How to Rotate Banner in Joomla 3

A banner can be the logo of your business or an advertisement for promotional purpose. If there is more than one banner to be shown on a web page but the remaining space in only available for one, rotating all banners is a great method to save you from such never-racking situation. This guide is just about an easy way to rotate banners in Joomla 3.

Multiple Joomla extensions are available for users to improve the functionality of a website, among which the Beautiful Banner Images Flow is selected here as a solution. This extension comes with a list of features and that rotates all banners on your web page with 3D effect.

Install & Upload Beautiful Banner Images Flow

The selected extension is released by, a popular Joomla extension provider. Search for Beautiful Banner Images Flow via and click the “Download” button shown below a demo rotating banner. The loaded file is in zip format.

Download Beautiful Banner Flow

And then, log into your Joomla dashboard and go to Extensions > Extension Manager > Upload Package File tab. This is where to upload the zip file you’ve downloaded just now. Choose the file from computer and then click “Upload & Install” to have this extension installed on your website.

Upload & Install Joomla Extensions

Rotate Banners with Beautiful Banner Images Flow

Get started to set up the newly installed extension via Extensions > Module Manager. An item called “beautiful banner images flow” is shown in the Modules list. Check this item and force it to publish.

Publish Beautiful Bammer Flow

Click this item and access to mod_beautiful_banner_image_flow module manager. The Module tab includes a list of options for module customization, in terms of width, height, background style, navigation, etc. Leave the default settings and move to the right column. Decide where to display this module by selecting a position from the Position drop-down list.

Select Banner Position

By the way, if you have no idea where each position is, go to Extensions > Template Manager > Templates and preview the current template to check all positions. That should be like the following screenshot. If you cannot view the positions, click “Options” button on the top right corner and enable the “Preview Nodule Positions” setting.

Template Positions

Move to Setting Item tab and start to add the first banner. Click “Add new” to expand the setting box for this new item and then select an image from your media library. Perhaps, you can choose a file from computer and upload it to your website. After giving this image a proper name, you can add a link to it as needed.

For example, if the banner is an advertisement for a product, you are required to add a link to this image and that directs visitors to the product info page. Leave the state published and save this item. Add as many items as needed in the same way.

Add New Item

Having all items created, you can drag and drop each item for items rearrangement. Besides, feel free to delete or modify the items of no use. Click “Save” button on the top of this module manager to confirm all settings. Adjust the size of each banner via Module tab if needed.

Rotate Banners in Joomla 3 without Extra Extensions

For most Joomla banner extensions, the free version cannot meet the higher demands but the pro version with more advanced features is not free of charge. As thus, we introduce another step-by-step guide to rotate banners in Joomla 3 without using any extensions. That is great for users who wish to save budgets and pay little attention to banner design.

Step 1: Log into Joomla dashboard and go to Extensions > Module Manager. Click “New” to add the first banner to your website.

Step 2: You are required to select a module type from a list of options. Search for Banners and click it.

Add Banners Module

Step 3: Here you come to a setting page for Banners module. First of all, give this new banner a proper name. Move to the Randomise option and select “Pinned, Randomise” from the drop-down list. This function is designed for random banner rotation. For websites using the previous versions of Joomla 3.4.1, the option should be “Sticky, Randomise”.

Pinned Randomise

Step 4: Click “Save & New” to add more banners with the option “Pinned, Randomise” selected. Only when visitors refresh the web page, the banners will be rotated in a random order.