How to Backup Joomla Manually for Better Site Security

How to Backup Joomla Manually for Better Site Security

To make a backup of Joomla manually is a little bit difficult for newbies and non-technical people. In this case, we have made out the detailed steps and suggestions on how to make a good backup of the current Joomla site by hand.

Besides, there are many useful plugins and backing-up tools available on the market to eliminate some miscellaneous processes in creating a backup of Joomla and we will also talk about some of them in the following parts.

How to Backup Joomla Manually

It is highly recommended to make a copy of your Joomla site as frequently as possible to protect the site from malfunction and unpredictable collapse. In short, there are a total of two parts that you need to backup during the whole backing-up process, which include all Joomla database and files. In this section, we would like to take Joomla 3 as example to show how to create one local copy of the current Joomla 3 site’s files and database.

Make a Copy of Joomla Files

Usually, you can make use of one FTP client to complete transferring all Joomla folders and files from server to the local hard drive. However, as Joomla contains over 3000 core folders and files, not to mention the added videos, photos and extensions, it may take you a considerable amount of time to transfer files through FTP. Thus, you’d better compress your needed files into a ZIP file by using the File Manager option in cPanel.

backup joomla file manager

In details, you need to go into the public_html folder and place a correspondent check in the displayed checkboxes. After that, make a click on the Compress button and you will notice a new file, which includes all of your selected files and folders, has been successfully created. Till this step, you are able to download the new file via an FTP client or traditional web browser to the hard drive.

backup joomla compress button

Make a Copy of Joomla Database

To backup Joomla database is also simple and easy and it can be accomplished through SSH console or the popular phpMyAdmin tool in cPanel. Whichever method you decide to use, it is required to know the database name, password and username for Joomla MySQL database. To know it, you can go to the configuration.php file which is in one of Joomla root directories and enter the following commands. Having done that, you can choose either of the following ways to complete the whole backup.

backup joomla mysql commands

In terms of using SSH to create a copy of Joomla database, you need to get access to your account and enter into the Joomla website folder firstly. Likewise, you can make use of the mysql_dump command as follows and the given information from the mentioned configuration.php file to make a local copy of database. At length, go into the and download the created backup of the database to the local computer.

backup joomla mysql dump

In regards to using phpMyAdmin tool to backup Joomla database, you are required to log into the cPanel user interface and select the phpMyAdmin icon in the Databases area. Then, choose the database that you intend to back up in the phpmyMyAdmin’s left menu. Next, make a check in the correspondent boxes and make a press on the Export button.

backup joomla export button

Finally, make a click on the button of Go, and then if everything goes right a copy of the current Joomla database will be generated.

backup joomla go button

According to our tips and tutorials above, it is not difficult at all to back up Joomla site manually. Besides, compared with hands-on backup, the automated Joomla backup is much easier and more time-saving. In this place, we would like to introduce you three optimal and powerful backup plugins and tools which are entrusted by many netizens and called as Akeeba, Easy Joomla and XCloner Backup. To make things straightforward and practical, we would take the Akeeba Backup plugin as example to show how to use it to back up your Joomla.

Make a Copy of Joomla by Using Akeeba Backup

Generally speaking, to back up Joomla by using the Akeeba Backup tool requires three steps. Firstly, you should download this plugin from its official site and install it on the server. In details, log into the admin panel to enter the folder of Extension Manager under the Extensions section and click on the button of Choose File to select the downloaded .zip file. Then, make a hit on the button of Upload & Install and it takes some time to complete the installation.

backup joomla extension manager

Secondly, you should go to the folder of Akeeba Backup under the Components section to start with your backup of Joomla. Next, click the orange button of Accept the mandatory information and these preferences and then hit on the Backup Now option on the main page of the Akeeba. Do not close the browser window and wait for the whole backup process to complete.

backup joomla akeeba backup

Lastly, if nothing goes wrong, you will be transferred to a new page and don’t forget to choose the Manage Backups option to select the created backup files to download. In details, you need to choose the Download option placed on the right side of the web page. Till this step, you have already finished your Joomla website’s backup successfully.

backup joomla manage backups