GreenGeeks VS InMotion Hosting on Joomla Hosting

This GreenGeeks vs InMotion Hosting comparison is conducted to help readers evaluate whether the two companies are offering quality Joomla hosting services and which one is better than the other. Based on our genuine hosting experience with these companies and webmasters’ feedback, we will reveal both the shared merits and respective advantages of the two companies in an objective way.

In the coming sections, we will firstly give a brief introduction to the companies’ backgrounds. Then, we thoroughly compare multiple aspects of GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting shared hosting services, such as the price, refund policy, feature, uptime, loading speed, technical support, and reputation, to help readers to choose the most suitable host.

GreenGeeks InMotion
Reputation rating 5 rating 5
Feature rating 5 rating 4.5
Performance rating 4.5 rating 5
Reliability rating 4.5 rating 5
Support rating 5 rating 5
Price rating 5 rating 5
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Brief Introduction to GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting

GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting are two frequently-heard names in the industry. With years of hosting experience, the two companies have earned themselves a good reputation for providing affordable hosting plans along with exceptional uptime, page loading speed, and technical support.

GreenGeeks is one of the most well-known green web hosts. Founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, California of the United States, this company is the only provider that claims to power its hosting services with 300% renewable energies. It has set foot in a variety of hosting services, including shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

InMotion Hosting, on the other side, is relatively more experienced than its rival. It has been in the industry since 2001. Over the past 15+ years, InMotion Hosting has gone all the way to become an indisputable leader of the Joomla hosting field. This company has reached a tremendous number of users on a global scale.

Common Merits of the Two Companies

By our real-time monitoring outcomes and verified users’ reviews, GreenGeeks and InMotion share the following merits that make them superior to other competitors.

Affordable hosting plans

In the hosting industry, it is easy for most web hosts to keep a keen eye on making money. However, those reputable companies, such as GreenGeeks and InMotion, are dedicated to offering affordable hosting plans that can benefit users in a real sense.

GreenGeeks provides three hosting plans, including Ecosite Starter, Ecosite Pro, and Ecosite Premium. It prices these plans from $4.95/mo to $16.95/mo in regular. With the exclusive promotional link for 20% discount, however, the prices of these plans are as low as $3.96/mo.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

As for InMotion Hosting, this company tailor-makes three hosting plans to cover the needs of hosting newbies, small business owners, and developers. It also releases a beneficial promotional link for users to access these plans – Launch, Power, and Pro at $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo, and $9.49/mo in respective, up to 56% off from the regular.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

100% Joomla compatible hosting environment

In the past years, both GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting have succeeded to ensure each user with a 100% Joomla compatible hosting environment. They keep up to date with the versions of PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Also, they set the PHP memory_limit at 512MB, which makes it possible to run complex tasks in a problem-free manner.

Besides, the two companies run PHP as suPHP to enhance the Joomla security. They also install Apache mod_rewrite to help users enable search engine friendly URLs and, therefore, enhance their overall Joomla hosting experience.

Easy to use control panel & 1-click installer

The management of the hosting account and the installation of PHP-based applications like Joomla usually require some technical know-how. Therefore, those who have little knowledge of programming, especially the newbies, may find it pretty hard to get their Joomla hosting journeys started.

Easy to UseIn this case, GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting include two powerful tools to help their users out, including a free cPanel control panel and a 1-click installer, with which users are able to gain the following benefits.

  • Enjoy one of the most intuitive control panel interfaces and distinctive icons in the field.
  • Manage almost every aspect of the website and account with ease, such as the domains, emails, databases, FTP accounts, and so on.
  • Install, configure, and Upgrade more than 310+ open source applications, including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and much more, in an effortless manner.
  • Integrate with multiple Google apps easily and promptly.

24x7x365 Available technical support

The technical supports of GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting are award-winning and available 24x7x365. Whenever users have any problems, the two companies’ well-trained and highly professional support experts will stand by the users’ side to provide assistance via the live chat, phone, email, ticket, and other communication channels.

Moreover, the two companies offer a knowledgebase section in their online support center. In the section, numerous well-formed guides, video tutorials, and other Joomla related materials are provided for users to get self-help solutions.

