iPage VS HostMonster on Joomla Hosting

iPage and HostMonster are both experienced companies that have been committed to providing cheap yet reliable hosting solutions. Founded in 1995, iPage focuses on its all-in-one shared hosting plan while HostMonster is offering a wide range of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

To help readers evaluate which company offers relatively better Joomla hosting services, we are going to deliver this iPage vs HostMonster comparison based on our real experiences and webmasters’ reviews. In this comparison, we reveal both common aspects and differences between the two companies by dealing with several aspects, including reputation, affordability, feature, performance, reliability, and support.

iPage HostMonster
Reputation rating 4.5 rating 4.5
Feature rating 4 rating 4.5
Performance rating 4 rating 4.5
Reliability rating 4.5 rating 5
Support rating 5 rating 5
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Common Points of Two Companies

With years of hosting experiences, both iPage and HostMonster have gained a large number of followers and a good reputation all over the world. Besides providing user-friendly hosting plans and unmatched rich features, they have spared many efforts to ensure high-quality technical support.

Good community reputation

On our sister website – BestHostingSearch, we have received more than a hundred reviews from verified customers of the two companies. According to these statistics, both companies have enjoyed a fairly high customer satisfaction rate. Take HostMonster as an example. Displayed as below, nearly 100% of these customers are satisfied with its hosting services.

Responsive technical support

Technical support plays a critical role in granting users with an optimal hosting experience. It is rather common that users encounter some unexpected problems, especially those newbies who lack some technical know-how.

To maximize the communication effectiveness, the two companies provide multiple channels to access their technical support, including a toll-free telephone, live chat, and email. Besides, they pack their support team with experienced and well-trained experts to ensure each user with responsive and professional assistance.

Additionally, they pool numerous useful resources, such as tutorials and guides, in their help centers to help users learn more about their accounts and websites.

HostMonster Edges Over iPage

With the deepening of this comparison, we find that HostMonster has surpassed its rival in the following aspects.

More budget-friendly hosting package

For Joomla hosting, iPage offers a one-size-fits-all plan, namely, Essential Plan. This plan is priced at $11.95/mo in regular. However, users going through this special promotional link are able to purchase it at $1.99/mo now. It has to be noted that iPage renews this plan at up to $8.99/mo, which is relatively unreasonable for shared hosting.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

In contrast, HostMonster provides a total of three scalable hosting plans, including Basic, Plus, and Pro. With up to 44% off via the below promotional link, these plans are rated at $3.95/mo, $5.95/mo, and $13.95/mo respectively.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

Both companies commit to offering each user with a 30-day full money back guarantee. Also, they provide a pro-rated refund to further reduce the risks that users may face with their hosting services. In general, their anytime money back guarantee is fairly reasonable and well-designed.

However, there remain some limitations with iPage refund policy. Firstly, the company’s 30-day full money back guarantee is only valid for credit card payments. Secondly, if users do cancel their accounts within the first 30 days, they will be charged for at least $35 as a penalty for early cancelation.

Relatively richer feature

As a matter of fact, when considering the allocation of server resources only, it seems that iPage includes richer features with its hosting plan. The company claims to provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, email accounts, MySQL databases.

In contrast, HostMonster has set some limitations on server resources of Basic and Plus hosting plans. For example, Basic comes with 1 hosted domain, 50GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 5 email accounts.

However, when compared more extensively, we have found that HostMonster wins a little over iPage. This company provides a more user-friendly control panel for users to manage their accounts. Besides, it supports SSH, Cron Jobs, and other critical features to run Joomla securely and smoothly.

Check the following table for more information about their feature offerings

Feature iPage HostMonster
Plan in Comparison Essential Plan Basic
Free Domain 1 1
Sub Domains Unlimited 25
Parked Domains Unlimited 5
Control Panel vDeck cPanel
PHP 5 & Perl 5 Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes
Python Yes Yes
SSH No Yes
Cron Jobs No Yes
Regular Price $11.95/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 83% off 44% off
Effective price $1.99/mo $3.95/mo
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Slightly better uptime

iPage utilizes two data centers that are located in Boston, MA area. These data centers are equipped with N+1 power supply and 24×7 monitoring. Moreover, the company’s network is comprised of thousands of high-performance servers, redundant routers, and other robust infrastructures to ensure user sites with uninterrupted connectivity.

By monitoring outcomes, iPage has achieved an average of 99.95% uptime in the past thirty days, which is better than most shared web hosts in the industry. The following chart presents more detailed statistics about iPage uptime.

HostMonster has invested a lot in its three data centers together with its sister company – BlueHost. Located in Provo, Utah, these data centers feature UPS power, diesel generators, and top-notch quad processor servers.

These robust facilities grant HostMonster the capability to fulfill its 99.9% uptime guarantee for each user of its hosting services. As shown in the following chart, HostMonster has achieved slightly better uptime compared with iPage.

Faster hosting speed

Hosting performance is one of the most critical aspects when selecting a Joomla hosting provider. Everyone wants their websites to load as fast as possible. Therefore, it hurts users’ overall hosting experience when the page loading speed is not satisfying.

As two industry-recognized hosting companies, both iPage and HostMonster have outperformed most competitors in regard of hosting performance. However, HostMonster remains superior to iPage. Wondering why? Check the following explanation.

With the help of Pingdom, we have closely monitored the server response time for both companies. According to the following real-time statistics, HostMonster responds to a server request with an average of 342ms, which is about 63% faster than iPage.

iPages Edge Over HostMonster – More Freebies

Besides providing affordable hosting plans with an extensive range of features, both companies incorporate multiple freebies for users’ sake, including a domain that is valid for one year, free site builder, free site transfer service, and nearly $200 free advertisement credits.

However, compared with HostMonster, iPage has gone a step further in the following aspects.

  • While many other companies charge for a domain name registration, iPage offers this service for free.
  • The company provides each hosting plan with a free JustCloud account with 1GB storage, which enables users to store files online and access them from anywhere at anytime.
  • iPage includes a SiteLock security suite at no additional charge to level up user websites’ security.

Conclusion & Suggestion

From this side-by-side iPage vs HostMonster comparison, the two companies are both good choices for Joomla hosting. They enjoy a good reputation in the industry and provide high-quality technical support to make their users well cared. Therefore, for those who are looking for a reliable web host, both of them are worth trying.

As mentioned before, HostMonster edges a little over iPage for providing multiple scalable hosting plans that come with richer features, ensuring better uptime, and guaranteeing faster speed. In contrast, iPage has done a relatively better job of offering more extra freebies.

In consequence, we recommend iPage for users who desire to start their Joomla hosting adventures on a small budget. And for those who take their websites more seriously, we sincerely recommend HostMonster. This company is going to meet almost all your requirements on reliability, performance, support, and other aspects.