JustHost VS BlueHost – The Difference & Common

JustHost VS BlueHost – The Difference & Common

Both JustHost and BlueHost offer trustworthy hosting packages for Joomla websites, which makes it difficult to choose between them. Therefore, our editors write the JustHost VS BlueHost to help readers make the right choice between the two.

Before doing the comparison, we do JustHost review and BlueHost review at first. Then, according to the reviews, we compare them thoroughly in regard to price, features, customer service, as well as performance. In fact, JustHost and BlueHost are two companies running with the same group. They apply the same servers and share data centers together. Thus, they have a lot of commons. However, as two brands, they have different target customers and marketing strategies that make them different.

JustHost BlueHost
Feature rating 5 rating 5
Price rating 5 rating 5
Speed rating 5 rating 5
Uptime rating 4.5 rating 5
Support rating 5 rating 5
Overall rating 5 rating 5
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JustHost and BlueHost > Differences

Although both of the two companies provide service for Joomla websites, they have obvious difference in regard to price and page loading speed. In total, Just host offers cheaper Joomla hosting service than its competitor while BlueHost provides a faster page loading speed.

Price & Discount

PriceJustHost prices its shared hosting packages from $5.99/mo regularly. However, webmasters can get a 58% discount by going through this particular promotional link and purchase the package starting at $2.5/mo.

Coincidentally, BlueHost also offers 3 plans that has the same price with JustHost. However, this company provides 63% discount for all customers going through this exclusive promotional link and get the product at $2.95/mo.

Hosting Speed

Hosting speed is a decisive factor to judge the quality and cost-effectiveness of a hosting service. Therefore, we take this part seriously. In order to get the precise and accurate figure about the two companies, we establish two new websites with the same content and then host them with JustHost and BlueHost respectively.

After continuously recording for a month, we come to a conclusion that the average server response time of JustHost is 366ms while that of its competitor is 320ms. The latter is 14% faster than the former. To be frank, both companies perform outstandingly in related to speed that is much faster than the average level in this industry.

JustHost and BlueHost > Commons

Both JustHost and BlueHost are reputable hosting providers in the market, naturally, they share many similarities. In the following, we are going to list out several common points such as money back guarantee, features, as well as reliable uptime.

Secure Purchase

Both companies offer multiple channels for customers to pay for the products, including credit cards and PayPal. Besides, in order to ensure the purchase is worry-free and risk-free, they offer generous money back guarantee that is 30 days full money refund and anytime prorated money back. In fact, the offer is more than reasonable that ensures after-sale protection for customers’ rights.


Knowing features are essential components of quality hosting services; the two companies invest much time, money, and human resource to develop advanced features. As a result, their hosting packages are equipped with so many features that can meet anyone’s demands. For example, to save money for webmasters, they offer one free domain for a year and more than $200 credits.

Company JustHost BlueHost
Plan Just Plan Professional Plan
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Money Back Anytime Anytime
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Besides, they support many advanced technologies such as cPanel, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, MySQL, Cron Job, SSH, and so on so forth. However, this is not the end, considering there are many newbies in this field, both companies offer 1-click installer that can help users install useful and popular software with a few clicks.

Reliability & Customer Service

Reliability is something you have to bear in mind when choosing a hosting plan. Both companies never let customers down in this regard, for they apply Dell branded servers and building three data center located in different places. All their data centers are equipped with standard power supply and cooling system.

Besides, both companies offer responsive customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in case someone needs technical support at anytime. Every customer can get instant and professional support through email, free phone call, live chat, as well as forum.


After reading the content above, we believe that you have a clear idea about the two companies’ differences and commons. To be frank, both JustHost and BlueHost are affordable and reliable hosting providers that worth trying. However, as they have different merits and demerits, just choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.