NameCheap vs HostMonster – Indepth Web Hosting Comparison

Looking to choose between NameCheap and HostMonster to get the better web hosting solution? Here, you can check this NameCheap vs HostMonster comparison that focuses on the aspects of page loading speed, package affordability, ensured uptime, provided features and technical support.

In fact, NameCheap is a long-lasting hosting company that was established since the year of 2000. This web host ensures the easy experience for domain registration and management, ultimate affordability for the hosting solution and a variety of website related services.

As for NameCheap, this web host is a little bit more experienced than NameCheap, which starts the business in the year of 1996. At present, this hosting provider has become a brand of the EIG group, which is dedicated to offering the truly reliable and cost-effective web hosting.

Now, you can check the below chart for the general comparison between these two web host.

Rating NameCheap HostMonster
Reputation 4 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Prices 5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Features 3.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Speed 3 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Uptime 3 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Technical Support 3 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
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NameCheap vs HostMonster – What They Have Done Similarly

Frankly, we fail to find out some obvious similarities between NameCheap and HostMonster. If we have to say so, we think both of them ensure all the necessary and required hosting features for each of their hosting packages.

  • For website creation – Both of them ensure the 100% compatibility and the full support for all the widely used scripts. Along with the availability of the 1-click script installer, you can set up any kind of website easily.
  • For website management – The leading control panel of cPanel is offered, with which you can manage the domain, FTP, files, web contents, database and many more easily.
  • For server resources – They all allocate different volumes of server resources to different hosting packages. Unless you have chosen the wrong plan, the allocated resources can be enough for you.
  • For geek features – To meet the needs of the advanced users, they ensure all the widely used programming languages with the latest versions.
  • For website security – The regular backup service, SSL certificate and SSH are available for sure.

NameCheap vs HostMonster – What They Have Done Differently

After comparing them, we have found a lot of differences of their web hosting solutions. In most cases, HostMonster achieves the better result.

Prices for the Hosting Packages – NameCheap Is Cheaper

NameCheap is dedicated to offering the cheap hosting. With them, you only need to spend starting at $0.82 per month. Even if you are looking for the most advanced package, the hosting charge starts at $17.98/mo effectively.

However, there is a special note that these low rates are available for the initial 12 months only with the annual payment. Otherwise, you need to pay at the regular rate.

HostMonster surely is a budget-friendly hosting provider. With them, you regularly should spend starting at $7.99/mo. However, you now can get a 51% discount via this exclusive promotional link. This means their discounted hosting charge is down to $3.95/mo only.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

Surely, both NameCheap and HostMonster are the affordable options, but NameCheap is even cheaper.

Technical Support – HostMonster Offers the Better Service

HostMonster offers the 24/7 technical support for all of their customers. The service is backed by a group of hosting guru who know everything of this field well. With the strict training and the rich support experience, these representatives ensure the responsive technical support service via the methods of hotline, ticket, email and live chat.

Frankly speaking, the quality of the support service offered by NameCheap is not bad. As tried personally, we can get the instant help in most cases. However, the largest drawback of their support service is that they do not offer the free phone support.

Hosting Performance & Ultimate Reliability – HostMonster Is Better

Surely, the aspects of hosting performance and reliability are critical for all the webmasters. Luckily, both of them care these two aspects a lot by adopting the high quality web servers and data centers. However, after testing their speed and uptime using the Uptime Robot in the real world, we have found that HostMonster is much better than NameCheap for both of these two points.

During the past testing months, HostMonster ensures the 99.98% uptime.

NameCheap achieves the 99.93% uptime only.

In addition, HostMonster even promises the faster server response speed than NameCheap.

As for the reasons of how can HostMonster ensure such a reliable and fast hosting, we have summarized the following points.

  • Their servers are designed using the DELL branded components, solid state drives, quality processors and many more.
  • Their data centers are the advanced and cutting-edge ones, which are powerful enough to ensure the redundant power and electricity, climate control, all-time-rounded monitoring and some others.
  • The CloudFlare CDN is ensured, which can benefit the stability and fast page loading of your site effectively.


We have to admit that NameCheap and HostMonster are all the truly budget-friendly hosting providers. However, when choosing a web host, you also need to think about some other aspects that include the features, support, uptime and speed. Considering these points, HostMonster does the better job. In this case, when choosing between these two web hosts, we think you can try HostMonster.