InMotion Hosting VS GoDaddy – Shared & VPS Comparison

Located at Los Angeles, CA, InMotion is a seasoned company which has brand recognition from organizations and individuals on a global scale. GoDaddy, known as a domain name registrar, is a fast-growing company which has over hundreds of thousands of domains under its management.

Both of InMotion and GoDaddy have released a wide variety of hosting products, including shared, dedicated hosting and virtual private servers, etc. Here, we would like to compare the two companies’ shared and VPS hosting from price, features, performance and customer support aspects.

InMotion GoDaddy
Price rating 5 rating 3
Features rating 5 rating 3
Page Loading rating 5 rating 2.5
Reliability rating 4.5 rating 3
Support rating 5 rating 2.5

InMotion Hosting VS GoDaddy – Shared Hosting Price & Features

As a user-oriented company, InMotion provides small to medium-sized websites with three optional shared packages – Launch, Power and Pro. On a regular basis, this company rates the intro-level Launch plan at $7.99/mo. But now, it offers a 56%-discounted price of $3.49/mo for anyone clicking through the following promotional link.

InMotion Hosting Promotion Link Activation

In the same way, GoDaddy is also included with up to three hosting plans, among which the Economy plan is designed for a basic website. As for pricing policy, this company integrates each plan with a considerable amount of discount. Taking the basic Economy plan for example, it currently charges for $4.99/mo, which is 28% off the original price.

Taking the built-in features into account, InMotion has the best price value for your dollars. At this place, we have made an all-inclusive feature comparison table of InMotion and GoDaddy by choosing the Launch and Economy plans respectively. More detailed specs are displayed as below.

Features InMotion GoDaddy
Plan in Comparison Launch Economy
Disk Storage Unlimited 100 GB
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Websites 2 1
Free Domain Registration Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes No
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days 45 Days
Advertising Credits $275 $250
Special Offer Claim 50% Off N/A

InMotion Hosting VS GoDaddy – VPS Hosting Price & Features

For VPS hosting service, InMotion endows three differently-charged packages, which are started from $29.99/mo only. To cover as many needs as possible, this company provides a time-limited 33% discount for the VPS-1000S plan and reduces the regular rate down to be as low as $14.99/mo. Note that, this special offer requires no coupon code and can be claimed through this promotional link.

InMotion Hosting Promotion Link Activation

In contrast to its competitor, GoDaddy is featured with five VPS hosting plans, which are graded by the allocation of RAM. For the cheaper Linux plans, this company charges from $29.99/mo to $139.99/mo. For visitors who want to buy one or two-year service, this provider lowers the price down to $24.99/mo, which is still much higher than that of InMotion.

When it comes to the offered resources, InMotion may be the perfect destination for serious webmasters. For a better understanding of the differences between InMotion and GoDaddy, we also figure out a straightforward table by choosing the essential plans from the two hosting providers.

Features InMotion GoDaddy
Storage 60 GB 40 GB
Monthly Data Transfer 2 TB 1 TB
Guaranteed RAM 4 GB 1 GB
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes
IP Address(es) 2 3
Hosted Website(s) Unlimited Unlimited
Free Solid-State Drives Yes No
Price $14.99/mo $24.99/mo
Special Offer Claim 50% Off N/A

InMotion Hosting VS GoDaddy – Stability & Performance

Based on climate controlled and fully redundant data centers on both West and East coasts, InMotion has a 99.9% uptime guarantee rate. Besides that, this provider has invested in brand-new improvements and expansions in order to keep users’ websites up around the clock. The top-of-the-line facilities and secure measures also contribute to its superiority in server stability. As below, the actual uptime of InMotion is well above 99.9%.

In most cases, the time taken by the server to respond to our queries will help us in determining the quality of server utilized by that hosting provider. In this sense, we have tested set of websites hosted on InMotion and GoDaddy, and the former one shows a satisfying result with an average of 237ms response time. Obviously, GoDaddy lags behind its rival with around 784ms response time.

InMotion Hosting VS GoDaddy – Customer Support

In terms of customer support, both of InMotion and GoDaddy are proudly to help out troubled customers with accuracy and respect. In the further, their technical experts and professionals are always accessible through phone call and email system. However, only InMotion offers live chat support for non-native English speakers, which is deemed as a spotlight of its service. By the way, there are piles of tutorials and frequently-asked questions in the two companies’ self-help centers.

InMotion Hosting VS GoDaddy – Final Verdict

Having analyzed and compared InMotion and GoDaddy from shared and VPS hosting aspects, we can verdict that InMotion is a good match for webmasters looking for an unmatched affordable and quality web host.