HostGator VS A Small Orange – Which One Offers Better Joomla Hosting

Nowadays, with the fierce competition in hosting industry, choosing a suitable hosting company to host websites at a great price is a hard task for many webmasters. Many hosting providers claim that they offer the most cost-effective and helpful hosting solutions. But we still firmly believe that only real experience and thorough excavating to these companies can help select the right web host.

In this HostGator VS A Small Orange, we compare their pros and cons from different aspects like pricing, features, performance and technical support, focusing on their Linux-based shared hosting plans. We promise that we make this comparison as objective and accurate as we can.


The two companies have over one decade experience of hosting and provide a variety of hosting products and services. HostGator is one of the most stable, fast, secure and praiseworthy hosting company in U.S. It gains high reputation by providing affordable and professional hosting services.

While A Small Orange is not a mainstream company though it has supplied hosting products since 2003. It was brought by EIG in 2012, but till now, it is still a separate company in operation. For many webmasters, A Small Orange is a strange name in hosting field because the company does not get fame by providing hosting service.



To fit every customer’s needs, HostGator provides three shared hosting packages, including the Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan, which are equipped with different features and services. The three packages are charged for $6.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $14.95/mo.

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Besides, HostGator promises a 45 days money back guarantee, which enables clients’ cooperation worry-free and risk-free.

As for A Small Orange, it has four shared hosting plans – Tiny, Small, Medium and Large, which are rated at $35/yr, $5/mo, $10/mo and $20/mo respectively. Though it seems that A Small Orange offers a full range of options for shared hosting demanders, it is quite limited even if the Large plan. Though it provides two months free hosting for annual hosting plan, its pricing level is high in the industry.

A Small Orange promises a 90 days money back guarantee, which is rare in the industry. But the question is that only first-time accounts are eligible for its refund. Besides, the guarantee is available for credit card users only, and it is not that easy to get a refund even within the initial 90 days because A Small Orange adds many restrictions on the guarantee, which enforces customers to jump through all the hoops before getting money back.



Apparently, HostGator does much better in the supplying of features for all shared hosting. All of its plans come with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificate and other more favorable features while A Small Orange equips all shared hosting plans with limited storage and limited bandwidth.

To be fair, we list some significant features that all webmasters pay special attention as follows:
Features table(disk space, monthly bandwidth, domains, SSL certificate, credit, free instant setup, FTP accounts, sub domains, MySQL databases, control panel, Curl, Fast CGI, Price, How to claim)

Company HostGator A Small Orange
Plan Hatchling Small
Disk Space Unlimited 1GB
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited 20GB
Domains Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificate Yes N/A
Free Instant Setup Yes No
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Curl Yes No

It is worth noting that A Small Orange shared and reseller packages have many limitations that you may ignore, and we present some of them in below.

  • 5% Memory Usage (or 512 MB)
  • 10% CPU Usage
  • 15 Minute Max Execution Time
  • 100,000 Total Inodes
  • 50 Running Processes
  • 500 outgoing email messages per 60-minute period



As is often the case with web hosts, the two companies provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. HostGator utilizes state-of-the-art data center as well as robust power, safety, security and cooling system. According to the test result from our monitoring team, we think that HostGator does offer satisfactory performance both in speed and uptime. Below performance charts are based on our actual statistics from recent tests on HostGator.

Talking about facilities of A Small Orange, we can hardly find information about that. The company only presents a small section to say that it has data center, and related information is quite vague. So we cannot figure out how many it has, and where its data center is located. We collect many user comments on the internet, and find that they are disappointed about its performance. Some complain that they encounter frequent downtimes and what’s worse, its response time is usually beyond 800ms.

Technical Support


HostGator provides 24/7 toll-free phone call, live chat and email support. With a large group of professional and passionate staffs, its technical support gains high reputation in the industry. Plus, it offers knowledgebase and tutorials that enable clients to fix problems independently.

As for A Small Orange, its customer service provokes many complaints. Its CEO Douglas Hanna has said in an interview that many technical support team members work remotely. And we guess that it is all staffs who do not work in the same place. The company only offers 24/7/365 email support, while its live chat is available only on weekdays, and it provides no phone call support for basic plans.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the inquiries via phone or live chat are limited to general questions, which means that clients have to seek help via email if there is something wrong with accounts and servers.

Conclusion – HostGator Is Much Better Than A Small Orange

From our thorough and comprehensive analysis and comparison of the two companies, we believe that it is clear enough that HostGator does better in every aspect when compared with A Small Orange. For the affordable pricing, award-winning technical support, excellent performance in stability and speed as well as reliable image, we strongly recommend you to choose HostGator.