How to Make Joomla Contact Form for Better Communication with Readers

Joomla has an inbuilt component named as Contacts, with which you can create a contact form with ease. This means that you do not need to search and install some contact form modules, but can offer your readers a channel to communicate with you simply using your Joomla dashboard.

In the following, we have listed the steps concerning about the creation of Joomla contact form, along with the clear screenshots for better understanding. Note that this tutorial is suitable for those using Joomla version 3 and above.

Create a Contact Form Using Joomla Contact Components

First of all, you need to use the Contact component that is exclusive to Joomla for doing the preparation job. Here, you should navigate to the Components tab from your website admin. Click it and choose the Contacts option.

Contact Components

Then, you can find two buttons named as Contacts and Categories in the drop down menu. Simply choose the first one to enter the Contact Manager page. Now, you can click the New button featuring the green color to create a new contact form.

Create New Contact Form

In the next page, you need to enter the required information for your contact form, including the component name, your email address, website URL, telephone and many more. Personally, we recommend you to name it as “Contact us”, and only enter the email and your domain name, keeping other information secret for the purpose of online security. Besides, you can upload an image to decorate your contact form.

Enter Contact Information

In the right side of this page, you can also check some other settings. The first thing is about the category. In fact, no matter how many categories your website has, you should make your contact form uncategorized. After all, it is serving for your entire site but not for a specific content niche.

As for the status, you’d better choose the “Published” option so that you can make it public after saving the settings. Besides, your contact form needs to be open to all the online users, so simply select the “Public” option for the Access setting.

Basic Contact Form Configurations

In addition to the basic configurations, you can also add some words into your contact form using the “Miscellaneous Information” setting, decide the publishing date and the validity of your contact form from the “Publishing” setting, and determine the banning email addresses and spam words from the “Form” setting.

As everything is configured properly, you can click the Save button to save the settings. Then, you can find that your newly-created form appears under the Contact Manager Page.

Newly Created Form

Add the Contact Form to Your Joomla Site

Now, you need to link this form to your website menu. To do this, you need to go to the Menus tab in the navigation bar of Joomla administrative panel. Then, click “Add New Menu Item” button under the “Main Menu” option.

In the next page, you firstly need to enter the Menu Title. Here, you can name it as “Contact Form” for easy recognition. Then, you should navigate to the Details column below the Menu Title. Here, you have to select the menu item type. Simply click the blue Select button and choose Contacts. Next, hit the Single Contact option.

Single Contact

Next, you should select the contact. Again, click the Select button and choose the Contact Us form you have previously created. That’s it! Now, you only need to save the settings and go back to your website to check your contact form. If you want to prevent spam, you can set up ReCaptcha for the contact form.

Select Contact