iPage VS HostGator – Best Hosting Solution for Business Sites

Nowadays, many readers email us for an advisable choice between iPage and HostGator to build a business website. In order to give responsible and objective reply, our editors carefully reviewed the two companies in all aspects, such as performance, price, customer service, as well as features. Then, we classify the results into differences and similarities to offer readers a more intuitive comparison.

Before officially get into the main part of the article, we’d like to present an overall rating comparison table to help readers form a rough idea about the two companies. Note that all the ratings are not from our reckless invention but customer reviews and real-time performance testing. Please read the following table to know more.

iPage HostGator
Features rating 3.5 rating 4.5
Cost rating 5 rating 5
Page Loading rating 4 rating 5
Reliability rating 4.5 rating 5
Support rating 4 rating 5

Differences between iPage and HostGator

As two separate hosting providers, iPage and HostGator have many varieties that make them attractive to different groups of webmasters. In the following, we are going to analyze their differences one by one.

Price – iPage Wins

iPage presents an excellent Joomla hosting plan – Essential that is pricing at $7.99/mo initially. However, now, people who visit this special promotional link can get the plan at $1.99/mo that is high to 75% off the original price.

On the other side, HostGator offers multiple plans, among which the most budget-friendly one is Hatching – pricing at $6.95/mo regularly. Of course, this company is also generous enough to give a 60% discount that lowers the price down to $2.75/mo. People can get discounted price by using the coupon code HG45PERCENT via this promotional link.

In addition to price, security purchase is another concern of webmasters. However, if anyone chooses one of the two web host, he or she can enjoy the safest subscription ever. Both companies accept payment from credit cards – the most popular channel, and PayPal – the most secure method. Besides, iPage offers 30-day full money back and anytime prorated money back while HostGator guarantees 45-day full money back.

iPage HostGator
Before Discount $7.99/mo $6.95/mo
Discount 75% off 60% off
Discounted Price $1.99/mo $2.75/mo
How to Claim Promotion Link Promotion Link

Features – HostGator Wins

Both companies have done a good job in providing hosting resources and some basic features. What’s more, they offer extra credits for people to promote their websites, such as Google Adwords offer, credits for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as credits for Facebook advertising.

However, HostGator applies cPanel while iPage utilizes vDeck control panel that is not as easy-to-use as cPanel. Besides, iPage fails to offer some advanced features like phpMyAdmin, Python, Ruby on Rails, and instant backups while they are all available in HostGator.

Company iPage HostGator
Server Resources Unlimited Unlimited
Email Addresses Unlimited Unlimited
Google AdWords Yes Yes
Control Panel vDeck cPanel
phpMyAdmin No Yes
Python No Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes
Instant Backups No Yes

Joomla Compatibility – Both Wins

iPage and HostGator both offer rich multiple script languages available in their Joomla Hosting packages that we have mentioned above the feature comparison table. With rich development features and unlimited server space, it is absolutely good for customers to grow their Joomla-based websites or develop their Joomla-based apps.
Other more, We can find easy to use 1-click Joomla installer and setup at iPage and HostGator both, so if no matter which Joomla solution customers choose to work with, it won’t be difficult to get started quickly.

Speed – HostGator Wins

In order to get precise and objective data about the two companies’ page loading speed, our editors carryout a performance testing for several months. During the process, our editors monitor the server response time of both companies periodically. As a result, HostGator achieves 338ms on average while iPage achieves 559ms. To be honest, both companies perform well in regard to speed, but HostGator is still 65% faster than its competitor.

Commons between iPage and HostGator

Wonderful things often come with some similar characteristics. As reputable hosting providers that have millions of users, iPage and HostGator also come with some similarities, including high reliability and responsive technical support. Please read the detailed information as below.

Reliability – Both Wins

When choosing a web host, reliability is the first consideration of most customers, which decides the uptime of a website. Fortunately, the two companies take this part seriously and cost a lot of money to buy quality web servers and build stat-of-the-art datacenters to provide proper running environment for all servers. According to our testing data, both companies are able to offer at least 99.99% uptime.

Technical Support – Both Wins

All customers from iPage and HostGator can get professional technical support through live chat, phone call, email, and communities. To ensure the high quality of customer service, both companies build their own supporting team rather than outsourcing this section. Besides, the two companies set up strict criteria to choose support staffs who need to have at least 5-year experience in this field.


As a matter of fact, both iPage and HostGator are affordable, reliable, and responsible Joomla hosting providers. However, based on the fact that iPage offers extremely cheap hosting service, we recommend beginners to choose it. On the other side, we highly recommend geeks to choose HostGator for faster speed and stunning features.