Custom Cronjobs, etc.

For more detailed information, view the following table.

Features GreenGeeks BlueHost
Plan in Comparison Ecosite Starter Plus
Databases Unlimited Unilimted
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited
POP3 & IMAP Support Yes Yes
MySQL & PostgreSQL Yes Yes
PHP5, Perl5 & Python Yes Yes
SSH & SSI Yes Yes
CGI-Bin & CGI Library Yes Yes
Javascript & DHTML Yes Yes
Perl, Python & Ruby Yes Yes
Override .htaccess Yes Yes
Original Price $4.95/mo $10.99/mo
Discount 20% off 64% off
Discounted Price $3.96/mo $3.95/mo
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation

Besides what are mentioned above, both of the two web hosts utilize the enhanced cPanel control panel which makes it easy to manage your websites, domains, files, emails and more.

Meanwhile, GreenGeeks provides Fantastico & Softaculous script installer while BlueHost offers SimpleScripts 1-click installs, or rather, both of them allow free installation for various applications including Joomla, making installing Joomla an easy thing.

Great Uptime

Both GreenGeeks and BlueHost provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee. To live up to their promises, they invest a lot. GreenGeeks uses multiple data centers located in Chicago, US, Phoenix, US, Toronto, CA, and Amsterdam, NL. These data centers are featured with dual-city grid power feeds, water detection, fire suppression, climate control systems and so on.

Meanwhile, 24×7 remote monitoring is executed by knowledgeable data center technicians and engineers. Therefore, any issue that occurs will be resolved as soon as possible to ensure stable and secure data center environment.

According to our monitoring, GreenGeeks keeps an average uptime of 99.98% in the last month. Below is the uptime report of this company.

BlueHost utilizes data centers that are not only furnished with UPS power and diesel generator backup power, but also equipped with dual quad processor performance servers and many robust facilities like air conditioning and fire protection. Besides, they offer 24×7 network monitoring as well.

According to our long-term monitoring results, BlueHost achieves an uptime more than 99.96% averagely. The following chart displays the uptime in the past 30 days.

Dependable Technical Support

Nowadays, not only the product itself that matters, but also the related customer service that counts. Because of this, many web hosting companies spare no efforts in improving the quality of technical support, so it is the same with GreenGeeks and BlueHost.

Both of the two companies provide 24×7 US based technical support by offering multiple channels, including email, live chat and toll-free telephone. They have employed a quality support team equipped with a number of knowledgeable, professional and friendly technical staffs.

In addition to online support, both web hosts maintain other helping resources like a knowledgebase that contains various helpful articles, and video tutorial sections with more intuitive explanation for some common Joomla related issues.

How GreenGeeks Edges over BlueHost?

We find GreenGeeks have advantages over BlueHost in terms of the following aspects.

  • Green hosting: As the name suggests, the company is a green hosting provider engaged in cutting down carbon footprint and reducing the impact on environment.
  • Free Joomla migration: The Joomla transfer service offered by GreenGeeks is completely free of charge, aiming to handle migration process for those who have possessed a Joomla site already. While BlueHost also provides such kind of service, it will charge you totally $149.99.
  • 1 free domain for life: Both companies provide a free domain name, however, the domain offered by GreenGeeks is valid for lifetime while that of BlueHost only applies to one year.

How BlueHost Edges over GreenGeeks?

Faster Speed

As for what the two companies have done to ensure great performance, there are things to explain.

  • GreenGeeks: The hosting provider uses servers featuring the most power-efficient Intel processors, minimum 64 GB DDR3 ECC-registered memory, BGP4 gigabit connectivity and SSD acceleration, etc. In addition, they also possess redundant network routers and switches purchased from Cisco and Juniper.
  • BlueHost: Besides utilizing blazing fast servers, BlueHost invests more than 20 million USD in its data centers, and offers many separate physical fiber lines, multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections and CloudFlare CDN service. All these make a great contribution to delivering a fast speed.

Based on our monitoring data, both GreenGeeks and BlueHost have a fast page loading speed. However, when compared thoroughly, the latter achieves a slightly better speed than the former does. For more detailed comparison, check the following chart which shows their server response time.

Extra Marketing Offers

BlueHost hosting packages come with beneficial marketing offers from Google and Bing to help grow your business. To be specific, there are totally $50 advertising credits included in the Basic plan, and $200 included in the other two advanced plans respectively.

GreenGeeks VS BlueHost – How to Choose?

From the comprehensive comparison between GreenGeeks and BlueHost, both companies are reliable Joomla hosting providers. They offer affordable hosting packages coming with rich features, as well as deliver great uptime and fast speed. More importantly, both of them do well in providing rock-solid technical support.

Given the above-mentioned facts, we think choosing either of them is OK. If you need more detailed tips, please refer to the following suggestions.

If the cases below are fit for you, you can follow this link to choose a hosting plan from GreenGeeks.

  • Care about eco-friendly hosting environment.
  • Have a Joomla site hosted somewhere else.
  • Need a domain name for whole lifetime.

However, if you value advertising credits or need more stable and high performance hosting, go for BlueHost using this link.