JustHost VS InMotion Hosting – Joomla Hosting Comparison

JustHost and InMotion are popular web hosts that have been in the market for a long time. Both of them offer a wide range of web hosting solutions to meet different customer needs, and have had a large customer base so far. However, when it comes to host Joomla, which is better?

Based on the shared hosting plans provided by both of the 2 web hosts, we made the JustHost vs InMotion Hosting comparison to analyze the aspects of their Joomla compatibility, pricing, features, reliability, performance and technical support, as well as to offer useful advice on which one to choose.

Before starting, you can take a look at the following rating table which is based on our years’ hosting experience with both companies.

Rating JustHost InMotion
Reputation 4.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Price 4.5 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Feature 4 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Reliability 4.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Performance 4 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Support 5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
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What Similar Aspects Do They Share?

Fully Compatible with Joomla

After checking the feature lists of the two companies, we find both are 100% compatible with Joomla. They utilize Apache server with Apache mod_rewrite supported, and offer multiple versions of PHP, the latest version of MySQL database and additional PostgreSQL.

Besides, both of they provide sufficient amount of PHP memory, as well as 1-click Joomla installation.

Hosting Plans & Prices

When mentioning price, both companies provide affordable Joomla hosting services with similar pricing level.

JustHost has 3 Joomla hosting packages named Basic, Plus and Business Pro, regularly starting at $5.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $23.99/mo. With this exclusive promotional link, you are able to purchase the services at only $2.50/mo, $4.50/mo and $9.95/mo. Plus, JustHost provides 1-year domain name registration that values $12.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

InMotion also offers 3 choices for Joomla hosting – Launch, Power and Pro, which are originally priced at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and 19.99/mo. Now, the company provides a considerable discount for each plan. By following this special promotional link, you can enjoy much lower prices, namely, the effective rates are $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo, and $9.49/mo.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

Besides, both web hosts include some benefits as you can check in the following list.

  • Advertising credits: JustHost has $50 included in the Basic plan, and $200 included in both Plus plan and Business Pro plan. InMotion offers totally $250 in each package.
  • Freebies: Both provide free instant setup, site builder and Joomla site transferring service.

Hosting Features

Both JustHost and InMotion are rich-featured for their hosting packages, coming with not only sufficient resources like unlimited bandwidth and a large allocation of disk space, but also many programming and developer features.

In the following, we choose their basic plans – Basic and Launch to have a comparison, showcasing their similarities and differences on features.

Feature JustHost InMotion
Plan in Comparison Basic Launch
Disk Space 100 GB Unilimted
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Allowed 1 2
Subdomains 25 25
Parked Domains 5 6
Email Accounts 100 Unlimited
Control Panel Yes Yes
MySQL & PostgreSQL Yes Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Perl, Python & Ruby Yes Yes
Shared SSL Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
1-Click Script Installer SimpleScripts Softaculous
Original Price $5.99/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 58% off 56% off
Effective Price $2.50/mo $3.49/mo
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As it is shown, though there are some differences between what they offer, the two web hosts actually come with a bunch of features. What should be mentioned is that both of them use the enhanced cPanel, with which managing site files, domains, databases, DNS and more, is just a piece of cake.


When choosing a hosting provider, reliability is something that matters a lot. Actually, both companies guarantee 99.9% uptime. We have sample sites hosted with both of them with the purpose of figuring out how they perform.

JustHost owns multiple top-level data centers located in Texas, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri. All data centers are featured with UPS power back-up generator and diesel generator, and equipped with dual quad processor performance servers.

Due to these, JustHost is able to keep its promise, delivering 99.99% uptime on average.

InMotion has two data center locations including Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC. To ensure maximum of uptime, the company utilizes high performance hardware and advanced technologies.

  • Top-line Dell servers housed in Category A, PCI compliant data centers.
  • N+2 & N+1 power systems with multiple battery and diesel power sources in case of public utility failure.
  • BGP4 network that prevents downtime in case of breakdown of hardware.
  • 24×7 monitoring to secure data centers and servers.

All efforts made by InMotion are not in vain. According to our monitoring in the last 30 days, this web host achieves 100% uptime. The detailed uptime record is shown in the following chart.

Technical Support

Nowadays, customer support is becoming increasingly important in the web hosting industry. JustHost and InMotion are aware of this. To ensure the Joomla hosting quality and improve competitiveness, both of them provide 24x7x365 technical support via multiple means, including email, live chat, ticket and toll-free telephone.

Their technical staffs are not only professional and knowledgeable in the Joomla field, but also well-trained and patient. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the efficiency and effectiveness. Whenever there is any problem with your Joomla site, you can contact them to get the issues resolved quickly and effectively.

In addition, both web hosts offer a support center where there are a wide range of useful articles, with which you are able to solve some issues all by yourself.

How InMotion Wins over JustHost?

Faster Speed

As for speed, JustHost does a good job compared with the average level in the industry. This web hosting provider utilizes multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections and offers 24×7 server and network monitoring.

InMotion applies multiple tier-1 ISP’s via BGP, route optimizer, carrier-grade network core, 20 gigabits of connectivity, multiple layers of redundancy and so on. Besides, the web host also comes with SSD drives and exclusive Max Speed Zones to ensure maximum speed.

However, while both companies do well in uptime, InMotion is lightly better in terms of speed. According to monitoring results, we find InMotion is 54% faster than JustHost. Below is the comparison chart of their speed in the past month.

Eco-Friendly Hosting

InMotion is a web hosting provider valuing not just economic benefit but environment as well. Since 2010, this company has been making continuous efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling in their offices, and cut down carbon footprint in their data centers.

By utilizing green cooling technology in the Los Angeles center, InMotion successfully reduces a large amount of cooling costs, energy consumption and carbon output. Besides, due to the partnership with Trees For The Future, the web host is providing for the planting of 5,000 trees throughout the developing world.

JustHost VS InMotion Hosting – Which One Is Better?

According to the in-depth comparison in almost every aspect, we’d say both JustHost and InMotion are reliable providers for Joomla hosting. On the one hand, they offer the same number of hosting plans with similar, affordable pricing level and rich features. On the other hand, both of them do an excellent job on uptime, speed and customer service.

Therefore, you can choose one just as you like. If you’re still have no idea which to choose, when considering comprehensively, we give the following suggestion. If you want to host more than one website and have a high demand on site performance, InMotion is the choice.