InMotion Hosting vs IXWebHosting – Blog Hosting Comparison

When it comes to the blog hosting solution, InMotion Hosting and IXWebHosting are always on the top 10 list by most reliable hosting review sites. Here, InMotion Hosting is the globally leading company that has been given the 3 out of 3 stars by CNET and A+ rating by BBB. IXWebHosting is not as famous as InMotion Hosting, but is also an experienced and reliable hosting provider. This time, we have made an InMotion Hosting vs IXWebHosting comparison to help you pick up between them easily.

We come out this comparison by trying their service personally, collecting customer reviews and gathering the online information. And also, we mainly review and compare the critical points, including charges, plan features, technical support, page loading speed and uptime.

Rating InMotion IXWebHosting
Overall 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Charges 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Allocation 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Performance 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Reliability 5 of 5 Star 2 of 5 Star
Technical Support 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
InMotion Review IXWebHosting Review

InMotion Hosting Wins Over IXWebHosting

InMotion Hosting has been in this industry for more than one decade. Their blog hosting sticks to the principles of affordability and reliability. And their technical support is at the top level as compared with most hosting providers on the web.

The Cheaper Hosting Price

InMotion Hosting has three blog hosting plans in total. These plans normally are charged from $7.99/mo to $15.99/mo. However, you now can get an at least 50% discount. You can activate the discount by visiting through this special promotional link and can get their hosting at the prices ranging from $3.49/mo to $7.49/mo effectively.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

The normal charging of IXWebHosting blog hosting is at the same level as that of InMotion Hosting. And even, they also provide the promotional campaign that achieves the 50% discount. However, as compared, their discounted price is higher than that of InMotion Hosting, ranging from $3.95/mo to $7.95/mo.

More Blog Hosting Features

You can get the unlimited blog hosting from both InMotion Hosting and IXWebHosting. This means they do not limit your usage of bandwidth, disk space, email storage and email accounts. In addition, they all include all the needed hosting features into their plans, such as the script installer, website builder, PHP, MySQL, SSH, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl and many more.

However, InMotion Hosting does the better job than IXWebHosting by offering some free add-ons as well. With this hosting provider, you can get a free domain name, free website templates, free SSD drives and $250 advertising credits.

Feature InMotion IXWebHosting
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Storage & Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain Yes Yes
Free SSD Yes No
Application Roll Back Yes No
Free Templates Yes No
cPanel Yes Yes
Advertising Credits $250 No
SSH Yes Yes
PHP, Perl, Python Yes Yes
How to Claim Promo Link Not Recommended

The Easier Hosting Experience

If you are totally new to this field, InMotion Hosting will give you the truly easy hosting experience.

  • Start the website – InMotion Hosting achieves the compatibility with hundreds of widely used applications along with the 1-click script installer. With this combination, you can set up a website of any kind easily. Also, there is a drag-and-drop editor available.
  • Manage the website – InMotion Hosting allows you to control your blog site using the cPanel control panel, which has the intuitive interface to make the process of website management an easy thing. IXWebHosting, however, offers their custom control panel that is not easy to use at all.
  • Other tools and services – InMotion Hosting provides the free transfer service for your website and domain name. In addition, they offer the Google Apps Integration service. With it, you can use the built-in GUI wizard to get the Google applications working just in minutes.

The Better Technical Support

The technical support offered by InMotion Hosting is at the premium level. The support service is available via a variety of methods, including the Q&A community, live chat, ticket, phone and email. And their support team is composed by a group of experienced representatives. Based on our personal experience with them, we have found that their support service is available 24/7 and can ensure the awesome support efficiency.

IXWebHosting actually also has a professional support team. All the support staffs are hand picked based on their knowledge and intelligence. Also, the support is available by phone, ticket, chat and email. However, the only drawback is that IXWebHosting fails to achieve the same level of reply efficiency as that of InMotion Hosting. This may cause some troubles if you are in the emergent situation.

The Faster Speed & Better Reliability

The hosting speed and reliability are the core points when comparing two web hosts. In this case, we have made an online monitoring for their hosting solution using two identical Joomla sample websites. According to the results, InMotion Hosting does the much better job than IXWebHosting by achieving the 100% uptime, along with the short server response time that is low to 237 ms only.

Here, we have summarized the main efforts InMotion Hosting has made for the great hosting performance.

  • Robust web servers
  • Two world-class data centers along with the advanced infrastructures
  • Reliable bandwidth providers and ISPs providers
  • Peering exchanges for the direct data connection
  • SSD drives instead of the HDD drives
  • BGP4 network, N+2 power system and 24/7 network monitoring

IXWebHosting Wins Over InMotion Hosting

Frankly speaking, we fail to find the obvious points for IXWebHosting to win over InMotion Hosting. However, unlike InMotion Hosting that only allows the Linux based hosting, this web host provides both the Linux and the Windows based service. In this case, you can choose the system based on your real needs.


Now, if you are confused between the blog hosting offered by InMotion Hosting and IXWebHosting, we highly recommend you to choose InMotion Hosting. This leading hosting provider ensures you the stable and fast blog hosting, rich features and great technical support. All of these benefits will not cost you too much. And there is even a 90-day refund guarantee available.