HostGator vs 000WebHost – Cheap and Free Hosting Comparison

HostGator and 000WebHost may be selected from available web hosts on the market. There is no surprise to find that the two web hosts are on your shopping list, because both of them are budget options. What’s more impressive is that 000WebHost offers free hosting service. The HostGator vs 000WebHost comparison helps you distinguish one from the other.

As a matter of fact, which one is better option should be up to your need. In the following, we will have a detailed comparison on the core aspects. But we would like to give you an overall impression at the beginning.

Rating HostGator 000WebHost
Price 5 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Feature 5 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Speed 4.5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Support 4.5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
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With the goal to acquire the knowledge of running a website, 000WebHost is a good start. In the long run, however, HostGator is recommended to be your hosting provider.

HostGator vs 000WebHost on Plans

000WebHost is good for those who are looking for a free web host. Certainly, there are limited resources inside the free web hosting package. In this section, we focus on the cost-effectiveness for their shared hosting.

With either HostGator or 000WebHost, you are given 3 options to choose a hosting solution. After careful consideration, we select Haltching from HostGator and Premium Hosting from 000WebHost due to the similar prices. For the 3-year payment, HostGator turns the prices down to $3.82/mo with the release of a coupon code HG45PERCENT. And 000WebHost prices the plans from $3.84/mo but does not show the renewal prices clearly.

Pricing Information HostGator 000WebHost
Plan in Review Hatchling Premium Hosting
Renewal Price $6.95/mo Unknown
1-Month Price $6.02/mo
3-Month Price $8.84/mo
6-Month Price $6.84/mo
12-Month Price $4.92/mo $5.84/mo
24-Month Price $4.37/mo $4.84/mo
36-Month Price $3.82/mo $3.84/mo
48-Month Price $3.49/mo
Conclusion Code HG45PERCENT Not Recommended

To check their cost-effectiveness, we take a close look at the feature offerings. The good news is that both web hosts give you enough room to grow your website with the release of the unlimited package. And you can better control hosting account through the cPanel intuitive interface. More common features can be found from the below table.

However, there are some differences lying between the two plans. 000WebHost gives a 1 free domain name with the annual plan. HostGator comes with $200 ad credits and a 45-day refund policy.

Feature Information HostGator 000WebHost
Plan in Review Hatchling Premium Hosting
Free Domain 0 1
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Websites Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
PHP Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Backups Yes Yes
Full Money Back 45 Days 30 Days
Ad Credits $200 No
Renewal Price $6.95/mo Unknown
Special Price $3.82/mo $3.49/mo
How to Claim Code HG45PERCENT

HostGator vs 000WebHost on Uptime

HostGator and 000WebHost make different uptime commitments to the public. Unlike HostGator who claims to deliver 99.9% uptime, 000WebHost lacks the confidence with the promise of 99% uptime. Since statistics speak louder than words, our editors can reveal the fact with a monitoring tool.

It is fact that both web hosts can cover their words, but we have to mention the importance of a reliable hosting provider. 000WebHost will make their hosted websites encounter constant downtimes and express a huge loss in customer traffic. Thus we have no hesitation in showing our appreciation for HostGator. In fact, this web host has strong competitiveness on hosting reliability even in the industry.

HostGator vs 000WebHost on Speed

Speed also plays a critical role on the judgement of a web host. In this respect, we mainly dig into the details on the page load speed which is closely related with SEO rankings and using experience. The statistics we get from the monitoring tool speak the overwhelming speed advantage HostGator has over 000WebHost.

During our monitoring, HostGator has good speed records. In the past 30 day, HostGator is able to deliver as short as 338ms on average. This means their hosted websites take less than 4 seconds for the navigation.

HostGator vs 000WebHost on Support

A solid support team can prevent issues from becoming more and more serious. If you choose free hosting solution from 000WebHost, you cannot hold high expectations for the high support quality.

As for the paid option, both web hosts take customers seriously. On one hand, both web hosts include rich online resources to the knowledge base, forums, or blog. On the other hand, their support team is available through the real-time communication channels like live chat and call system.

If there is the need to tell the winner, we would like to say that we are more satisfied with the HostGator support service. Also, HostGator users show their positive attitude towards the support quality.


To sum up, HostGator is undoubtedly the winner especially if you take uptime and speed into consideration. With HostGator, you can also rely on the 45-day refund policy and the solid support team.