NameCheap vs InMotion Hosting – Which Is Better

If you are looking to set up a Joomla based website, NameCheap and InMotion Hosting can be regarded as the great hosting providers that can ensure the fast and stable website running all the times. Both of them are the large hosting providers. NameCheap, especially, offers a wide range of services and products so as to help you register the domain name, host your site and manage everything easily and affordably. As for InMotion Hosting, this is a dedicated hosting company that ensures the great hosting environment for Joomla. Being the CNET granted web host along with the A+ rating from BBB, InMotion Hosting now serves massive websites around the world.

This time, as many newbies are confused about these two Joomla hosting providers, we have made a NameCheap vs InMotion Hosting comparison here. Before the comparison, we have to note that both of them are 100% Joomla compatible, and have fully met the recommended technical requirements listed by, which include PHP 5.6/7, MySQL 5.5.3 and Apache 2.4.

In addition, we have showcased an editorial rating here, which is come out based on the reviews and the opinions of our reviewers and their real customers.

Rating NameCheap InMotion
Reputation 4 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Prices 5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Features 3.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Speed 2 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Uptime 3 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Technical Support 3 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
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How Can InMotion Hosting Win Over NameCheap

In fact, both NameCheap and InMotion Hosting have some exclusive highlights to win over the competitors and to be famous in the market. As for how can InMotion Hosting edge over NameCheap, we have summarized the following aspects.

Technical Support for Newcomers

Firstly, we have to mention that the Joomla actually is a little bit complicated to use as compared with the simple option of WordPress. In this case, most webmasters, especially the newcomers, will require the instant technical support that assists them to set up and manage their Joomla sites, as well as fixing the issues they meet timely.

For this aspect, InMotion Hosting does a much better job than NameCheap for the below reasons.

  • If you are looking to contact the support team, InMotion Hosting allows you to submit the ticket, leave the words on the Q&A community, call the hotline number, send the email messages and start the live chat. With NameCheap, however, the phone and the community support are not available.
  • It is true that you can get the 24/7 all-time-rounded support with both of them, but the support representatives of InMotion Hosting seen to be more professional and well-trained than those of NameCheap. Based on our personal experiences, we can always be responded by InMotion Hosting support staffs, along with the detailed answers and resolutions of our questions and issues. When contacting the NameCheap support team, however, we always need to wait for a relatively long time.
  • Both of them have set up the knowledge base to present some useful tips, guides, tricks and tutorials. However, we find more Joomla related posts from InMotion Hosting knowledge base than from NameCheap.

Add-On Features for Site Creation and Running

Both of these two web hosts are the long-lasting and well-known Joomla hosting providers, so they know what you may need to start, run and manage your Joomla based websites. In this case, after reviewing their feature lists, we have found that they all provide the necessary features, which include the cPanel control panel, 1-click Joomla installer, sufficient server space and bandwidth, multiple domain hosting, MySQL database and email accounts, free migration service, PHP, Perl Ruby, SSH, Python, SSL and many more.

However, InMotion Hosting is more generous by offering more competitive add-on features.

  • Money back guarantee – The money back guarantee period of InMotion Hosting is much longer than the industry standard that is 90 days, while NameCheap only allows 14 days.
  • Website backup service – To eliminate the possibility of data loss, InMotion Hosting offers the free backup service on the daily basis, along with the free restoration service. NameCheap, however, only backup your website content twice a week. This may fail to maintain the most fresh copy of your site.
  • Advertising credits – InMotion Hosting allows the $250 advertising credits for all the three packages, but NameCheap does not offer this add-on.
  • Google integration -This is an exclusive feature that has been added into the cPanel of InMotion Hosting. With it, you can leverage the GUI wizard to have your Google applications working just in a few minutes.
Feature NameCheap InMotion
Server Resources Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain No Yes
cPanel Yes Yes
Money Back 14 days 90 days
Backup Twice a week Daily
PHP & Python Yes Yes
Ruby & Perl No Yes
Advertising No $250
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The Performance of All the Hosted Websites

Surely, they all make sure that Joomla can work well in their hosting environment, but InMotion Hosting ensures the richer environment so as to make the Joomla script work faster and better.

  • All of their servers are pre-configured with the Samsung branded SSD drives. With these super-blazing drives, you can reduce the time for date retrieval so as to ensure that your web content can be delivered right after your readers demand it.
  • InMotion Hosting provides the CDN service for free. You can enable the service using the control panel. Upon the activation, your website can run 130% faster as tested.
  • All the rock-solid servers of this web host are housed in their PCI certified data centers for the uninterrupted working.
  • The N+2 and N+1 power systems are used to prevent the public power failure.
  • The BGP4 network is used to ensure the high hosting performance.

As for NameCheap, this web host surely has done a lot to achieve the fast hosting speed. However, as compared with InMotion Hosting, they actually still fall behind.

In addition, we have tested their performance using two of our sample sites. According to the result, InMotion Hosting ensures the faster hosting than NameCheap. Check the detailed statistics from the below chart.

The Hosting Reliability and Uptime Record

The hosting reliability can be the top concern by all the web hosts. Surely, NameCheap and InMotion Hosting are not the exceptions. Officially, they all claim to ensure the 99.9% uptime all the times. According to our testing, InMotion Hosting even ensures the 100% uptime during the past months.

As for NameCheap, they also already meet their commitment by achieving the 99.3% uptime. The record is not bad, but also cannot be as competitive as that achieved by InMotion Hosting.

How Can NameCheap Win Over InMotion Hosting

NameCheap sticks to the cheap hosting solution. In this case, they charge you slower than InMotion Hosting. With this web host, you only need to spend starting at $0.82/mo to enjoy their Joomla hosting. Here, you need to note that this is the promotional price, which is valid for the first-year offer to the new signup only.

As for the charges of InMotion Hosting, surely, this web host is not as cheap as NameCheap. However, as compared with the industry-standard cost, their Joomla hosting is 100% affordable for most common webmasters. By visiting via this link, you can get the 50% discount off the regular charge of $6.99/mo, and purchase starting at $3.49/mo effectively.

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Based on this comparison, both of these two web hosts have some drawbacks and strong points. However, if we have to point out one, we think InMotion Hosting is the better web host for hosting a Joomla based website. With it, you can enjoy the rich features, great support service, fast hosting speed and the truly reliable solution. Even, their hosting packages are all budget-friendly.

Looking to know more of their customer reviews? Check the below chart.