98% and above customer satisfaction rate

As two highly-acclaimed web hosts, both GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting have stood the severe tests of both users and the market. Also, they have earned themselves a good reputation and reached a high customer satisfaction rate in the Joomla hosting community.

Take InMotion Hosting as an example. As the data of the InMotion review on HostUCan shows, the company has received reviews from 1160 users, 98.8% of which are satisfied with its hosting services.

GreenGeeks Advantage Over InMotion – Richer Features

In general, the two companies are evenly matched in feature offerings. They set no limit on the disk space and monthly transfer available to each account. Also, they support multiple programming scripts, such as PHP, Perl, Python, etc. Besides, they provide several freebies that include free no-downtime site migration service, free nightly backup, and free marketing credits.

However, when compared in a more thorough way, GreenGeeks wins a little over its opponent for providing more server resources and other bonus features, such as free CloudFlare CDN, a free domain for life, etc. Check the following table for more details.

Feature GreenGeeks InMotion
Plan in Comparison Ecosite Starter Launch
Hosted Websites Unlimited 2
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited 25
Parked Domains Unlimited 6
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited 2
PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby Yes Yes
SSH Access Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Regular Price $4.95/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 20% off 56% off
Discounted Price $3.96/mo $3.49/mo
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation

As the above table shows, GreenGeeks includes its hosting plans with relatively richer features than InMotion Hosting at the similar pricing level. In this case, GreenGeeks hosting services, taken as a whole, are more cost-effective than the opponent.

InMotion Hosting Advantages Over GreenGeeks

With the deepening of this comparison, we have found that InMotion Hosting has outperformed its rival in the following two aspects.

Relatively better uptime & speed

Uptime and speed are of great importance to users around the world as well as those quality web hosts. GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting have taken the two aspects seriously and made constant efforts to ensure their users with an extremely reliable and fast hosting environment.

  • They both utilize multiple world-class data centers featuring redundant and green power supplies, advanced climate and humidity control, fire suppression systems, and more.
  • They use 100% Dell-branded servers with high specifications and performance.
  • They equip their network with multi-layer redundancy, robust facilities, dedicated 24×7 management, etc.

According to our monitoring results, both of the two companies have maintained an excellent service record. Displayed as below, InMotion Hosting has achieved 100% uptime in the past month, slightly better than GreenGeeks 99.98% uptime record.

When it comes to the hosting performance, InMotion Hosting also edges over GreenGeeks. As the following chart shows, InMotion Hosting takes an average of 237ms for answering to server requests, 69% faster than the industry-standard 400ms and 58% faster than GreenGeeks 375ms. To be frank, there are few web hosts can be mentioned in the same breath with InMotion Hosting from this point of review in the entire Joomla hosting field.

Besides the help of solid hosting infrastructures mentioned above, there are two highlighted technologies that grant InMotion Hosting the capability to deliver users’ website contents with the swiftest speed.

  • The company powers its servers with high-performance SSDs that massively outperform traditional hard drives on I/O transfer and boost page loading speed up to 20x faster.
  • It takes advantage of the exclusive Max Zone technology, enabling users to choose their data center locations for up to 6x faster email and website hosting speed.

Longer money back guarantee

GreenGeeks provides a 30-day money back guarantee for users to ask for refunds if they are not satisfied with the company’s hosting services. From this perspective, InMotion Hosting has done a better job. It lengthens the money back guarantee to 90 days. Besides, it issues a pro-rated refund for unused services, aiming to minimize the risks and worries that users may confront with after their purchases.

Summary – Which One Is a Better Choice for Joomla Hosting?

Which company is a better choice for Joomla hosting? Our answer is “it depends”. From this comprehensive GreenGeeks vs InMotion Hosting comparison, the two companies definitely deserve the name of quality web hosts.

They provide affordable hosting plans, easy-to-use control panel, and other beneficial features. Also, they guarantee a reliable and fast Joomla hosting environment along with responsive technical care.

As a result, we recommend both companies for Joomla hosting. And if you desire to gain relatively more hosting features at the same pricing level, we suggest you sign up GreenGeeks. If you put hosting reliability as well as performance in the first place of the consideration, it is more suitable to pick a plan from InMotion Hosting.