InMotion Hosting vs Site5 – Which Ensures the Higher Price Value

InMotion Hosting and Site5 now all have been regarded as the cost-effective hosting providers that ensure the high price value for their hosting solution. As compared with many other web hosts available now, they ensure the truly affordable hosting charges and never sacrifice the quality of the service to reduce the budget. However, which of them is the better option?

Bearing this question in mind, we have made an InMotion Hosting vs Site5 comparison here. This comparison not only discusses their package prices and features. In addition, it also figures out the performance, technical support and reliability achieved by these two web hosts.

Rating InMotion Site5
Reputation 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Prices 5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star
Features 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Speed 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Technical Support 5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star
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Why InMotion Hosting Is Better than Site5

As compared, we have found that InMotion Hosting is more worthwhile than Site5 when talking about the aspects of cost-effectiveness, free offerings, hosting security, technical support and hosting performance.

InMotion Hosting Is Cheaper than Site5

We firstly check their hosting charges to start this comparison. As reviewed, we have found that the service offered by InMotion Hosting is cheaper than that offered by Site5.

It is true that both of them offer 3 packages. However, you can sign up with InMotion Hosting by spending from $3.49/mo to $9.49/mo. Note that these are the discounted charges that are available via this special promotional link, which can achieve a 50% discount.

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With Site5, however, the charges are starting from $4.95/mo to $11.95/mo.

InMotion Hosting Is More Secure than Site5

We have checked the feature lists offered by them and have found that InMotion Hosting takes more efforts than Site5 when it comes to the hosting security. In addition to the common backup service, Secure Shell access and shared SSL certificate that are available from both of these two web hosts, InMotion Hosting also offers the following.

  • They ensure the ultimately secure emails via the IMAP. With it, you can access your email whenever and wherever with synced messages.
  • The automatic cleanup service for malware is ensured for free. With it, your website will be monitored and scanned all the times to avoid the hacking of your site.
  • The services of hotlink protection, password protection and IP deny are also available.

InMotion Hosting Offers More Features

In fact, InMotion Hosting and Site5 all ensure the unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth for their three packages, along with the user-friendly cPanel, convenient script installer, multiple domains, all the blogging and e-commerce related features, email needed tools and the necessary programming languages. However, when comparing them, InMotion Hosting still ensures more offerings.

  • Even the most basic plan of InMotion Hosting supports more than one website on an account.
  • The money back guarantee period is up to 90 days.
  • The advertising credits are valued $250.
  • The free site builder of GoldGrid is available.
  • The service of Google Apps Integration is offered.
Feature InMotion Site5
Server Spaces Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Advertising Credits $250 No
Google Apps Integration Yes No
Domain Hosting 2 1
How to Claim Promo Link Not Recommended

InMotion Hosting Ensures More Premium Technical Support

These two web hosts all offer the 24/7 technical support, but InMotion Hosting ensures the more outstanding solution due to the following reasons.

  • Once you need help, you can talk to their support representatives via the methods of live chat, email and phone. Besides these, InMotion Hosting also allows the communication via the forum and the Q&A community.
  • Based on the personal trying, we have found that InMotion Hosting achieves the faster support speed and the better efficiency than Site5.
  • If you use the phone and live chat support offered by InMotion Hosting, you can not only ask for some general questions, but can get the resolution of some complicated issues.

InMotion Hosting Is More Reliable and Performs Faster

InMotion Hosting does the much better job than Site5 when it comes to these two aspects. As tested and researched online, this web host is reliable enough that achieves the super-blazing hosting speed. According to our testing using the sample Joomla site, they achieve a 100% uptime and the 236 ms of server response time only.

As for the testing results of Site5, the statistics are not bad. However, if we have to pick up one, InMotion Hosting performs much better. After all, this web host has taken a lot of efforts for achieving so.

  • The SSD drives are set up for all of their high-quality web servers.
  • They rent two data centers to achieve the smooth server working.
  • The network is fully redundant and all the bandwidth providers are of the great reputation.
  • The CDN service is offered for free.

Why Site5 Is Better than InMotion Hosting

Site5 is surely a quality hosting provider, especially for the aspect of website management. With this web host, you can enjoy their backstage tool for the great client management, as well as the control panel options of SiteAdmin, cPanel, WHM and MultiAdmin. They simply achieve the better freedom than InMotion Hosting in this aspect.


Surely, both of these two web hosts have their own highlights and drawbacks. However, when it comes to the important aspects of hosting charges, features, security, support, speed and uptime, InMotion Hosting offers the better service than Site5.