How to Speed Up Joomla for Better Website Performance

How to Speed Up Joomla for Better Website Performance

As a Joomla website owner, you may have thought a lot on how to make the site different from others so as to beat all competitors. In fact, fast loading speed is the key to achieve that goal, which brings visitors a better user experience because they don’t need to wait for a long time to load a web page. A website with fast accessing speed is more likely to be ranked higher since the search engines like Google value speed much.

For many people regarding the site speed as the first consideration, we make this guide to tell you how to speed up Joomla for better website performance, which mainly focuses on the following 6 points.

Is Your Joomla Hosting Provider Powerful Enough?

A good Joomla hosting provider can be a part of your success for it is able to deliver high level of reliability and fast speed to the hosted websites. When choosing a hosting provider, be sure to keep in mind that robust web servers, 24/7 network monitoring and cutting-edge technologies are used to power the data centers.

And also, based on thousands of reviews on the Internet, you can have a rough idea about the uptime record and accessing speed of most web hosts so as to pick out one of the most suitable one to fit your needs. To make it easier, we have investigated over 100 hosting companies in the industry and finally select the following three fastest Joomla hosting providers.

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2 InMotion
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3 HostGator
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Keep All Joomla Extensions Up to Date

Keep tracking the latest version of Joomla and make sure all extensions are the latest versions. This is because the new version always comes with multiple improved codes which include the function to optimize the website performance. You can access to Extensions > Extension Manager to have the update done. And then, you are required to click the Update to view all extensions that come with a new version. Check one of them to finish the process by clicking the Update button.

Make Full Use of Joomla Caching

joomla cachingOnce accessing to your website, visitors need to load all web content to get what they want. For the second time entering the same page, the same content have to be loaded again. To be honest, it is a waste of time. In this case, Joomla caching should be put into good use, with which people don’t need to load the content again that has been loaded before. Thus, it helps to save a lot time and greatly shorten the page loading time.

For that purpose, you need to fulfill it under the Dashboard > Global Configuration and access to the System. Find the Caching Settings and check all Cache labels, and then check the option of ON – Conservative caching. Finally click the green button on the top of the page called Save.

Enable the Joomla Compression

Compression serves the purpose of compressing the web page that the visitors aim to download. The size of the compressed web page is much smaller than the original one. Thus, it contributes a lot on speeding up your website. To this end, you should go to Dashboard > Global Configuration to click the Server and view what you can change on this tab. Lock the Gzip Page Compression and check Yes. Likewise, the last step is to click the Save button.

Consider Utilizing Joomla Extensions

joomla extensionsOn, you can find whatever you want from the thousands of extensions, among which Website Preloader, JCH Optimize, Inceptive Smooth Preloader and ScriptMerge are the best recommendations for you. They are the convenient and fast methods to speed up Joomla website.

Take the JCH Optimize as an example. This extension specializes in speeding up Joomla by combining the external JavaScript and CSS files into one so as to reduce the use of http requests. Besides, the background images and gzip aggregated files are optimized effectively as well.

Minimize the Image Size

Image makes a web page vivid and attractive to turn down a rigid looking. Some webmasters never care about the image size and quantity so that make an adverse effect to the website. In fact, large sized images are hard to be loaded in a short time so that people have to spend a lot of time downloading each image. Thus, set the image size properly is the thing to do just around the corner.