HostMonster vs WebHostingPad on Blog Hosting Solution

Both HostMonster and WebHostingPad provide the quality blog hosting solution for a large number of online users. HostMonster was established in 1996. With years of history, this hosting provider succeeds in helping thousands of bloggers start the online presence easily. WebHostingPad is younger than HostMonster that was founded in 2005. They mainly aim at offering the best value in the web hosting industry. Now, we have made a HostMonster vs WebHostingPad comparison. Based on the comparing results, you can choose between them easily.

Rating HostMonster WebHostingPad
Reputation 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Prices 4.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Features 5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star
Speed 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Technical Support 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
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HostMonster vs WebHostingPad – Affordable Price

No matter you sign up with HostMonster or WebHostingPad, you do not need to speed too much. Both of these two hosting providers set the budget-friendly hosting charges.

HostMonster Blog Hosting

HostMonster releases three blog hosting plans. Normally, you will be charged from $9.49 to $14.99 for each month. However, this web host now releases a special promotional link that enables a 59% discount. This way, you can get their blog hosting starting at $3.95/mo effectively.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

WebHostingPad Blog Hosting

This hosting provider only provides two plans. With their default promotional campaign, the hosting charge is as low as $1.99/mo only. However, we have to mention that this cheap price is only valid for those signing up with the 4-year or the 5-year billing cycle.

If you prefer the annual billing, you should pay at least $3.99/mo. In addition, the monthly billing is not allowed.

HostMonster vs WebHostingPad – What Are Their Differences

We have personally tried their blog hosting. Based on our real experiences, we have concluded the following differences of these two hosting providers.

Hosting Features – HostMonster Provides More Extras

In fact, while checking their features, we have found that both of these two web hosts include all the necessary features into their packages.

  • The unlimited server space, bandwidth, FTP accounts, email accounts and many more.
  • The free domain name, free website builder and the free shared SSL certificate.
  • The cPanel control panel and application installer.
  • The 100% compatibility with hundreds of scripts and the full e-commerce support.
  • The backup service for the entire website.
  • The geek features of SSH, Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails and many more.
  • The money back guarantee that is valid for the first 30 days.

Moreover, HostMonster also provides a lot of free extras based on the plans you pick.

  • No matter which HostMonster plan you choose, you can get $100 Google AdWords credits and $100 Bing ads credits.
  • If you sign up with the Plus plan, you can get another $150 marketing offers and over $24 extras per year. In addition, the SpamExperts is available.
  • If you choose the Prime plan, you can get $200 marketing credits and over $80 extras per year. Besides, you can enjoy the spam prevention from the Spam Experts, the privacy protection from the domain privacy and the backup protection from the SiteBackup Pro for free.
Features HostMonster WebHostingPad
Unlimited Hosting Yes Yes
Free Domain Name Yes Yes
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
MOJO Themes & Plugins Yes No
Google AdWords $100 No
Bing & Yahoo $100 No
SiteBackup Pro Prime Plan No
SpamExperts Plus & Prime Plans No
Domain Privacy Prime Plan No
Promo Link Not Recommended

Technical Support – HostMonster Does Better

In fact, both HostMonster and WebHostingPad stick to the principle that customers come first. In this case, their system of technical support is comprehensive. In addition to the all-time-rounded availability, the support methods are also various. For instance, you can start the instant live chat, send the email messages, open a ticket or give them a free call. However, after experiencing their technical support, we can conclude that HostMonster is better than WebHostingPad in the following aspects.

  • No matter you want to ask a general question or deal with a complicated issue, you can choose any support method you want.
  • The holding time of the phone and the waiting time of the live chat are in seconds.
  • The waiting time for the reply from the emails and tickets is within 15 minutes in general.
  • They have an informative knowledge base, from which you can find a lot of useful articles and videos.

Hosting Reliability – HostMonster Wins A Lot

We have started the real-world monitoring to figure out which of them is the more reliable hosting provider. As a result, HostMonster surely wins the game, ensuring the 99.98% uptime on average. After all, this web host hosts all the websites using the DELL servers that come with the dual quad processors. In addition, these server machines are housed at multiple data centers. With the UPS power backup and the diesel generator, these data centers can ensure the uninterrupted server working. In addition, for the better efficiency, the 24/7 server monitoring and climate control are ensured.

WebHostingPad, however, fails to do a good job when concerning their reliability. The average uptime record is 99.47% only. During the testing period, there is a serious downtime that lasts for around 13 hours.

Hosting Performance – HostMonster Is Faster

HostMonster focuses a lot on the hosting performance. They update and adjust their web servers constantly for the better running. In addition, they replace the commonly used HDD drives with the SSD drives to improve the hosting speed greatly. To deal with the traffic spikes, the guaranteed server resources for each website are also promised. As tested, HostMonster achieves the much faster server response speed than WebHostingPad.


According to this comparison, both of them ensure the budget-friendly blog hosting. However, when it comes to the rich features, fast hosting speed, great uptime record and the helpful technical support, HostMonster surely is the better option.