HostGator VS InMotion – Which Provides Affordable Joomla Hosting Service?

As more and more people think highly of HostGator and InMotion Joomla hosting services, we make a comprehensive comparison between those two companies to help readers make a choice easily. This review is mainly on the basis of their pricing, features, performance and technical support.

HostGator is one of the largest hosting providers in the world, founded in 2002. With more than 10 years hosting experience, this company has grown up as a professional web host offering the top-level hosting solutions. More than 400,000 customers develop their websites with HostGator and over 95% of them highly value this company.

InMotion Hosting is also an experienced hosting provider having been in this field over 10 years. It aims at offering various premium hosting packages including Joomla hosting. This company has won a large popularity among its customers because of its cost-effective services.

HostGator InMotion
Feature rating 5 rating 4.5
Price rating 4.5 rating 4
Speed rating 4.5 rating 5
Uptime rating 4.5 rating 4.5
Support rating 5 rating 5
Overall rating 4.5 rating 4.5

Pricing & Promotion

HostGator has launched 3 Joomla hosting plans including Hatchling, Baby and Business, all of which are priced quite low. Respectively, this company prices those 3 solutions at $6.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $14.95/mo regularly. However, to cut down the rate and enable more customers to purchase the service, HostGator offers a 45% discount via the coupon code SHARED3660 after signing up via this promotional link, with which the service is starting at $2.75/mo.

InMotion has 3 Joomla hosting packages, named as Launch, Power and Pro, originally priced at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $15.99/mo. With the 57% discount via this exclusive promotion link, customers can enjoy the outstanding Joomla hosting solutions at $2.95/mo, $4.49/mo and $7.49/mo respectively. These prices are all attractive and affordable.

Refund Policy & Payment Method

HostGator customers are backed up by 45 days money back guarantee, which allows them to cancel the service and get a refund within the first 45 days. For InMotion, it provides 90 days refund policy to make the service worry-free and risk-free.

Both companies allow people to purchase their Joomla hosting solutions via credit card. The difference is that HostGator also offers PayPal payment method while InMotion enables webmasters to finish the payment with check.

100% Joomla Compatibility

HostGator and InMotion Hosting both have integrated 1-click popular apps installation, so that customers can easily install Joomla app on their hosting account and get started quickly. What’s more, InMotion Hosting offers suPHP security and free SSD drives, with multiple scripts available, so that customers have a reliable code-ready environment for their Joomla website or applications.

Features – Both Offer Rich Features

Common Points

good performanceHostGator and InMotion provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and both of them guarantee to allocate the maximum resources to customers. The highlight of them is that they both utilize cPanel, the most powerful and flexible control panel in the industry. They both support multiple programming languages including PHP5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, CGI, fast CGI, SSI, etc. Even better, InMotion Hosting can offers recent PHP versions like PHP 7.


The MySQL databases, sub-domains, FTP accounts and email accounts are all available to HostGator customers without limitation. Besides, this company also provides 4,500 free website templates and 52 free scripts to help webmasters build an attractive and functional site.

InMotion offers at least $275 free advertising credits, over 310 free applications and premium website builder. The hosting service includes one “WYSIWYG” web builder, perfectly compatible with Adobe Dream Weaver, Microsoft Front Page and iWeb, which helps people build their sites without the need of too much professional hosting knowledge. Besides, free SSL certificate is offered to help customers run their eCommerce site based on Joomla better.

Network Reliability & Speed

HostGator locates its data centers in Houston, TX and Provo, equipped with UPS battery backup units, power distribution units, Detroit Diesel generators and diesel fuel tanks. By featuring those advanced technologies, HostGator customers can enjoy at least 99.9% uptime.

InMotion utilizes the business-class hardware to power its data centers, making sure 99.9% uptime on each hosted website. Besides, it also utilizes the enterprise quality DELL servers with RAIDed fault tolerant 15k SAS, redundant switches & routers and cooling equipment.

Take InMotion as an example, we display the uptime record statistic in the following chart.

In addition to the achievement on uptime, both companies also do well on the hosting speed by utilizing the high performance servers. Based on our rigorous monitoring in the past 30 days, HostGator consumes 338ms server response time on average while InMotion consumes 237ms averagely. Check the detailed information as below.

Technical Support – Thoughtful Customer Service

HostGator allows all Joomla customers to contact its support staffs via phone, email and live chat, all of which are free to people and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support portal includes those 3 communication channels and many other support services, like Account Addons, Forums and Video Tutorials.
InMotion offers outstanding 24/7/365 US-based support. This web host has its own in-house support staffs with rich hosting experience. Customers can get a valid solution via toll-free phone, email and live chat.

Summary – Both Companies Are Worth Choosing

All the webmasters wish to develop their websites with an excellent hosting provider, coming with rich-featured, fast and reliable hosting service. According to this in-depth comparison, we find that both companies do a good performance to meet the needs of those webmasters. However, for some people are looking for faster network, InMotion Hosting is a better option.