JustHost VS iPage – Which Is the Best Cheap Joomla Hosting Provider?

We write the in-depth comparison between JustHost and iPage to help our readers have a clear and correct judgment of the cost-effectiveness in Joomla Hosting service. We are going to compare their package price, compatibility, features, uptime, page loading speed, and customer service. We sincerely hope that our readers can know every detailed difference about the two companies after finishing reading.

In the following, we give an overall rating chart to help customers have a general impression of JustHost and iPage. The chart includes price rating, feature rating, reliability rating, speed rating, and technical support rating.

JustHost iPage
Feature rating 5 rating 4
Price rating 5 rating 5
Speed rating 4.5 rating 4
Uptime rating 5 rating 4.5
Support rating 5 rating 4
Overall rating 5 rating 4
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For Joomla hosting, JustHost offers three packages whose price is starting at $9.49/mo initially. However, now the company offers a 53% discount and cut the price down to $3.49/mo. All the customers can get a discounted price by going through this exclusive promotion link.

JustHost iPage
Regular $7.49/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 53% 75%
Sales Now $3.49/mo $1.99/mo
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation

Just like its competitor, iPage also provides one plan which is pricing at $7.99/mo regularly. Now, this company releases a promotion Link, allowing customers subscribe its service at $1.99/mo only. To be honest, this is a very low price in web hosting market.

Money Back and Payment

In order to ensure the purchase is worry-free and risk-free, both companies provide 30 days full money back guarantee to ensure customers have redundant period to test their web hosting quality and services. In this way, people can get their money refund during the first 30 days from the date they just signed up for their services.

Apart from money back policy, people also care about payment methods. Fortunately, both companies offer multiple payment channels including credit cards and PayPal to let customers choose according to their convenience.


CompatibilityKnowing Joomla only operates well under proper environment with required configuration. JustHost and iPage apply many advanced technologies to create a fully compatible environment to run Joomla. Read the list in the following to know more about their compatibility.

  • Apache 3.x with mod_rewrite module by default
  • The latest versions of PHP 5.x and MySQL 5
  • PHP running as suPHP for enhanced security
  • 64 MB PHP memory by default and the limit can be set up to 256 MB to support the large and complex sites
  • 1-click Joomla install included to make Joomla-based apps or websites start more easily


JustHost and iPage provide rich features including unlimited disk storage, monthly bandwidth, domain allowed and MySQL database. In addition to these basic features, JustHost and iPage also offer many advanced ones like PHP5, 1-click installer, SSI, and free drag and drop site builder.

Company JustHost iPage
Plan Just Plan Essential Plan
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes No
Python Yes No
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days

When it comes to control panel, JustHost utilizes the user-friendly cPanel while iPage uses a custom built one named as vDesk. To be frank, cPanel is the most popular control panel in this field because of its graphical icons and easy-to-identify icon names. On the other hand, customers can freely customize the interface on a custom control panel, but they tend to spend much more time to get familiar with it.


Both companies have realized that uptime is the most essential part of reliable hosting service. Thus, they invest a large sum of money in infrastructure construction to ensure at least 99.99% uptime.

For example, JustHost build its data centers joint with BlueHost to ensure all data centers are featuring diesel generator backup power, courtesy site backups, UPS power backup, multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections and 24/7 monitoring. All these works can ensure the servers operate properly without being interrupted.

Page Loading Speed

To get the real and objective statistics about the two companies’ page loading speed, our editors have carried out a performance testing. We setup two new websites hosted with them separately. After a month, it comes out that both companies achieve outstanding performance tracking record that surpasses most web hosts. The average server response time of JustHost is 559ms while that of iPage is 366ms.

Customer Service

Responsive customer service is a useful method to maintain customers and get good a reputation. Thus, both companies build up their supporting team carefully and cautiously. All the support staffs are experts with at least five-year experience in the field. When encounter technical difficulties, customers can contact these people by server channels including:

  • Hotline: customers with emergencies can dial the toll free phone call with the holding time less than five seconds.
  • Live Chat: for people who can’t speak English fluently, chat online is the best solution.
  • Email: customers can send an email to ask for solutions and usually they can get reply within a short time.


Undoubtedly, both JustHost and iPage are reliable and cost-effective Joomla web hosts but have their own advantages. For example, JustHost has more features while iPage is a little cheaper. Under this condition, customers can choose a suitable one based on their various requirements.