NameCheap vs Arvixe on Affordable Web Hosting Solution

For most bloggers or the common webmasters who are looking to run some personal online platforms, NameCheap and Arvixe are the ideal options for them to choose. Both of these two hosting providers ensure the cost-effective web hosting plans and the reliable hosting solution. In the following, we have made a NameCheap vs Arvixe comparison to better explain and introduce these two hosting providers. In addition, from the comparing results, you can choose between them without any headache.

Rating NameCheap Arvixe
Reputation 4 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Prices 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Features 3.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Speed 3 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Uptime 4 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Technical Support 3 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
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What They Are In Similar

In fact, both Arvixe and NameCheap have a long industry history that is more than 10 years already. With the rich experiences, they are knowledgeable enough to ensure you the great hosting. In the following, we have summarized some of their similarities for the great hosting upon the comparison.

  • They all offer the 24/7 available technical support. Even, according to our real-world trying and customer reviews, we have found that their support service is professional and satisfactory enough.
  • They all leverage the latest technology for DELL servers. Every server component is surely redundant and robust that can achieve the unmatched uptime and hosting performance.
  • The cPanel control panel comes with all of their hosting packages. With it, you can get the full control of your website files, database and many more.
  • They all allow you to deploy Joomla and many other hot scripts in a few seconds only with the special 1-click script installer. This tool makes the script installation and updating a breeze.
  • Their web hosting is secured to the ultimate standards. To achieve this, they all ensure the website backup, the SSL certificate, the Shell access and many more. Arvixe even adjusts their server machines with the firewall, brute force detection and many other advanced technologies.

What They Are In Different

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of differences between these two web hosts. For instance, Arvixe focuses on the hosting quality mainly while NameCheap takes their efforts on the hosting affordability and the variety of services for the effortless website hosting. Here, we have summarized some highlighted points as below.

Hosting Charges – NameCheap Is Slightly Cheaper

In fact, both of these two hosting providers charge lower for their hosting packages and NameCheap even sets the cheaper prices than Arvixe.

With Arvixe, you have two web hosting plans to choose that are set at the prices of $4/mo and $7/mo normally. However, you now can activate the special coupon code BWH360 to cut the hosting prices 30% off, which start at $2.8/mo only.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

As for NameCheap, you do not need to enable any coupon code or purchase via any special link. Now, they launch a default campaign that allows you to purchase starting at $0.82 per month. This level of hosting rate is really cheap in the industry standard.

Hosting Freedom – Arvixe Ensures More

It is true that most webmasters, especially newbies, will choose the Linux based hosting due to the usability and cheap charges. However, it is possible that some of them prefer the Windows based one. In this case, Arvixe offers both of these two hosting options while NameCheap only supports the Linux hosting.

Package Features – Arvixe Offers Much More

After comparing their available packages, we have found much more features offered by Arvixe than by NameCheap.

  • Unless you are not the normal webmasters with the proper server resource consumption, Arvixe promises you unlimited monthly bandwidth and disk space. NameCheap, however, offers the disk space from 20 GB.
  • The starting number of allowed domains by Arvixe is 6 while that of NameCheap is 3.
  • The free domain name ensured by Arvixe can be valid for the whole life while that of NameCheap will expire after the first year.
  • Arvixe offers $200 advertising vouchers and the free SSL, which are not available from NameCheap packages.
  • The backup service of Arvixe is on the nightly basis while that of NameCheap works twice per week.
  • Arvixe offers the 60 days money back while NameCheap only allows 14 days.
Features NameCheap Arvixe
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 20 GB Unlimited
Domains Allowed Start with 3 Start with 6
Free SSL No Yes
Advertising Credits No $200
Emails 50 Unlimited
Free Domain For 1 Year For Life
Full Money Back 14 days 60 days
Backup Twice a Week Nightly Basis
Not Recommended BWH360

Uptime and Speed – Arvixe Performs Better

We get this conclusion based on our online research and real-time testing. As surveyed online, we have found that 99% of Arvixe users are highly satisfied with the hosting performance achieved by this web host. In addition, according to our testing reports, we have found that Arvixe achieves a 99.96% uptime during the past 6 months.

NameCheap is not that excellent, which ensures a 99.93% uptime on average.

As for the hosting speed, Arvixe performs around 34% faster than NameCheap. If you activate their offered CloudFlare CDN from the cPanel, the speed can be further boosted to at least 3 times.

Support Methods – Arvixe Provides More

As for the support convenience and the available support methods, Arvixe gives you more freedom. Here, you can contact their support team by submitting a ticket, checking their knowledge base, starting an online chat and calling their hotline.

NameCheap, however, does not offer the ultimately convenient phone support.


To be honest, we highly recommend you to try Arvixe web hosting instead of the NameCheap hosting solution. After all, with this web host, you can be supported timely and easily, get all the tools and services you need and have your site performed fast and smoothly.