HostGator vs eHost – Cheap Hosting Comparison

Looking for the budget-friendly hosting providers to host your personal blog site? HostGator and eHost are highly recommended. These two hosting providers set their hosting charges at a low level, and in the meanwhile, maintain the quality of their hosting service. This time, we’d like to carry out a HostGator vs eHost comparison, which aims at helping you choose between them easily and quickly.

HostGator starts the hosting business since the year of 2002. They are dedicated to offering the truly cost-effective blog hosting. With years of efforts, they now have over 500 employees to support hundreds of thousands of customers. eHost was founded in 1996 and their main point is the affordability of their service.

Rating HostGator eHost
Overall 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Charges 4 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Allocation 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Performance 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Reliability 5 of 5 Star 2 of 5 Star
Technical Support 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
HostGator Review eHost Review

eHost Highlights of Their Cheap Hosting

eHost is the truly budget-friendly hosting provider. They only have an all-in-one plan that is priced at $5.5/mo regularly. At present, this web host even launches a 50% discount. Thus, you only need to spend $2.75/mo to get their hosting.

HostGator surely offers the affordable hosting solution. But compared with eHost, they charge a little bit more. This web host releases three hosting plans that normally charge you starting at $4.76/mo. Now, there is a special promotional link available that can activate the HG45PERCENT coupon code. This way, you can enjoy a 45% discount that cuts the price down to $3.82/mo effectively.

HostGator Promotion Link Activation

HostGator Highlights of Their Cheap Hosting

As the global leading hosting company, HostGator pushes for the latest advanced technologies to ensure the best quality hosting service. In the following, we have listed their key highlights that are much better than eHost.

The Rich Hosting Packages and Hosting Freedom

It is possible that people have different hosting requirements and budgets. In this case, HostGator releases three plans while eHost only allows you to choose their single package.

In addition, we have carefully reviewed their plan features and have found that HostGator is the truly rich-featured hosting provider. With them, you can get the unlimited allocation of key features, including the server resources and email features. In addition, for the easy website building and managing, you can get the cPanel, the script installer and the website builder. For the hosting security, HostGator provides the SSL certificate and SSH, ensures the daily backup and configures the servers with the firewall. Even, for the geek features, this web host offers PHP, Perl, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Python and many more.

Actually, eHost also includes almost all the necessary features into their unlimited all-in-one hosting plan. Even, they provide 1 GB of free cloud storage and $100 ad credits. However, they still fall behind HostGator when it comes to their free extras. You can get the clear view from the following chart.

Features HostGator eHost
Unlimited Hosting Yes Yes
cPanel Yes Yes
Ruby/Perl/Python Yes Yes
Advertising Credits $200 $100
SSD Yes Yes
Free Templates 4,500 1,000
Image Library Yes No
Promo Link Not Recommended

The Easy Website Building

HostGator provides their exclusive HostGator Website Builder. From it, you can get more than $100 responsive and mobile-friendly themes and a great image library. In addition, there are hundreds of powerful scripts you can use to set up any kind of website. The 1-click installer helps you install any of them easily.

The Excellent Technical Support Service

HostGator allows you to contact their technical support by calling the hotline number, opening the ticket, sending the email and starting the online conversation. The support is available all the times so you can get help no matter when you need.

In addition, from their Support Portal, you can find a lot of useful tutorials. Even their Forums section contains some effective troubleshooting to deal with some special issues.

eHost also allows multiple support channels that are available all the times. However, while we have tried the technical support of both HostGator and eHost, we can conclude that the service offered by HostGator is of the better efficiency.

The Fast and Reliable Hosting

HostGator has partnered with a lot of famous hardware providers, such as Supermicro, Juniper, Level 3, Cisco, Brocade and many more to ensure the high quality of their servers. Also, the tight connection achieves the low latency and the maximum bandwidth capacity.

As for the data centers, HostGator has two options – CyrusOne and Ace. The former one is located in Houston, TX and the latter one is located in Provo, UT. Both of them are well-equipped with the UPS battery backup, HVAC, diesel fuel tanks, Detroit diesel generators, redundant CRAH units, N+1 redundant chillers, monitoring system and many more.

With these advanced technologies, HostGator ensures the great hosting performance for our sample website. As tested, our website is 99.99% online and the average time for the server response is 338 ms only.

We fail to find the detailed information for eHost data centers and server specifications. Also, according to our testing results, eHost fails to perform well just like HostGator.


It is clear that HostGator ensures the better hosting quality than eHost, especially for the aspects of technical support, hosting speed, reliability and features. In addition, with the 45% promotional campaign, their service is truly affordable, Even, there is a 45-day money back policy available.