How to Remove Article ID from URLs in Joomla 3.x

As is often the case, Joomla 3.x websites will generate URLs alongside with certain article IDs to set apart two different articles that have the exact same alias. To be frank, those article IDs are still inevitable in the older version of Joomla, such as Joomla 2.5.4 and Joomla 1.7.3. For merchants who attempt to rank their clients by using page titles, the auto-generated article ID will affect the whole strategy in a negative way.

For now, getting rid of the attached article IDs from URLs cannot be achieved by simply hiding related parameters. Instead, it requires users to access and update associated Joomla core files without breaking the current link structure. Here, we would like to walk you through how to manually dispose of article IDs in Joomla 3.x so as to boost community engagement.

Step 1 – Login to Your cPanel

Before everything, you shall firstly login into your admin panel so as to take an overall look at all website’s files and content. Here, we would like to take cPanel as example. As is displayed below, all you need to do is to choose the “File Manager” icon in the “Files” section so as to enter the “public_html” directory.

Remove Article ID - Login to Your cPanel

Step 2 – Access Your Joomla Site’s Directory

Once done, you will need to access the specific directory that powers your Joomla site. And then, open the “components” file and go into the sub-directory of “com_content” so as to find this “router.php” file. Here, remember to open this “router.php” file by clicking “Edit” option.

Remove Article ID - Access Joomla Site's Directory

Step 3 – Replace Your PHP Code

Now, you will be able to go to line 290 and 38 to find out the following bracketed parameters. Make sure that you have made a copy of the initial file in advance.

Remove Article ID - Replace Your PHP Code

If done, you should replace those displayed code with the following new one. Note that both of the two places need to be changed, or else your Joomla website will malfunction. At last, don’t forget to click “Save” button to take effect.

$advanced = $params->get('sef_advanced_link', 1);

Note: Till this step, you have already removed the article ID from your article URLs successfully. Alternatively, you can choose to add a “sef_advanced_link” parameter and update the related settings of the “com_content” extension manually. However, it needs to point out that this method is not optimal as it will destroy your link structure if done incorrectly.

Recommendable Joomla SEF Extensions

Apart from the two mentioned manual ways, you can also choose to use Joomla extensions to disable your article ID number from the beginning of your post’s title. In the following, there are some recommendable SEF extensions based on customer satisfaction and ease-of-use.

  • Sh404SEF – It works to speed up Joomla website so as to boost SEO rankings. Besides that, this extension can automatically rewrite Joomla URL to some user-friendly formats like URL rewriting and SEF URL.
  • JoomSEF – It gives full support for URL translation with metadata generation capabilities. More than that, this human-understandable extension can generate SEO-friendly SEF URLs automatically with third-level domain support.
  • SEF Advance – It extends the built-in SEO-friendly URL functionality, and in the meantime, forms a series of human-friendly URLs. More importantly, this powerful extension has been developed, tested, and improved for over nine years, which makes it become an ultra-customizable and reliable option.
  • Best Joomla Hosting Solutions

    To sum up, we focus on how to remove article ID from URLs manually with some recommendable extensions included. In the meantime, it is recommendable to select and use a feature-rich Joomla hosting provider that has a bunch of SEO-friendly tools and directions for you to boost ranking in search engine results page.

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