JustHost VS DreamHost – In-Depth Comparison

JustHost and DreamHost are two of the most well-known web hosts in the US. Their rich experience in the industry and the professionalism shown in the past years have earned them thousands of users.

To make an in-depth comparison between the two web hosts, we have tried their control panels, read their feature lists, monitored their uptime and speed, and tested the support services carefully. Combining these results with the prices, we finally gave the following ratings to the important aspects that you may concern.

After reading the ratings, you can proceed to learn the similarities and differences between the shared hosting services provided by JustHost and DreamHost.

Rating JustHost DreamHost
Features 4.5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star
Speed 4.5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Support 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Prices 4.5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star
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The Similarities and Common Things

Over 99.9% uptime

According to the hundreds of user reviews we have read and our own monitoring, there is no denying that JustHost and DreamHost are able to offer great uptime for shared hosting.

JustHost, backed by a data center featuring various reliability-enhancing technologies and infrastructure, has promised 99.9% uptime for everyone who uses its shared hosting services. The factors that convince users of the outstanding reliability include the custom built and upgraded servers, RAID protection, flawless power supply system, and redundant network connections.

JustHost has been valuing customer satisfaction, and during our monitoring, it has delivered good uptime that is higher than 99.9% averagely.

DreamHost is among the few shared hosting providers that are confident enough to guarantee 100% uptime. However, it is widely known that due to the low cost of shared hosting, achieving 100% service uptime is nearly impossible.

To increase users’ trust in the uptime guarantee, this company also promises a refund of account credits in the case that the uptime in a given month doesn’t reach 100%. You must know that the 100% uptime excludes the downtimes caused by maintenance or any accident out of this web host’s direct control.

It’s not surprising for us to find that DreamHost uptime is not as excellent as 100%, but the real records exceeding 99.9% are still very good.

Responsive ticket & live chat support

Generally speaking, both JustHost and DreamHost have been providing helpful and professional technical support. Although some differences set them apart, which you can see in the following sections, the two web hosts are doing well in offering the necessary assistance when their customers need.

  • They offer around-the-clock support through their ticket system and live chat.
  • They can make quick responses regardless of the contact channel you choose.
  • Their support representatives are kind, patient, and knowledgeable. You are able to get solutions to both simple account setup issues and complicated coding stuff.

Rock solid refund guarantees

JustHost and DreamHost are positioned at the industry-leading level when it comes to the refund guarantee. The former provides an anytime money back guarantee which includes full refunds within 30 days and pro-rated refunds thereafter, and the latter offers full refunds for cancellations within 97 days.

JustHost backs up its customers at any time, while DreamHost gives the chance of 97-day full refund trial. There is indeed a difference, but their guarantees make them risk-free options to try.

JustHost Wins in Many Hosting Elements

Sufficient upgrade options with reasonable prices

A sharp difference between JustHost and DreamHost concerning shared hosting services is that the former supplies multiple plans to minister to different levels of needs while the latter has been offering one plan only since the inception.

According to the different target users, JustHost provides 3 plans which are now discounted for the initial term.

  • Basic: Starting at $3.49/mo, 56% off the regular $7.99/mo, suitable for beginners and those who want to host one website only.
  • Plus: Starting at $5.95/mo, 46% off the regular $10.99/mo, suitable for individuals and small businesses managing multiple websites.
  • Pro: Starting at $13.95/mo, 42% off the regular $23.99/mo, suitable for businesses and developers with high requirements on security and performance.

With these plans available, you can choose one that helps you achieve a good balance between the expense and features. Plan upgrades can be made at any time.

Besides, all the plans include a free domain for one year. Plus and Pro also come with free marketing credits, as well as some other extras like free SpamExperts.

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DreamHost focuses on only one plan. If you want to host with this company, you will get a single choice no matter how much resource you demand. This plan is priced at $10.95/mo for monthly billing, but if you subscribe to a long term of 1 year or 3 years, you can enjoy small discounts for $9.95/mo and $7.95/mo. A first-year-free domain name is available for any billing cycle.

The prices of the DreamHost plan are not high. However, the lack of choices makes the plan quite costly for beginners with lower needs.


Besides what discussed above, the control panel is another un-ignorable difference between JustHost and DreamHost.

JustHost provides each shared hosting customer with cPanel, the best control panel for Linux hosting. As is known, this control panel is great to use and receives few complaints. With cPanel, you can expect a super-easy experience in account setup, email management, security enhancement, database creation, etc. If you haven’t tried cPanel yet, Google a demo to see the features.

DreamHost uses a custom control panel which is designed, created, and customized by its own developers. This control panel comes with most of the basic features you may require to manage accounts and websites, but some drawbacks exist.

  • The interface needs improvements because the navigation inside the control panel is not easy. Some features are categorized in a way that makes finding a certain feature a frustrating thing.
  • The custom settings of the control panel may complicate the process of transferring your website away from DreamHost.

Fast web hosting speed

Both of JustHost and DreamHost are accelerating their shared hosting services with solid state drives. The former utilizes SSDs to speed up databases, while the latter stores customers’ website files on SSDs.

Due to the high-performance SSDs and many other factors like CDN and fast network connections, the two companies have been offering good speed that is above the average. But when compared carefully, JustHost wins over the competitor a lot.

Below is the real-time comparison of the two web hosts’ server response time.

24×7 phone support

When getting into trouble, you are allowed to ask quick support from JustHost via phone. This is an advantage because you don’t have to wait long for a solution to your problem. JustHost usually answers phone calls within one minute. By purchasing any of the shared hosting plans, you gain unlimited access to the phone support.

However, with DreamHost, you cannot get help via phone unless you pay extra $14.95/mo for the premium support service which includes callbacks.

DreamHost Edges

A little more resources

Depending on the prices, JustHost limits the number of hosted domains, subdomains, parked domains, databases and email accounts in the cheaper Basic and Plus plans. DreamHost, on the contrary, offers an unlimited number of these things.

Except for this difference, the two web hosts have a large number of features in common, for example, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, and Perl.

However, we do find that JustHost plans are cheaper for the initial term although they include fewer server resources. More information can be seen in the comparison below.

Feature JustHost JustHost DreamHost
Plan Basic Plus Happy Hosting
Website(s) 1 10 Unlimited
Disk Space 50 GB 150 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains 25 50 Unlimited
Email Accounts 5 100 Unlimited
SSH Yes Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes Yes
SpamExperts No Yes No
Regular Rate $7.99/mo $10.99/mo $10.95/mo
Discount 56% 46% 27%
Special $3.49/mo $5.95/mo $7.95/mo
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Free domain privacy

For each shared hosting customer, DreamHost offers free domain privacy protection which values approximately $1/mo. With this freebie, you can cut about $12 down your yearly budget. JustHost also provides domain privacy, while the service costs $0.99/mo. Note that JustHost Pro plan includes this service for free.

Which Is the Better Shared Hosting Provider?

The two web hosts considered in this comparison have their own advantages and limitations. However, we do think JustHost is the more worthwhile choice because it not only offers cPanel, a crucial element for guaranteeing a good hosting experience, but also provides free phone support. Besides, this web host has prepared plans for all of beginners, businesses and developers, which makes it considerate.