How to Fix Joomla Blank Page Issue?

Basically, a blank page or screen appearing on your Joomla website is an error page where there is no text or error message at all. In most cases, this kind of error is caused by a PHP error and it is always suppressed by your configuration before displaying on the screen.

When confronted with this embarrassing situation, you are expected to find out what’s the cause of this problem firstly. At this place, we are going to walk you through how to identify the real cause behind this error message with a good collection of solutions included. Now, drop down and get to the point.

How to Fix Your Joomla Blank Page/Screen Problem?

As a white/blank page usually indicates a PHP error that won’t be displayed on the screen directly, it is quite necessary to figure out the real reason so as to come up with an effective solution. To do that, you may need to refer to the following methods:

Option 1 – Check Your Server Error Logs

Firstly, you can choose to login to cPanel or other panels you are using now. Taking the example of cPanel here, you shall go to “Files” > “File Manager” so as to access your Joomla website files. And then, head over to the installation directory of your Joomla so as to check your server error logs via this “logs” file. Note that, this method requires full access to the server files.

Joomla Blank Page - Check Your Server Error Logs

Option 2 – Adjust Your Error Reporting

Besides that, you can login to the Joomla administrator control panel and navigate to “Global Configuration” > “Server.” As is showed in below, you will have to adjust the “Error Reporting” to “Maximum.” In the meantime, it is required to enable the “Site Debugging” option and refresh your website to check the page (HTML) source. Once completed, do not forget to disable the above-mentioned “Site Debugging” option.

Joomla Blank Page - Adjust Your Error Reporting

Note that: Alternatively, you can also choose to enable the “Error Reporting” functionality by making changes in the configuration.php file. To do this, you shall edit your configuration.php file via a text/code editor and change this “default” to “maximum.”

Joomla Blank Page - Change Maximum via File

Option 3 – Insert Shortcode to the configuration.php File

If you still have a blank screen, you will need to embed the following short code to the above configuration.php file. Note that, this line of code should be put to the end of this file.

ini_set( 'display_errors', true );
error_reporting( E_ALL );

With one of those options above, you may get to know the detailed error message. If you still couldn’t spot the problem, chances are that the white page on your Joomla homepage is caused by other reasons. If this is the case, here are some practical solutions for your reference.

Delete Your .htaccess File

Under most circumstance, a .htaccess file is a kind of configuration file applied on your web server to enhance Joomla security. If you find everything goes fine with your server files and nothing works to fix a blank page, you can try to remove your .htaccess file. In case for any potential risks, you’d better make a previous copy in advance.

Check Your Directory Structures

By all accounts, it is necessary to transfer your website files and import the database when you are migrating Joomla site from one server to another. As different servers adopt different directory structures, you should make sure that the third-party plugins and components will point to the right directories so as to avoid this blank page issue. By the way, there is no need to worry about Joomla’s core components during a hosting transfer.

Update Your Corrupted Files

In some cases, there will be a blank screen issue if Joomla’s core files get deleted, overwritten or corrupted by accident. To resolve this problem, you shall update the current Joomla version. In detail, you will need to go back to the Joomla admin panel and follow the root of “Components” > “Joomla Update.” As you can see, you will be notified with the “Installed Joomla version” and the “Latest Joomla version.”

Joomla Blank Page - Update Your Joomla Version

In the further, you can choose to update your Joomla version by “Write files directly” or “Write files using FTP.” If you select the latter method, you will have to fill in your FTP related information, including FTP host, port, username, password, and directory. Remember to click the “Install the update” button to get it work. For security purpose, you’d better make a backup before this update.

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