How to Display Featured Articles on a Page of Your Joomla 3 Website

If you want to create a blog section on your Joomla site, you will need to feature some good articles and display them on the landing page. This tutorial shows how to make, show and manage featured articles on a Joomla 3 website.

Feature a Joomla 3 Article

Making an article featured is easy. Firstly, you need to log into the Joomla admin dashboard, and access the top menu Content > Article Manager. Now you can see a list of all articles that have been created.

Article Manager

If you are careful enough, you must have noticed the hollow star in the Status column placed before the article titles. To mark an article as featured, you only need to click on the hollow star. When the star turns orange, it means that the article is already “featured”.

Feature a Joomla 3 Article

Display Featured Articles on a Page

Featured articles are showed on the homepage by default. If you want to display them on another specific page to match the design better or to separate different content sections completely, you will need to create a menu item by following the steps below.

In the top menu of the Joomla control panel, navigate to Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item.

Main Menu - Add New Menu Item

On the new page, you should accomplish the following tasks to make a new menu item.

  • Fill in the menu title. It can be anything you like.
  • Next to the “Menu Item Type”, hit the “Select” button, expand “Articles”, and then click on “Featured Articles”.
  • Menu Item Type

  • Configure the template option, menu locations and any other options if there is a need.
  • Click on the green “Save” button on the upper left of the page.

Create a New Menu Item for Featured Articles

Now visiting your site, you can find a new menu item is added to the main menu of your site.

Menu Item for Featured Articles

Clicking into the menu item, you will see that all the featured articles are displayed randomly with a default style. Of course, you can make your own customizations.

Featured Articles

Customize the Display of Featured Articles

By default, Joomla 3 shows the latest featured article in full width, followed by the next four articles displayed in two columns. The article on the top is called the Leading Article, and the ones in the columns are Intro Articles. If you have even more featured articles, they will be listed in the format of links below the first five articles. Pagination is generated automatically in order to make it easy for navigation.

In fact, you can decide how many Leading Articles, Intro Articles, columns and links are displayed on your site by configuring the menu item you created before. The flexibility is unlimited.

To make customizations, you need to enter the menu item for featured articles, and then open the “Layout” tab.

Menu Item Layout Option

Now you can fill in the number of articles, columns and links as you like. If you do not need Leading Articles, just set the number to 0. Besides, be careful with the number of Intro Articles and Columns because if you set them to be 5 and 3 respectively, there can be a blank space which does not look good. Using too many Intro Articles (more than 6) is not recommended, either.

Customize the Display of Featured Articles

For other settings like the Article Order and Category Order, you can experiment them until finding the best match.