iPage VS BlueHost – Cheap Web Hosting Comparison

As every webmaster wishes to make more profits and cost less, many hosting companies release various cost-effective services to draw the attention of customers. iPage and BlueHost, as two of the most well-known hosting providers in this field, are popular with a large number of fans who prefer to choose a cheap Joomla hosting solution.

Some people feel that it is difficult to make a decision between those two companies and want to have a comprehensive understanding about them. Here, in addition to the pricing, we also compare iPage and BlueHost on their Joomla compatibility, features, performance and technical support. We hope that readers can have a comprehensive understanding about these 2 web hosts and choose the more suitable one for their websites.

iPage BlueHost
Feature rating 3.5 rating 5
Price rating 5 rating 5
Uptime rating 4 rating 5
Speed rating 4 rating 5
Support rating 4.5 rating 5
Overall rating 3.5 rating 5
Website ipage.com bluehost.com

iPage VS BlueHost – Low Pricing

Having been in the hosting industry over 10 years, iPage is always known for its cheap hosting package. This company has one Joomla hosting plan, named as Essential Plan, which is regularly priced at $7.99/mo. But now, iPage offers a generous discount to make the price 75% off. Through this exclusive promotion link, customers can get the premium service only at $1.99/mo. Besides, this web host also offers free credits for AdWords, Yahoo!/Bing and Facebook advertising.

As one of the most popular hosting providers in the world, BlueHost offers various hosting services, among which this company provides an extremely low pricing on its Joomla hosting. It has released three Joomla hosting solutions, regularly priced at $7.99/mo. With a 63% discount through this promotion link, the service is now priced at $2.95/mo.

iPage VS BlueHost – 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

Both companies offer 30 day money back guarantee and support the payment of PayPal and credit card. Under this condition, when customers are not satisfied with the hosting services at iPage or Bluehost, they are able to cancel their account and ask for a refund in full during the first 30 days. The two web hosts provide the maximum protections to customers’ benefits. Within the 30 days, customers feel free to test the two companies’ web hosting services, and eventually find out which one fits them best.

iPage VS BlueHost – 100% Joomla Compatibility

Based on PHP and MySQL, Joomla has the minimal technical requirements on those two features. To be 100% compatible with Joomla, the hosting company should offer PHP5.x+, MySQL 4.x+and Apache 2.x+. iPage and BlueHost provides excellent Joomla hosting solutions with PHP 5.4.x or even 7.x, MySQL5 and the latest version of Apache. They can guarantee 100% compatibility with Joomla. Both companies provide 1-click Joomla installation to help webmasters install Joomla effortless. And 1-click Joomla hosting account setup is available as well.

iPage VS BlueHost – Rich Features & Limitless Possibilities

For iPage customers, the disk space, data transfer, domains and MySQL databases are all offered to them without limitation. Additionally, the Joomla hosting package integrates with vDeck control panel, which includes rich features. Check the following list to get more features of iPage Joomla hosting.

  • Free Domain Registration, Free Domain Transfer
  • Free Email Address, free Marketing Tools Like Free Ad Credts
  • File Manager, FTP Manager, Secure FTP
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder, Free 1000+ Template-based Site Builder
  • Custom Error Pages, URL Redirect Service
  • Perl Support, Website Backup Software, Server Side Includes

advanced featuresBlueHost offers all needed features to support the Joomla hosting plan, like the maximum allocation of disk space, bandwidth and email accounts. It utilizes the most enhanced cPanel to let customers have an easy hosting experience.

  • One Free Domain Name, Automated Bachups
  • Secure Shell (SSH), Server Side Includes
  • Customizable .htaccess Files, Cron Jobs, php.ini Files
  • Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl
  • Powerful Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Multi-Server Management, Advanced Password Access Conrtol

iPage VS BlueHost – 99.9% Uptime & Fast Speed

iPage invests much money on its two data centers, both of which are equipped with multiple gigabits and fiberoptic connections of diverse backbones. And also, this company utilizes UPS power backup and diesel backup generator to guarantee over 99.9% uptime record. To make sure the reliability and security of all the hosted websites, the technicians monitor the facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to low pricing, BlueHost is also known for its hosting reliability. It has three data centers and all of them are integrated with high performance servers and powered by UPS power, independent cores and diesel generator. This company is able to deliver at least 99.9% uptime to the Joomla websites. Check the statistics as below.

By utilizing the cutting-edge technologies, both companies can ensure an extremely fast speed to each hosted website. Our editors have monitored their server response time in the past 30 days and we display the statistics in the following chart.

iPage VS BlueHost – Considerate Technical Support

Referring to technical support, iPage and BlueHost both have won a good reputation on their after-sale service. Both of them allow customers to contact their well-trained support team via 24/7 live chat, phone and email. The professional and experienced staffs will reply to people in the shortest time.

The help center and knowledge base include many beginners’ guides, video tutorials, instructions and how-tos. For some people lacking hosting skills, they can get a lot of useful tips to start their website with ease.

iPage VS BlueHost – BlueHost is Worth Going

As a whole, both companies have the ability to provide quality Joomla hosting solutions. For some readers who wish to save more budgets, iPage is the solid option. If people value more on the hosting reliability and speed, they can choose BlueHost.